RagLak ff – Hum Tum episode 4


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Present: by some masked peel
Laksh thoughts were disturbed by his sister’s shout. He got scared and ran to the kitchen to see his sister being dragged away by some masked people.
‘Swara’ he shouted and ran back of them ‘ chodo use’
Those masked people made her sit. One of them had a gun in one hand and with another hand caught the van’s door. Laksh was about to shoot that person removed the mask. Ragini’s beautiful face came into view. Her hair was flowing with the wind. Laksh’s gun dropped from his hand . The whole world stopped for a second for him. He remembered all the moments spent with her.( Ragini hugging him with happiness. She saying him I love u. He making her his completely. She slapping him and shouting I hate u. He taking her to prison). Ragini looks at him with disgust and shoots him at his legs.
‘Ragini Swara’ Lakshm shouts and falls down.

Ragini’s house:
Swara: leave me please take me to my bhai
Ragini slaps her hard and shouts ‘shut up just shut up. Listen I have nothing to do with u. U are here only because of ur brother . So just shut up .Dont force me to treat u as a prisoner. damini(worker) take her to the guest room’
Swara leaves with sanskar.
Sanskar: u are not doing correct Ragini. What is swara’s mistake in all this?what will u get by doing all this?
Ragini: it’s none of ur business Sanskar. U just take care of her and make sure that she must not contact Laksh. Got it
Sanskar nodes his head . Ragini leaves from there angrily. Raghav sighs and follows her.
Ragini’s room:
Ragini was standing near window. Raghav goes near her and keeps hand on her shoulder. She turns back and hugs him .
Ragini: what was my mistake in all this my mamu? I loved him mamu more than anyone. But he betrayed me. He used me mamu. He took my everything even my virjinity.Because of him I lost my papa mamu. I lost my everything.
Raghav: bas beta bas I know ur father meant everything to u . But I agree with sanskar u won’t get anything by doing this beta.
Ragini: but mamu
Raghav: it’s ok beta u do what u feel is right. I will always be with u
He leaves the room and sees swara there with tears . He sees her and starts leaving.
Swara: uncle I know bhai was wrong but he loves Ragini more than anything in this whole world. He never wanted to hurt her. He always tried to protect her uncle. He only wanted to punish Shekhar Garodia for the crimes which he committed.I know he made love to Ragini . But it was not a betrayal it was his love for her. Believe me uncle he loved her truly. His love was not fake his timing was wrong

Raghav: Dekho beta I don’t know what is True what is false but one thing I know is Shekhar was a good man . He is a don but not all don’s are
wrong. Beta u know Shekhar was about to leave all this for Ragini as he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his daughter. Ragini was very
happy. She never got her father’s love. U know beta in her entire life she spent only 36hrs with her father but she never complained. The day Shekhar was killed and Ragini was taken into custody was supposed to be ragini’s happiest day. Shekhar was going to leave everything that day when he was killed. Ur brother may have loved Ragini truly but he is also the reason behind ragini’s greatest sorrow. U please stay away from her.
Raghav leaves
Swara(to herself): what have u done bhai?oh god please help me to unite ragin and my bhai.

The screen freezes on swara’s face.

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Credit to: Swati

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