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The college was full of students giggling,flirting and gossiping. Laksh was roaming here and there searching for something.
Omi: oye what are u searching for?
Laksh: Ragini
Omi searches his pockets and says sorry I don’t have Ragini
Laksh: oye I am talking about my Ragini not a thing
Omi: oh wait a minute your Ragini?
Laksh(bites his tongue):he he I mean my friend Ragini
Omi and others: oho aha
Laksh: shut up guys now tell me where is she?
Ritika: don’t know Laksh she informed me in the morning that she has a very important work and that she can’t come today

Just then bell rings and all disperse except laksh. Laksh gets tensed . He feels something wrong and calls Ragini. She cuts the call. Now Laksh gets restless and calls his friend and asks him to trace ragini’s phone.

He gets the location and arrives there. It is a deserted location far away from the city. He sees a lot of cars there. Many people were there with guns. He tiptoed and started following one of the men who was carrying a tray of food.
He went to a window and hid there and peeped into the room.
Raghav,Ragini and Shekhar were there.
Ragini was sleeping in the lap of Shekhar while he was caressing his hair. A tape recorder was there from which a melodious song was being heard.
Shekhar: u know Ragini beta this song ur mother used to sing when u were small. U always used to stop crying on listening to this song
Ragini got up and wiped her father’s tears.
They both started feeding each other. Tears were falling from their eyes. Raghav took a photo of them both and captured that moment.
Shekhar: sorry beta I couldn’t meet u for the last one year. U know right the last time I came to meet u I was about to get caught.
Ragini: it’s okay papa u need not apologise I know that even u would have missed me the way I missed u.but papa please come to meet me more often if possible.these days I am missing u too much.
Shekhar: I will try beta now I should leave
All start vacating the room .
Laksh takes his phone out to call his dad. Then he remembers shekhar’s words
Laksh(to himself); Ragini couldn’t meet her dad for a year because he was attacked last time. If now he will get attached then Ragini may not be able to meet her father again. What should I do?
As Lakshm is lost in his thoughts he sees Ragini stepping her foot on a place of glass on floor.
Ragini screams: ah
But no one hears as all left already she closes her mouth to hide her shouts and removes the glass piece from her foot. Her expressions could show her pain. But she masks her emotion and walks out. Laksh couldn’t see her pain and cries. He goes and hides near bushes.
He can see Ragini with a smile on her face and giving a send off to her father. He could see the pain on her face. Not physical but mental. The mental pain of being away from her dear ones. The pain of not being able to see her father again for who knows how many months. All start leaving one by one . Finally Ragini was left one deserted .She broke down and started crying miserably. She was feeling all alone in the world. Little did she know that there was someone there who would do anything to be with her there to console her to hug her to tell her that she means the world for him. Laksh was getting restless. The blood from her wound was coming out profusely but Ragini was least bothered about her wound. Laksh wanted to go to her but he knew she would doubt him and he couldn’t risk it.
He sees her phone and beside her and calls her.
Ragini sees her phone and lifts it.
Ragini(still sobbing): yes laksh
Laksh: Ragini where are u? are u crying?
Ragini: no Laksh I am fine
Laksh: ok tell me where are u? I will come to pick u up.
Ragini: I am near xyz place I will come there in 15 minutes
Laksh: ok
( actually she doesn’t want Lakshm to know about the deserted place as he will ask her questions)

Ragini ties a dupatta around her foot and starts walking. Laksh eyes start tearing he runs to his bike and leaves. He goes to a medical shop and buys bandage and medicine. He then leaves and waits for Ragini. He sees her limping and starts running towards her.
Ragini also sees him and feels as if her entire world is coming to her. She also runs towards him . They both hug each other and start crying. Laksh cries as his lady love is in pain and Ragini cries as she was feeling too lonely . Laksh breaks the hug and wipes her tears and kisses her eyes
Laksh: sh ragini don’t cry I am there for u
Ragini: I am feeling abandoned Laksh. I feel as if I am
Laksh: stop ragini I know what u want to say but let me tell u I will always be there for u ok now show me your leg it is bleeding badly
Laksh makes Ragini sit. He washes her feet and applies medicine and bandages it and kisses her foot.
Ragini smiles
Ragini: Laksh do u always carry bandage with u?
Laksh: yeah
Laksh sits beside her and catches her hand and caresse it. She keeps her head on his shoulder.
Laksh:May I ask u something where did u go?

Ragini: to meet my papa
Laksh: why didn’t u bandage ur wound.
Ragini: because I didn’t want to see my pa sad. U know Lakshm I meet my papa so rarely I want him to see only my happy side so that he doesn’t feel sad.
Saying this she smiled at him
Laksh(to himself): why Ragini why so much love for ur father whe u know what he is doing is wrong as ur getting more closer to him how will I be able to save u from the sorrow when ur father will be captured how?
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Credit to: Swati

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