Raglak ff hum tum episode 20


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Ragini(shouts):why should I listen to ur words
Laksh: Because I am ur only hope
Ragini: U tel me the adress I will go and get my dad
Laksh:it doesn’t work that way if u want to get to u r father u have to come with me alone deal or no deal
Ragini (looks at him with disgust):I need time to think

Raghav: U think she will agree
Laksh:she will uncle
Raghav: Doctor just called me. She is not in her senses. She may harm u or herself.
laksh: I know uncle I will handle her.
Raghav: But what if
Laksh: Relax uncle I will alone handle her

Everyone were waiting for Ragini at the dinner table.
Sanskar: I will go and call her
Ragini: It wont B necessary
She came down with luggage.
Raghav: Are u going somewhere beta
Ragini: Yes uncle to get papa.
Laksh who was drinking water coughs and look at Ragini who gives him a I don’t care look.
Ragini: I don’t want anyone to follow me . I want to be somewhere alone for a few days.

She leaves while laksh stands there shocked. He comes out of the shock and runs behind her. He forced himself into her car and sat beside her. She immediately locked the car and started the car.

Sanskar was about to follow her when Raghav stopped him.
San:,but dad how can we let her go out its not safe
Raghav: He will take care of her just fine
Swara comes running from up
Swara:bhais clothes are gone
Raghav laughs
Raghav: Ofcourse she is Ragini what else can we expect
He laughs and goes inside while swasan scratch their heads and look at each other.

Laksh was continuously shouting on Ragini .
Laksh: What were u thinking?where were u about to go? What is happening?
Ragini smiles at him evilly and handcuffs his hand.
Laksh gets ahocked

Credit to: swati

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  1. Megha123

    Aww…. luvd ragu she’s really awsm loved the way she’s handling laksh .????

  2. ooooooooo ragini evil side still loveher

  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Hope Ragini gets normal soon
    Waiting for the next one………..

  4. Interestngggg….eagerly watng for nxt part ,plz post a longggg episode deardear…

  5. Superb dear

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  7. Ruhani

    Superb dr.. Ragini is so smart

  8. nice more raglak scene next part soon

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