Raglak ff hum tum episode 23

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Ragini gets shocked to see dp’s tomb. She looks at Laksh while he looks away
Laksh: let’s leave Ragini
She stops him and makes him turn towards her.
Ragini: please tell me what happened laksh? How did all this happen?
Laksh closes his eyes and tells her about the past of college life.
In hospital when Laksh was asking for Ragini
Dp sends everyone outside
Dp: stop this madness laksh. U should move on . Just think about the profit the publicity u gained by being the mastermind behind shekhar’s death
Laksh: enough dad u have ruined my life. I have lost everything. I lost my love,my life, my smile everything. She is my life dad but now she hates me. Don’t know how she is. I just hope she will be strong enough.
Do: of course she will. After all she has dirty blood inside her.
Laksh: shut up dad just shut up. U betrayed me I can’t live anymore I can’t live without her.
He takes a knife and tries to slash his wrist. Do tries to stops him
Laksh: I have nothing to live for I will die

He cries and gets unconscious. Dp gets heartache seeing his son’s pain.
Laksh regains his sense and sees Swara there crying
Laksh: Swara are u ok
Swara: bhai papa is in ot
Laksh: what
He goes to ot and sees dp taking his last breath.
Dp: I am sorry beta
Laksh doesn’t say anything
Do: I hope u will be able to forgive me
He dies. But laksh didn’t forgive him. He also didn’t visit his tomb still now
Fab ends
Ragini: laksh I know ur father did wrong but he just fulfilled his duty
Laksh: but Ragini
Rag: no Lakshhe didn’t know that we were working for the society welfare so it’s not his fault. Please forgive him. Please
She looks at him with puppy eyes . He smiles.
They both sit own near dp’s grave. Ragini catches laksh’s hand
Ragini:uncle I am sorry because of me u and ur son drifted apart but I promise I will give all happiness to him
She cries laksh squeezes her hand .
They both get up and start walking to start a new journey
After 1 year
Reporter: news has come that Laksh Maheshwari who was responsible for the death of Shekhar gagodia has joined hands with his daughter and is the most wanted criminal along with Ragini gagodia

Somewhere far away
A big mansion many people have come there to give blessings to the newborn babies.
Raglak room
Ragini: offo ur son is really too much. Look how he is playing with my hair. From morning it is the tenth time I am plating my hair
The boy is seen smiling cutely.
Laksh comes there carrying a baby girl.
Laksh: ur daughter is also not less from morning this is the tenth time she urinated on me
Rag: don’t u dare say anything to my daughter
Laksh: don’t u dare say about my son
Swasan come there and shout shut up.
Swara: get ready Bhabhi everyone are waiting for u
Ragini: Swara u are pregnant u should rest
Swara: don’t worry Bhabha my husband is with me
She winks at sanskar who shies. The babies also laugh
Swasan: we will take them u buys get ready

Ragini is combing her hair when Lakshm hugs her from back
Laksh: u are looking so beautiful that I feel like planing for more babies
Ragini: what no? Two are only more I can’t handle anymore
Laksh: oh here I was planning for a cricket or football team along with cheerleaders
Ragini: Lakshm have some shame
They both laugh and hug each other.

Everyone is waiting for the names of the babies
Laksh: the name of our baby boy is Shekhar gagodia Maheshwari
Ragini looks at him with tears eyes while Lakshm side hugs her.
Ragini: name of our baby girl is durga Garodia Maheshwari
Laksh gets happy. All bless the children.

Raglak with their family take a family picture.

The end

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Credit to: Swati


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    nice ending,raglak/ragsan both are nice for new ff choose according to plot, come back soon

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    Aww….such a sweet & awsm ending 😊😊😊
    I would really miss this ff too much 😒😒😒
    Loved raglak in it too much miss them 😍😍😍😍
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    Do whatever you want with pair either raglak or ragsan but story should be interesting like this only

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