Raglak ff hum tum episode 22


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Night was very dark and cold. Laksh was driving the car. He turned sideways to see Ragini sleeping like a kid. Her hair was flowing in wind . He pushed her hair back and kissed her forehead.
Laksh: goodnight ragu
Ragini(in sleep): sweet dreams
Laksh laughs . He drives and stops when he reaches the place where he wanted to take her.
Laksh(slowly): Ragini we reached wake up.
Ragini opened her eyes slowly looked around
Ragini: papa where is he?

She looks around and it’s all dark. She runs ahead while Laksh runs behind her. She stops in the middle.
Ragini: where is he?
Suddenly light falls there. She turns around and realises that this was the place where Shekhar was killed. She gets tears and tries to run from there but Laksh stops there.
Laksh:stop Ragini stop running from the truth
Ragini(sobbing hardly shouts on him): no It’s not true. It’s all a dream. U are betraying me again
Laksh(closes his eyes in pain):no I am doing this for u. Please Ragini please try to understand. This is the place where he was killed. This is the hotel where we spent the most beautiful night of our life. Where we celebrated our love
Ragini cries and falls on the ground and cries. Laksh hugs her tightly. She also hugs him and rests her head on his shoulder
Ragini: that day changed my life. Is he really dead laksh?
She looks at him with tears eyes . Laksh gets heartbroken seeing her like that. He hugs her more tightly and caresses her back.

Laksh: yes Ragini. He took his last breath in your lap. U sang his favourite song for him.
Ragini: why did he leave me?
Laksh: he left u because he knew that u would manage everything he had confidence on u
Ragini: why did u leave me ?
Laksh: because I loved u
She looks at him and cries.
Ragini: I missed u. I became all alone laksh. I tried to end my life that time I saw dad. He came to me and supported me. Later even I thought I was dreaming but dad always came to me when I needed him.
Laksh: ur father still leaves in your heart Ragini that is why whenever u failed u felt ur dad come to u.
Ragini smiles and touches her heart.
Ragini: I will never let him die Laksh. He will stay here always.
They both smile. Laksh gives his hand to her and helps her stand up. She keeps her head on his chest and sobs lightly. He pacifiers her.
Laksh: let all the tears come out

Ragini: where are u taking me?
Laksh: shh come with me
Laksh: ok now open ur eyes
Ragini opens her eyes and gets shocked. She falls on her knees and cries.
Ragini: papa
It’s the tombstone of Shekhar.
Laksh: Raghav uncle told that u never visited ur father’s grave.
Ragini nodes and touches the tomb lovingly.
Ragini: sorry papa I didn’t come to meet u all these days but I promise I will come everyday from now on. I am also sorry for not bringing anything for u
Laksh: who told u didn’t bring anything?
He gives her a bouquet . She takes it and keeps it on his grave. She smiles. Laksh also sits beside her and takes her hand.
Laksh: papa I am going to marry ur daughter soon, please give ur blessings.
Shekhar who was standing behind them smiles and keeps his hands on their heads. Ragini feels a cool breeze and turns back.

Laksh: what happened Ragini
Ragini: nothing I just felt as if someone was there.
Shekhar caresses her face but she can’t see him but felt him. She smiles. Raglak look at each other and gets up. Ragini looks at her father’s grave and smiles for last time. Her gaze falls on the tomb beside . She gets shocked.

Credit to: Swati

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    Oh no ! ! She’s shocked !! That means it’s tomb of some person who exists that means it may be laksh !! Omg I hope that my guess should be wrong.

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    Awesome epi dr.. Finally ragini got over her fears.. Raglak are back together.. Oooho cliffhanger u shouldn’t have done that.. Was that dp’s tomb

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