raglak ff : HUM TUM – episode 4

I know that I said that I will post the next part late but I couldn’t wait.So many ideas were there in my mind…..
So from this part onwards the love story of raglak actually starts….
Now enough of my bak bak….let’s start the next chappy
Laksh returns to india and it has been 6 months since his return.Janki tries her level best to convince ragini to come to india but she doesn’t relent at all.
When she sees her mother’s pale face she agrees to come to india but only for some time so that her mother can spend some time with her sisters.
Sanskar and Laksh are talking to each other and side by side playing badminton
S:so u want that tmrw I go to the airport to pick up ragini and her mom?
L:yes bro please do it for me naaa……I really have to be somewhere else tmrw which I cannot bunk
S:u are with which girl tomorrow?
L:arre yaar she is swara……my school mate.She wanted to meet me how could I refuse?
S:yes I know mr. laksh maheshwari never refuses a girl..but why do u want me to go?
L:yaar dekh don’t beat me…

S:aisa kya bolne wala h?
L:I want u both to meet so that u see her ,know her and I want u both to get married.
S:what?????lucky tu pagal h kya….have u lost it?
L:no dude I want her to get married…
S:then u marry her don’t make me a scape goat..
Laksh gets speechless at first but then …..
L:no sanky I can’t marry her.we both have no similarities.So its final u are going tomorrow to pick her up
And laksh walks away
S:yaar tu marwaega kisi din mujhe lucky ke bacche
Next day…….
At the airport
Sanskar is standing holding a name card
Ragini and janki come out of the airport and see sanskar holding name card on which her name was written.She goes towards him
R:excuse me?
S:hiee I am lucky’s friend.

R:ohh hiee I am ragini gadodia
S:hi ragini actually laksh had to go somewhere so I came in place of him
R:its ok no problem.But he didn’t inform me
J:actually he had called yesterday telling me the whole thing
R:u knew and u didn’t inform me??
J:sorry laado it slipped from my mind
S:let’s go then
R:yes sure
Ragsan and janki go towards the car and drive off
In the car….
S:so where do u want me to drop u?
R:my masi’s place…..its in dwarka sector 9
Ragini sees NP lying on the seat she picks it up and start reading
J:ragini what is this?u have started reading NP rightaway
R:mumma today is Sunday and laksh’s hum tum are published today
S:so what do u do in paris?
R:I have a small boutique over there
S:that’s great…….
Sanskar drops them and goes away
At night…….
All are sleeping soundly and then telephone rings……
Ragini picks up the phone
Ragini: Yes, Laksh
Laksh: Hi Ragini

Ragini: Don’t Hi Ragini me, Okay!
Laksh: Naraz ho
Ragini: hmmm
Laksh: Theek hai main wapas ghar chala jaata hoon
Ragini: what??
Laksh: main wapas ghar chala jaata hoon
Ragini: Ummm??
Laksh: main tumhare ghar ke bhara hoon. (Ragini Opens the door) Bahut bhook lagi hai khane ko kuch milega
Ragini: it’s so nice to be back in India, Mumma theek kehti hai Apna desh to apna hi hota hai
Laksh: Tumse kisne kaha tha paris main jaa kar rehne ko. I am sorry Ragini I didn’t meant that.
Ragini: No No No don’t be sorry, Laksh baat aisi thi ki main India main rehti to Mumma aur mere rishtedaar meri dubara shaadi karne ki baat karte rehte aur kartik ki uss harkat ke baad I don’t think that I would ever be able to marry now.
Laksh: Ya, I can understand that but iska matlab yeh to nahi ki tum apni zindagi fir se shuru nahi kar sakti. I mean you can’t stop living.
Ragini: Haan but apni zindagi fir se shuru karne ke liya sahi saathi ka milna bahut zarrori hai. Jo chai ki tray pakadne se nahi milne wala.
Laksh: Haan aur agar mil bhi jaye to
Ragini: What rubbish
Laksh: No come on yaar. Main bahugt manta hoon arranged marriages; I am a big believer in arranged marriages. I am serious yaar . Hum pretend karte hai ki hum yahan arranged marriage ki mulakat ke liye aaye hai
Ragini: Kyon nahi, Subah ke 2 baje hum pretend karte hai
Laksh: Hello Ragini, mera naam champak bhumiya hai tumhari mausi ki bhanji ki beti ki saheli tumhari bahut taareef karti hai. Usne kaha ki hum ek dusre ke liye perfect hai; ek duje ke liye Ragini.
Ragini: Why not!!!
Laksh: Come on man Ragini, Don’t be a close. Chalo am not champak bhumiya. Genuinely koi smart sa aadmi tumse pooche paris main itne saal akele rehne ke baad tum Bombay main mere saath adjust kar paogi.
Ragini: Sandwitch
Laksh: Thank You Ragini come one. Sit down
Ragini: Come on Laksh it is not funny.
Laksh: It is funny it is FUN. Remember FUN. Come on!
Ragini (Laughs ): Ok. Tum kya pooch rahe the?
Laksh: Paris main itne saal rehne ke baad kyat um Bombay main mere saath adjust kar paogi.
Ragini: Sheher ke saath adjust karne se jyada zaroori hai logon ke saath adjust karna aur do log yadi apas main khush hai to Bombay ho ya Paris kya farak padta hai.
Laksh: 10 on 10 that’s a perfect answer. Aur shaadi ke baad tum kaam bhi karogi?
Ragini: Kyon tum nahi chahte ki main shaadi ke baad kaam karoon
Laksh: Nahi Nahi yaar I think it is great. Mujhe lagta hai har aurat ko kaam karna chahiye aur sirf time pass ke liye nahi balki seriously tumhari tarah.
Ragini: Now That’s a perfect answer 10 on 10
Laksh: Thank you. Aur bachon ke bare main kya khayal hai?
Ragini: Kya bachon ke baare main?
Laksh: Nahi nahi tum nahi. Tum mujhse nahi poochne wali ki kya mujhe bache pasand hai ya…
Ragini: Haan Haan to kya tumhe bache pasand hai
Laksh: Behad, Mujhe sabse pehle ek ladki chahiye beautiful and intelligent tumhari tarah. Main bahut acha daddy banoonga aur mere jaisa koi bhi ladka uske saamne aayega to uski taange tod doonga Haramzada.
Ragini: Aur tumhe aisa lagta hai kit um aisa karoge to ek ache pita kehlaoge
Laksh: Dekho tum itni achi maa hogi ki main agar bachon ko thoda bigaad bhi doon to kya farak padta hai.
Ragini: Acha saari mehnat main karoona ur saare maze tum luto.
Laksh: Haan meri nazar se dekho to kamaal ki shaadi hai humari. Bas is family photo ko complete karne ke liye humein ek chota sa kutta rakhna chahiye.
Ragini: Aur hum usko tommy bulayenge
Laksh: Kafi bakwaas sa naam hai. Acha theek hai tommy. lekin ek shart par, Tommy ki sair ki zimmedari tumhari hai, main yeh sab nahi kar sakta.
Ragini: Done

Laksh: Main sirf use khane ki table par baith kar apni plate se haddiyan khilaoonga le tommmy kha le tommy kha. That’s all I am gonna do.
Ragini: To shaadi ke baad tum bache aur tommy ko bigaadne ke alawa kya karoge?
Laksh: Aur karne ko hai hi kya main bas maze se aram se apni zindagi jiyoonga apne bache aur tommy ke saath….. aur haan tumhare saath bhi! Sorry!
Ragini: To main bache aur tommy ke baad aati hoon
Laksh: No no that was a mistake, tumhare saath
Ragini: To main bache aur tommy ke baad aati hoon
Laksh: No Ragini that was…. I am sorry
Ragini: Agar tumne mera naam bache aur tommy ke baad liya to main tumhare chote chote chote chote tukde kar ke usi tommy ko khila doongi
Laksh: Acha baba acha I am sorry aaj ke baat bache aur tommy baad main sabse jyada tumhe pyaar karoonga.
Raglak have an eyelock.Both again have those same feelings which they felt before but they are not able to understand anything.They come in senses and there is awkwardness
L:dekha how good it was …I felt as if I had actually got married.
Laksh hastily goes away
Ragini’s POV
What had happened to me? I have never felt like that before not even with kartik.What feeling is it? I am feeling really very embarrassed .How will I face him now? NO ragini u need to stay cool and calm and maintain a distance from now on from him.U don’t want to land up in a soup…..and don’t forget what happened with u last time.Just stay away from him….
Ragini’s pov ends
Laksh’s POV
Again that feeling.What the hell is that? I am not able to understand what is happening to me.Why can’t I see her crying? Why did I feel hurt and broken when she said that she doesn’t want to marry again? Has her past affected her so much that she isn’t ready to even give a chance to other person?Whatever it is I have to change her thinking. I have to bring my old fighter cock ragini back……..wait a minute…….did I just say my ragini again??? Oh crap why is it happening to me? Its not good …. I need to put a stop to this. Its getting on my nerves…
Laksh’s pov ends
Next day…….
Raglaksan are there at a restaurant doing lunch……..
L:oh nooo
Ragsan:what happened??
L:I have to meet swara
R:now who is this swara?
L:she is my boss’ daughter……I have to go and see her…accha chal bye I need to leave
Laksh runs away. An unknown person with wearing a jacket with a hood and black spectacles is looking at them hiding behind the menu card. From his face expressions he is not looking happy….and is fuming in anger
S:so ragini after lunch where would u like to eat ice cream?
R:I don’t eat ice cream
S:but laksh told me that u love it
R:I have stopped eating it
S: ok then we can have coffee
R:actually sanskar I need to I need to go early. Mumma wait kar rahi h mera
S: ok no problem I will drop u over there
R:thank u
S:today is my birthday
R:what????but laksh didn’t tell me
S:use khud yaad nahi hoga ki aaj mera b’day h
R:laksh is such a ……
S:that he surely is…..a jerk right?
R:yeahhhh (ragini starts laughing) ……..well by the way happy birthday sanskar
S: thank u ragini
Sanskar drops ragini at home
At night raglaksan are at a club celebrating sanskar’s b’day
L:kya yaar u should have told me naa that today is ur b’day
S:sorry saale I forgot that u are so clumsy with b’day dates…
L:chal thik h……waise I feel that I am forgetting something else also….
Someone whacks laksh at the back of the head. Laksh turns around
Ragsan: swara?
Sw:how dare u lucky?
Sw:how did u for get that u had even called me.BTW who is the b’day boy?
S: its me sanskar
Sw:happy b’day sanskar …u r really cute
Sanky blushes hard
Sometimne has passed…..and swaragsanlak are having drinks.And lean on is playing in the background
R:this is so boring song
Sw:are u serious?? I love this song
S:really even I like this song
Sw:really??? Come let’s dance
Swasan go towards the dance floor. Meanwhile at the table laksh is feeling really embarrassing
R:isn’t it strange that its their first meeting and they have mingled so well
L:yaa kuch zyada hi
R:what do u mean
L:who will say that its their first meeting? Look at them dancing so close
R:laksh…..shut up….dekho naa kabhi toh pehli mulaqaat hi kaafi hoti h aur kabhi bahut si mulaqaatein lag jaati h….
Someone is looking at them from far…….watching with anger and jealousy in its eyes. It breaks a glass in it’s hand……..
Unknown person’s pov
I will not let them live in peace. They have spoiled my life and they are enjoying themselves. They have to give answers. I will not let them live in peace
Swaragsanlak have become really close and used to spend a lot of time together. Swasan have started feeling for each other but never able to express . So our raglak help them in confessing their love and they succeed.
R:how unexpected naa laksh……see they just met 2 weeks ago and they fell in love.
L:yes they are really fast
L(in mind):saala aaj tak pyaar mein nahi pada aur jab mein chahta tha that he fell in love with ragini he has fallen for swara……now what will I do? How will I fulfil my promise to aunty
R:where are u lost?
L:nothing yaar just thinking how fast they are that’s it
R:I want ice cream
L:wait I will bring……strawberry right??
R:of course laksh
Laksh goes towards the icecream stall
Ragini is standing far from laksh and waiting for her ice cream. Someone holds her hand force fully and drags her with him behind a tree…..so that laksh is not able to see what is going on…..ragini sees him and is shocked….not able to say anything
R:you????? What are u doing her?
Man:yes mee….surprised???what did u think that I won’t be able to find u…….
R:why have u come her? What do u want now?
R:what do u mean?
M:I want u baby…u are mine
R:u were the one who left me…remember??? Just leave me now kartik
(shocked guys yes the person is kartik)
K:how can I leave u jaan..u are mine just mine
R:no u left me I am no one to u now
Ragini starts going but kartik holds her hand harshly and pins her to the tree
K:what did u say?
R:kartik…leave me…where is that floozy of yours
K:I have left her….she was great but not like u jaan. I was just using her to reach a high position which only she could have given me..
R:u cheapster how can u play with a girl’s feeling??? I thought that u were tricked into falling in love with her but now I know u did it intensionally
K: yes baby…otherwise how would I have achieved so much…I still love u jaan. Come with me . we will live a luxurious life.
R:kartik leave me alone….u dirty rotten insect
K:what did u say???
Kartik in anger raises his hand to slap her and ragini closes her eyes in fear. But someone holds his hand from touching ragini. Its laksh
L:how dare u kartik???
Hearing laksh’s voice ragini opens her eyes
K: what are u doing over here? And it’s the matter of husband and wife u are no one to interfere so just get lost
L:correction mr. kartik u are no longer her husband . she has divorced u
K: no…. I will again make her mine
L: u will have to go through me to reach her. U even touch her and I will break ur bones. Just stay clear of us………and what are u saying husband??? U were the reason she lost her child
L: yes she was pregnant when u left her……
K: I didn’t know that she was pregnant otherwisw I wouldn’t have left her
L: mr. kartik just get this straight in your mind ragini is not and will never be yours understand???
Laksh holds ragini’s hand while ragini looks on and they both go away
They both are in the car . laksh is red in anger and ragini is crying uncontrollably. Laksh takes the car to a cliff side and stops there. He takes ragini out of the car . Ragini is still sobbing
L: for whom are u crying haan? That cheapster….. b*****d….how dare he? I will kill him
Ragini keeps on crying and falls on the groung crying really hard. Seeing her condition Laksh ‘s eyes also start tearing…..he kneels down in front of her and holds her shoulders. Ragini looks at him with teary eyes and Laksh is feeling an unknown pain looking at her like this. Ragini suddenly hugs him really tight and let’s her heart out.
Laksh holds her firmly but gently and hugs her back
R: why laksh why me everytime?what have I done that everytme I have to feel pain. Am I so bad
Laksh is angry and teary eyed feeling her pain .
L: ragini listen to me u are not wrong ….he is a disgusting man . don’t cry because of that useless man. Stop thinking about him he is not worth it
R: but laksh I am scared I don’t want to go back to that hell
L: no ragini u will not go there again…I am there with u. I will not let anything happen to u. u trust me right?
R: y—ee—ss
L: then have faith in me that I won’t let anything happen to u. now lets go
Laksh holds ragini and takes her to the car and drives away
Kartik:I will not leave that laksh so easily. He dare to take my ragini away from me. And ragini u have to come back to me at any cost . I will not leave u . u are mine just mine.
Raglak side…….
R:laksh……. thank u
L: for what?
R: for being always there for me
L:I didn’t do it for u. I did it for me
R:for u? how
L:ab dekh….i don’t know how to swim and I don’t want to die from drowning
R:laksh???? Why are u saying so?
L:now see when u cry naa these big big drops of water fell from your eyes due to which tsunami can come anytime and I don’t want to die so young yaar….abhi toh meri shaadi bhi nahi hui yaar
R: laksh…….unbelievable yaar how can u……
Ragini is not able to complete her sentence and she starts laughing uncontrollably
Laksh keeps on looking at her lost in her smilimg face
Laksh’s pov
I promise Ragini that I will not let anything happen to u. u will always keep smiling and this time smile won’t vanish from your eyes. LUCKY PROMISES LAADO…
Now its swasan’s engagement party. Its going on in full swing
Swasan are wearing lahenga and sherwani respectively (which they wore in the serial on their sangeet ). Laksh is standing with swasan. He is wearing an all black suit with a black tie. He is looking dashing.
Sw:lucky where is laado?
L:I don’t know shona even I am worried why she hasn’t reached till now
S:stop taking tension both of u she will come
Just then ragini enters the hall. She is wearing a pink coloured saree with a backless golden brown (same as rani mukherjee)
Laksh is swept off his feet on seeing her. He is mesmerized seeing her . just then ragini comes and stands in front of him. He is speechless. Ragini observes it and gets shy. Just then sanky nudges him
S: saale lucky stop staring at her as if u will gobble her up…
Lucky is embarrassed and swaragini start giggling
Sw:laado why were u so late?
R:sorry shona u know naa traffic of delhi . there was traffic jam that’s why
Sw: then its ok…..and even then u have reached before the actual ceremony starts
Just then swara’s father comes
Sw’s father: shone I want u to meet someone. He is my best friend’s son
A person wearing a white suit enters the hall holding a bouquet in his hand. He comes where swaragsanlak and shekhar are standing.
P:hello uncle
He is standing behind raglak. Hearing his voice raglak turns and are shocked seeing him
Screen freezes on their shocked faces
Who can that person be?
Did he know raglak before?
Why are raglak shocked seeing him?
What relation raglak have with that person?

Thanks a lot for your lovely comments . thanks to even the silent readers.
The next episode will be posted on Sunday. Sorry for posting so late but I have my exams this week. But to compensate for it I will give a mahaepisode . so stay tuned and keep loving it guys
Bye and take care

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