raglak ff : HUM TUM -episode 2

thank u everyone for loving this ff.it means a lot
here we are with the next part of hum tum
1 year later
a couple is shown getting cozy behind a tree in the park.its laksh and kavya
l:u are so pretty kavya

k:i know it lucky but i want that we spend some quality time with each other which we just don’t
l:i am not free everytime yaar .whenever i have time i call u but its not possible evert time
ragini comes over that side jogging.raglak see each other but then turn their faces opposite side and ragini runs away.
l:kavya baby i have to go

l:i am very hungry .so i am going to bring something for me to eat
k:ok…bring something for me too
laksh goes towards a shop where ragini is standing.he tries to look at her but ragini keeps on turning her face. atlast they both come face to face….
r:yes i know

l:don’t u remember me??
r:i do that’s why i was ignoring u
ragini starts walking and laksh runs behind her
l:wait u still angry with me .it was an year ago yaar. now toh u forgive me naa
r:just get lost from here

voice: raginiiiiiiiii
both hug each other.
k:u here?
r:yes i am doing the course of fashion designing and u??

k:i am in abc university
laksh tries to escape but kavya catches hold of him
k:hey ragini have u met my bf??
r:so this laksh is ur bf??
l:how do u both know each other
k:we were there in the same school but then in college we lost touch
l:great (teri toh lag gayi lucky)so ragini is tour childhood friend..
r:for how long have u known?

k:we are together since college
r:laksh was she your gf when we met in amsterdam?
l:kavya lets go we are getting late
k:lucky if u both are not going to tell me that when did u people meet i am going to kill u
r:leave him i will tell…

l:kavya i need to go
k:where are u going?
l:some very important work will meet later
r:leave him yaar i will tell u everything.

—–after a few mins—–
r:yes he kissed me and i slapped him
laksh was listening to their convo hiding behind her tree.but…..
r:there he is……beat him
kavya takes a stone ran towards him

kavlak start taking rounds of the tree.but then kavya curses him and leaves
laksh coming out of his place
r: ur welcome….huffff
both of them walk away in opposite directions.
———-three years later———
in india……
laksh’s home…

ap:laksh u have to help me.
l:what?? but why mom?
ap:mr.sharma who was supposed to help me with all the decorations is not coming now.his son is admitted in the hospital with debgue so he refused to come
l:why me mom?
ap:because u are my son that’s why…
l:i will not help u…….no no no .
worker:laksh sir where to keep the flower basket?
l:why are u asking me?keep it somewhere near the mandap…..at the time of pheras they will be required.mom said so.
w:ok sir

w2:sir bride’s family has come
l:so why are u telling me help them know

in the house……
girl 1:living in the house of bride has its own pleasure
she sees newpaper lying on the sofa….
girl (to her friends):u know every sunday these cartoon script called hum tum is published in this np
laksh was passing through there.hearing the girl’s praise a smile came on his face.he went towards the girl
l:so u like hum tum

g:yes i like them they are so adorable……
l:it feels good when i hear beautiful girls like u praising my hum tum
g:ur hum tum
l:yes they are mine..
g:they are really nice

l:what’s ur name?

l:what a beautiful name….
voice: laksh maheshwariiiiii
laksh turns his face and seeing the person in front of him he is shocked
l:oh noooo…………… ragini?
camera focuses on the girl.she is wearing a red anarkali suit and her black long curly hair are open.she is looking extremely pretty with minimal makeup…….
r:what are u doing here womaniser?
l:i am organising a wedding over here

ragini smirks
l:i mean i am helping my mother organise the wedding . iam incharge over here
he tries to touch here
r:don’t touch me

suddenly the tents fall down..
r:u came in front of me ye toh hona hi tha ……..loser
l:btw what are u doing here?

r:u are organising wedding with your mother and u don’t even know who is the bride?(pointing towards herself)
l:u???? i thought that u might have 2 or 3 children by now
r(making an ‘l’ with her fingers):loser…..
and she walks off

worker:laksh sir i have to bring laddoos.so how many should i bring?
l:who asked u to bring it?
w:bride’s mother

l:u should ask me…i am organising the marriage so sweets should also be of my taste……bring kaju katli….15 kgs
w:ok sir
laksh then sees janki standing in front of him…
j:hello beta i am bride’s mother
l:hello aunty
j:btw who are u?

l:i am ap’s son laksh..
j:oooo…….hello ji …..i didn’t know that u didn’t like laddoos otherwise i wouldn’t have….
l:no aunty its not that……..hey listen (to the worker)bring laddoos only bring them 25 kgs…..1o from my side……
j:waise i have been seeing that u are roaming in front of the girls….
l:aunty wo toh bas aise hi….
l:yes aunty….
j:shut up…
and janki walks away..

l:ye dono maa beti meri jaan ke peeche pade hue h
at the time of mahendi…….
kavita:hey laksh

l:oo yaaa
k:i have been watching u. u are helping so m uch to make this wedding a success
laksh goes red
k:i wonder what will u do in your wedding???
l:my wedding?
l:i will not marry at all

l:because the love which is there vanishes after marriage
ragini:look who is taliking?

everyone starts laughing…..
l:arre sach hai ye……have u ever thought that why the famous lovers of this world never married?
girls:why laksh?
l:because……..if they would have married then even their love would have attained expiry date.have u ever heard of immortal love stories after marriage

r:sunni bhi h aur dekhi bhi hai………..one of the famous wonders of the world the taj mahal which was made by shah jahan in the memory of his wife mumtaz mahal…….
gore gore yeh chhore – (2)

(yeh ishk ishk chillate hai oooh yeah
yeh galee galee mandaraate hai oooh yeah) – (2)
shadee kee degar naa jaye magar
yeh gore gore se chhore – (6)

andher se chahe kuchh bhee ho yeh, aadha magar hai heero wali
din rat kitaabe parthe hai yeh, ladakee kee taswiro wali
kahee jivan mela oye shava, par shadee jamela oye shava
darwaja inhe dikhlaao jara
yeh gore gore se chhore – (6)

gore gore yeh chhore – (2)
shadee kee jo bat karo toh buri yeh halat karthe hai achcha mmm
bin shadee sang rehne kee yeh badee wakalat karte hai
har ladakee pyari oye shava, bin jimivari oye shava
laila ke bina yeh majhnu bane
yeh gore gore se chhore – (6)

jab yeh budhe ho jayenge, kans kans ke reh jayenge
kande par koi hath naa hoga, ham dum koi sath naa hoga
tokar kayenge oye shava, phir pachtayenge oye shava
tab yad inne aayenge ham, yeh gore gore se chhore
yeh gore gore chhore, yeh gore gore se chhore
yeh ishk ishk chillate hai oooh yeah
yeh galee galee mandaraatei hai oooh yeah
shadee kee degar naa jaye magar
yeh gore gore se chore – (6)

next day
in the garden laksh is looking at the decorations and then there ragini comes
r:arrange a car for me i need to go to my tailor
l:all the cars have been taken by your friends and relatives
r:then get a cab

l:this farm house is in a isolated place.u will get a vehicle only after walking for 20 km
r:shit…then what to do?
l:actually there is a way?
raglak are sitting on the truck full of flowers
l:so u tell me what is your story?is it arranged?

l:then don’t tell me it love………seriously?
r:its both
r:we were there in same college .one day he proposed and then even the parents were involved so i said yes
l:whats his name?

l:nice name
r:atleast he is not like u immature fool.he is mature,understanding and respects women unlike u

truck stops at the boutique .laksh gets down and ragini was trying to get down but she slips and was about to fall but a pair of strong arms held her.she had closed her eyes in fear but when she realised that she was not on the ground she opened her eyes and found herself staring at big round chocolaty brown eyes which were looking at her intensely.

both had an eyelock for a few minutes.laksh was looking at ragini with full concern .both were lost in each other’s eyes.both were feeling something for each other which they haven’t ever felt before.suddenly the truck blew his horn and both came back to their senses..
r:thank u for saving
l:mention not…….had u fallen down u might have broken ur leg and then i would have to carry u in my arms……and u look really very heavy
r:how dare u????

l:ok ok stop it.we are geeting late.let’s go.
raglak go to the tailor .after their work is complete they return to the farm house and then finally the d-day comes…….marriage
ragini and kartik get married with great fervour and pomp & show.(i am not indulging in any details)

then they go to the airport for boarding the flight to usa
at the airport
r:kartik i wish mumma was here i wanted to see her one last time
k:don’t’worry ragini u can talk to her over the phone.she was held up somewhere that’s why she is not here

r:but i wanted to say good bye to her…………mumma?
janki had finally come to meet her daughter.ragini ran to her mother.both embraced each other cryingly
j:i thought that today i will not be able to see u i could n’t get out of the house even but laksh
j:yes beta he helped me a lot and even came here to drop me off

ragini turns her head to look at laksh.she had mixed emotions…..she didn’t know what to say.laksh was confusing her.she was not able to understand him.they both hated each other to the core but laksh came forward to help her mother so that she could see her one last time…..
meanwhile laksh was looking at ragini with weird expressions.he was feeling very low but didn’t know why.he didn’t want ragini to go away from him.he felt very incomplete but he wasn’t able to identify his feelings but then he brushed them off…..
kartik comes to ragini
k:ragini we need to leave .its time
r:yes one second……laksh???

laksh hearing his name runs towards her…….
l:bolo ragini….
r:thank u for bringing my mother .it meant a lot to me.u don’t know what have u done today…….thank u so much
l:no need ragini….bye

ragtik:bye laksh take care
and ragtik go inside the airport
j:laksh thank u for bringing me here i don’t know what to say…..
l:no need aunty…..u please sit in the car .i will come in a few minutes
janki goes away and laksh turns towards the airport just in time to see ragini dissappearing in midst of the crowd…

—-flash back——
laksh was passing from ragtik’s room which was given to them after the marriage and hears ragini crying
r:kartik mumma will not come with to the airport.she is saying that she has some important work to complete which cannot be ignored
k:its ok jaan……when we reach the airport we will talk with her on the phone
r:but i wanted to hug her before boarding the flight

k:arre understand naa she couldn’t have any other choice but don’t worry relax…
r:ok if u say so……
laksh was listening to all this standing outside the room
l:i will bring aunty no matter what happens.i can’t see ragini crying.let it be my wedding gift to her without her knowing …..
and laksh goes away
—–fb ends—–

l:i don’t know why i did that all i know is that i wanted ragini to be happy and i was successful in my mission….
laksh goes towards his car and drives offf
episode ends…

so guys how was it????please give your comments…..
who u people want to play the role of kartik?i felt sidhant gupta will be apt…..what do u say?

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