Raglak ff hum tum episode 21

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Laksh: what are u doing?
Ragini: imprisoning u so that u can’t escape easily. Well what did u think that I will without u? Ofcoursenot. I didn’t want to give u time to plot hence the plan did u like the surprise?
Laksh: well I didn’t see this side of us anytime(he smiles at her)
Ragini: well even I didn’t know about this side. I discovered it only after ur betrayal.
Laksh gets sad .
Laksh: Ragini I
Rag: I don’t want to here to anything . Tell me the way to reach my father.
Laksh nods his head. He starts guiding her.

Raghav sees his mobile which is tracking ragini’s location.
Raghav: our daughter is coming back Shekhar. Today I saw the naughty Ragini again. Our plan is working Shekhar

He turns around and sees Shekhar. Shekhar smiles.
Shekhar: I knew his love will make her fine. I am happy that his love is true. Now I can leave this world forever.
Raghav: won’t u see ur daughter happy again. Don’t u want to meet her one last time
Shekhar: no Raghav if I meet her I will not able to leave. I will see her one last time and leave

Raghav nods and tries to hug but is unable to. He gives a sad smile.
Shekhar: bye Raghav take care


Shekhar comes back as a ghost to free Ragini from her pain. He follows Laksh and realises his love for her. He makes a decision to unite raglak for ragini’s happiness. He meets with Raghav and discusses this plan. He knew that Ragini would never allow Lakshm to come near her unless it was very important to her and he was the most important person in her life. So he does the drama while Raghav convinces everyone that Ragini is hallucinating.
Fb ends)

Ragini: where are u taking me?
Laksh: where u have to go. I think u should allow me to drive. U need rest
Ragini: how can I be sure that u will not take me somewhere ?
Laksh: because I know that my sister is with u and Raghav uncle is tracking u. So if anything wrong happens my sister will be in danger
Ragini gets shocked while Laksh laughs
Laksh: well I am also not stupid u see. I know that u don’t trust me . So it is evident that someone is tracking us and I also know that u trust ur uncle more than anything so
Ragini: well even I didn’t see this side of urs.

She gets up from her seat and let’s laksh drive.

The screen freezes on their faces

Credit to: Swati


  1. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved both Raglak different face
    Waiting for the next one………

  2. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    Ragini was not hallucinating, that was shekhar’s ghost??? unbreakable bonding between daughter and father, nice.

  3. Ruhani


    |Registered Member

    Omg so that was shekar’s ghost.. Hope ragini comes back to normal n all their misunderstandings get cleared

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