raglak ff : HUM TUM – episode 5

Hello I am back
Thank u to all the people who comment on my ff especially the regular ones
I had asked for your opinions on which songs to choose for the couples dance…not many did but those who did not one song has highest votes…the highest votes were given to yeh dooriyan and soch naa sake so I have decided that the song would be………well see for yourself which I feel that it conveys the exact feelings of raglak ………
I hope that u understand
So the episode starts…….

Raglak are shocked to see the person ……he is kartik
Kartik is equally shocked to see them here. He had no idea that he would see ragini here at an engagement….his interrupted by…..
Shekhar:beta meet my daughter swara. She is getting married to sanskar. And they are raglak swasan’s friends
K: hello swara and sanskar.
Kartik’s gaze is constantly on ragini and his stare is making ragini scared and conscious. Laksh understood her plight so he entangles his fingers with that of ragini so as to ensure her that he is always there for her. Ragini looks at him with eyes full of gratitude and laksh tightens his hold. Kartik fumes on seeing raglak’s closeness and grits his teeth in anger. Swasan observes all this…….
Sw(to lighten the situation between raglaktik):hello kartik….it was nice meeting u and I hope u enjoy the party
K:of course…..and he goes away
S:lucky is everything ok???
L:wo actually……… Ragini gestures laksh not to tell them…….nothing yaar u enjoy your party. Leave all this
Sw:u sure naa….laado?
R: haan shone everything’s fine don’t worry
And raglak excuse themselves….
L: why did u stop me from telling them ragini
R:laksh they will start worrying…as it is they don’t know anything about kartik
L:what rubbish ragini…they know u were married and everything else
R:but they don’t know that it was kartik who did that…and anyway u are there with me right so there is no need for me to worry when u are there
laksh looks at ragini with eyes full of love(which he is yet to realize)
L: yes I am there no need to confirm
Ragini looks n

The party goes on….kartik constantly has his eyes on ragini so as to see if she is alone but laksh is there with her all the time….
K(in mind):this laksh is not leaving my ragini..how will I talk to her? Its getting impossible for me to talk to her. But today I will talk to her and take her with me no matter what……
Kartik’s thoughts are interrupted as shekhar comes on stage
Shekhar: hello friends…thank s to all u those who have come on this special occasion of my daughter…….so without wasting any more time I would like to start the ceremony..
Swasan comes on stage and put rings on each other’s fingers(I am not going into details)
Everyone claps and swasan have a cute eyelock…..they get down the stage
Raglak congratulate them…….but swara in order to tease sanskar makes an angry face which raglaksan see
S: madam now why are u angry?? I know its fake stop acting
Sw:haw sanskar its not fair haan…today is our engagement and u haven’t even given me a gift
S:what do u want?
Sw:why should I tell….u are so intelligent. Figure it out yourself
Raglak: shone yaar what is this stop behaving like a baby
Sw:I don’t know anything…. I just want my gift
S: leave it guys she won’t budge
Swara starts ignoring them and tired with all this drama sanky goes towards the stage and holds a mic
S:on this day 2 months ago I met a girl…a little bit crazy and mad but good at heart. She had a golden heart for which I fell. Her cute talks bowled me over…….so I would like to ask this girl to dance with me
Swara and raglak watch on shocked and surprised but happy and swara was over the moon
Sw: yes Bandar I will dance with u……
Swara goes towards sanskar and he holds her hands . bg music start

Dhoop se nikal ke
Chhaanv se phisal ke
Hum mile jahaan par
Lamha tham gaya
Aasmaan pighal ke
Sheeshe mein dhal ke
Jam gaya to tera
Chehra ban gaya
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Rang de tu mohe Gerua
Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Ho.. Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ho tumse se shuru.. tumpe fanaa
Hai Sufiyana yeh dastaan
Main kaarwaan manzil ho tum
Jaata jahaan ko har raasta
Tumse juda jo
Dil zara sambhal ke
Dard ka wo saara
Kohra chhan gaya
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ho.. Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
O.. veeraan tha, dil ka jahaan
Jis din se tu daakhil huaa
Ik jism se.. ik jaan ka..
Darza mujhe haasil huaa
Haan.. pheeke hain saare
Naate jahaan ke
Tere saath rishta gehra ban gaya
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Ho.. Rang de tu mohe gerua
( imagine their dance to be same as that in the serial)
Swasan finish their dance and everyone claps . they go down.
Sw: waah sanskar u danced really well wow
S: apna apna style hai
and they laugh

Raglak are looking at them and smiling remembering each other
Raglak are standing in a corner and talking with each other and laughing. Kartik sees them and fumes….not able to tolerate any more he goes towards the stage
K: hello friends what a performance it was. Now even I would like to dance …will u people allow me?
People: yes yes dance we want to see it
K: but for that I need a partner…..ummmmm who will be my partner???let me see.ummmm yess I know who I want to dance with.
Pointing towards ragini
K: I want to dance with that girl in the pink saree standing over there with the bride and groom
Everyone looks towards their side
Swasan look confused, laksh is red in anger, and ragini is scared and nervous
But in order to stop the uncomfortable gazes she starts walking towards the stage. Laksh tries stopping her but she frees her hand from his grip
She walks towards the stage and kartik holds her hand. Laksh is burning with rage
Kartik holds her hand and looks lustfully at her. Ragini is uncomfortable but she can’t do anything about it now…
Bg starts…….
Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon
Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon
Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
(karik keeps one hand on her waist and another on her shoulder and makes ragini keep her both hands on his chest….they move their legs according to the beats…)

Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
(he makes her twirl and holds her waist with both his hands and turns her now her back is touching his chest)

Tu Jaane Na Tu
Chaahat Meri Kitni Betaab Hai
Tu Jaane Na Tu
Chaahat Meri Kitni Betaab Hai
Ho Jo Barso Meri Palkon Mein Tha
Tu Wohi Khwaab Hai
(he lifts her up and rotates …ragini is silently crying feeling horrible)

Har Ghadi Har Ghadi Yaadoon Mein
Vaadon Mein Iradon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
Har Ghadi Har Ghadi Yaadoon Mein
Vaadon Mein Iradon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
(he sensuously touches her bare back and makes her fall in his arms. Laksh looks at them and is shaking in anger and presses the glass in his hand)

Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na keh saka

Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon
Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka.

(kartik in order to humiliate her in front of everyone opens her blouse knot . ragini is shocked and disgusted……her back is all exposed…laksh sees that and is speechless…..ragini tries to leave but kartik holds her hand and pulls her….she dashes is his chest……he then twirls her and then leaves her …..she keeps on twirling and goes towards the edge of the stage…….she is about to fall but……)
Ragini closes her eyes in fear and embarrassment but she feels herself in someone’s arms…..she opens her eyes and meets those of laksh. His chocolaty brown eyes are looking at her intently
He lifts her up…..kartik is fuming in anger as again laksh came is between
Laksh slids his hands towards her back and takes her towards the stage. He make her stand in such a way so that her back is away from the audience…
Laksh holds her as if to protect her from the world…..and bg starts……..

Ik mera yaara
Ik ohdi yaari
Yehi ardaas hai meri
Wohi mera sach hai
Wohi meri zid bhi
Dil vich saans hai meri
(laksh takes hold of the strings of her blouse and his fingers touch her bare back. Feeling his touch she closes her eyes and shivers…….laksh ties the knot……and holds her waist ………and starts dancing )
Roothe nu manauna aunda nahi ve
Kadi vi na roothna tu mujhse
Aapa bas sikheya yari nibhana
Jab se judi hai jaan
Tujhse o yaara mere
(laksh then holds her hands and twirls her…..now her back is facing his front…….he puts his hands on her shoulders and through her arms takes hands and intertwines their fingers)
Khair mangda main teri
Rabba se yaara
Khair mangda main teri
Yaar bin jeena sikha de
O Rabba mere
Mehar mangda main teri
Khair mangda main teri
Rabba se yaara
Khair mangda main teri
Yaara ve.. yaara ve..
Tenu bulave.. yaara ve..
Mann mera.
(he takes their hands in front as in in a back hug and keeps his chin on her shoulders…..tears starts coming out from ragini’s eyes…..she is feeling safe in his hands……then he lifts her up as gently as he could and rotates)
Ho yaari da ehsas hamesha
Dil vich zinda rahega
Tere varga yaar kahi na
Mujhko aur milega
Bhoole se bhi koi bhul hui ho toh
Yaara ve usse bhula ke tu
Ik wari gale lag jaane dena
(laksh remembers wherever kartik touched ragini……and touches and rubs his hands in order to remove his dirty touch and continuously dancing)
Ik wari gale lag jaane de yaara mujhe
Mehar manda main teri.. yaara ve..
Khair mangda main teri
Rabba se yaara
Khair mangda main teri
(raglak are lost in each other’s eyes oblivious to the world and ragini clutches onto his shirt as tightly as she could …….they are still looking into each others eyes…….)
they come into their senses as the people start clapping in awe of their performance. Swasan feel something and decide to confront them later…….they know that raglak have fallen in love with each other but have not realized it themselves..
ragini feeling embarrassed runs from their towards a corner and starts crying….remembering what had happened with her …….

Kartik opening her blouse’s knot …….her almost falling down……..laksh holding her……..and then their close dance….
Laksh runs towards her and holds her shoulders ………ragini looks at him…….but out of embarrassment she starts to walk away but laksh holds her hands…….unable to control any longer she hugs him as tightly as possible…and vents her heart out…..laksh also starts tearing…….
Swasan are looking at them from far behind ………
Sw:sanky do u think that they love each other
S:even I think the same but they are not understanding……
Sw: they don’t realize that they love each other …….but it is not easy for her to move on after what happened with her……
S: and that kartik guy…he is a bit dodgy character….
Sw:I feel there is something which they are not telling us……..and u know what lucky told me that he was forcing ragini to come to india to make her remarry and he had already found her a guy……..but I don’t know what happened later.
S(feeling guilty): shone I want to confess something…….
S: the person whom lucky had chosen for laado was none other than me….
Sw: what????
S: yes but I assure u ther were no feelings for her from my side….lucky was forcing me to see her…..but then I saw u and I fell in love with u….shona plz don’t leave me….
Sw: sanky are u mad? Why would I leave u….i love u and I trust u…don’t worry….i am fine….now leave all this and tell me what to do about raglak?
S: leta talk to them separately tomorrow…
Sw: yaa good idea….
And they go away……someone was listening to their convo hiding behind a pillar making an angry face and sees towards raglak who are still hugging each other………and then goes away…….

Sometime later…….
Swragsanlak are standing together and swasanlak are trying to cheer up ragini…….ragini is smiling at their efforts……..
Suddenly all of them hear a crash……they look towards the source of the sound……and see kartik stumbling…he is completely drunk and not able to stand properly…….
Manager of the hall and his waiter to go him
Manager:sir u are really very drunk….let me guide u to your car…
K:hey u blo*dy small manager…..u will guide me to the car…..i will go there myself…abbe hat yahan se
He pushes the manager …the manager stumbles but laksh holds him
L: kartik tameez se baat kar…
K: u??? again u came…why don’t u leave me alone …huhh?
L:kartik u are not in your senses…u should probably leave
K:are the savior of the whole universe…..u come to save everybody….
L: it does not concern u
K:it does concern me
Sw: enough kartik…….dad who the hell have u called at our party…he is ruining it
Shekhar:I don’t know that why is he behaving like this…
S:uncle plz tell him to leave……all the guests are getting disturbed
K:I will leave don’t worry about it swasan………and laksh what were u saying laksh that it does not concern me. It concerns me
“why the hell does it concern u??”
“it concerns me because the person with whom u are becoming so cozy is my wife dammit”-kartik blurted out
Everyone is shocked especially swasan. Ragini is crying bitterly and laksh is looking as he will murder kartik any moment now
Sw: what are u barking kartik? Its all bullshit…ragini’s husband left her for another woman
K: he did but he is back now….and its me
L:just get lost kartik
K: I will not get lost…its u who should go away
S:enough mr. kartik are u going away or should I call the guards
K: I will go away but my ragini will come with me
Kartik goes towards ragini …..he is about to touch her but laksh comes in between them shielding her from him and completely hiding her from him…..
K: I will take her with me no matter what…she is mine…

Suddenly kartik feels a burning sensation on his face…….laksh and sanskar both had slapped him on the same time which had shaken him to the core………
K: u people hit me…..i will not leave u
Kartik lunges towards sanlak but ragini comes in front of laksh and swara comes in front of sanskar
R:u got what u deserved kartik….just leave from here…..
K: yeahhh I know why are u saying it……u have got a new husband now…u characterless women….
Ragini just couldn’t control herself he slapped kartik twice on the cheeks
R:what did u say? U rotten piece of junk…..me characterless?it was u who ran away with a second woman and u are calling me characterless……and I didn’t come here to marry…I came here so that my mumma could be with her sister and relatives…….u can just think things like this only….now go away…..
K:so u don’t know that why have u been called here?
R:what do u mean by that?
K: u have not come here on your own but u have been called by this friend of yours….lucky urf laksh…he called u here so that u can marry again…..and that too with this sanskar..
Ragini is shocked beyond words and laksh doesn’t know what to say…..he is looking helplessly
Kartik continues…
“but this swara came in between and spoiled all his planning…swasan fell in love and see now they are engagement……bichari ragini iski zindagi mein koi reh hi nahi sakta….sab chale jaate hai”
None is able to say anything and kartik walks away…….
Ragini is crying bitterly and runs away outside……..laksh runs behind her….
Screen splits in two halves….on one side ragini is running and on the other side laksh is running behing her calling out to her

So is the next episode of hum tum….i hope u guys like it. Well there were not maximum votes for anay songs so I chose the song on my own……please comment and tell me that how it was….this part took me the longest to write…so tell me whether u liked it or not….
Bye for now
Take care

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