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Ragini was on top of Laksh. Her hairs were flowing with the wind. Laksh slowly removed them from her face. He was mesmerised by her eyes. All people around them helped Ragini to get up. Laksh was lost in another world. He was still on the ground. After assuring everyone that she was fine Ragini turned back and saw Lakshm staring at her she forwarded her hand to him to help him get up. But our hero,who was not in his senses caught her hand and dragged her down again with force. This time ragini’s lips brushed against laksh’s lips. Ragini gets shocked and immediately looks around. She sighs a relief as nobody notices this. She immediately gets up . Laksh also gets up.
Laksh: sorry voh actually
Ragini: it’s ok I am sorry I didn’t see u
Princi: welcome back rags all of us are proud of u congrats once again.
Ragini: thank u sir for ur encouragement.
Princi sees laksh and tells
Students please meet our new student laksh. He got transferred recently. Ragini he plays piano excellently I think he would be a great addition to our music group. And please take care of him

Ragini: of course sir
Princi leaves. Everyone gather in music room.
Ragini: so mr Laksh let me tell u something about this college. We are all a very big family here. No student fights with another student. All problems will be resolved mutually. We believe in unity. Our music group is the heart and soul of the college. So welcome to our big family.
Saying this she hugs him followed by everyone else. Laksh gets overwhelmed.

1 month passes . Laksh is very happy with his big fat family. Everyone were so special to him. But Ragini was the most special person. His and ragini’s bond was becoming strong day by day. They always used to be with each other. Both had a lot of feelings for each other which they didn’t want to name. Everything else could see their love for each other and felt happy for them.
It was college’s annual function. The program was specially organised for parents. Everyone were busy with heir parents. Laksh felt sad that each member of his big family had their own small family. He knew that his father cannot come here. He looked around. He could spot everyone there except Ragini. He asked Ritika about Ragini.
Ritika: oh don’t u know annual day is the only function which Ragini doesn’t attend. It’s just that her father never comes to any meetings. He doesn’t even call her. So she just stays away from annual day

Laksh feels sad for her and starts searching for Ragini. He finds her on terrace looking at the stars sitting on the ground.
Laksh: hey
Ragini: hi what are u doing here? U should be down with ur parents
Laksh: well my mother died when I was small and dad is busy so he couldn’t make it. What about u?
Ragini: my mother died giving birth to me . And dad well he has his own reasons
Laksh: I can understand. I don’t know why fathers are like this. They can never understand our feelings.
Ragini: I don’t think so Laksh. I know that my papa loves me too much. It is always not necessary to be with us to show how much they love us. In fact I think we should understand them. They love us so much that for our happiness they are staying far from us. Sometimes it is better to be away and be happy rather than being near and feeling sad.
Laksh: u love ur pa very much right
Ragini: yes. No parent likes to be away from their kids. My papa loves me to such extent that for my safety he has sacrificed all those moments which a dad would love to spend with a daughter.
Laksh: u are awesome. Have u shared this with anyone till now?
Ragini: no u are the first one. Thank u Laksh for coming here and being with me. Now I should leave .bye
Laksh: bye

Ragini leaves. Laksh lays on his back and remembers raging’ swords. He gets a phone call.
Laksh: ha papa
Dp: Laksh are u okay no one has any doubt on u right
Laksh: no papa everything is fine. But papa I am feeling bad Ragini is very innocent
Do: Laksh don’t judge a person by its cover. Maybe she is good Lakshm but she has to pay for her fatrher’s deeds Lakshm
Laksh: but dad it is not her mistake I can’t hurt her dad
Dp: enough Laksh do what I say . Focus on ur duty stop thinking about unnecessary things
Dp cuts the phone
Laksh(to himself): I am sorry dad but I can’t hurt Ragini. I will help u catch her dad as he is a criminal. But I won’t let u hurt her. I am sorry Ragini I know u love ur dad but he is wrong.and I will do what is right.

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