Raglak ff hum tum episode 18


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Laksh was unable to sleep. He was feeling restless. Was Ragini really hallucinating or was something really wrong?
He got up and started to walk when he saw Raghav standing looking out through the window. He went and stood beside him and looked out. He saw Ragini fighting with others with sword(in first episode I wrote).
Laksh: what is she doing uncle?
Raghav: sword fighting. She loves fighting.
Laksh: it looks like she is fighting with herself not with others.
Raghav: that she is
SanskAr comes there with his helmet and sword.
Raghav: ready beta
Sankar: yes dad
Laksh: if u don’t mind can I go
Sanskar: this is sword fighting not some simple game
Raghav: sanskar give ur helmet to laksh
Sanskar: but dad
Raghav looks at him with an angry look. Sanskrit sighs and gives it to Laksh. Laksh wears the helmet and takes the sword and enters the area.

Only Ragini and Laksh are there in the arena. Ragini thinks it is sanskar. Both starts fighting. Both fight for a long time. At one instant laksh’s helmet falls off. He gets shocked and looks at Ragini . She also removes her helmet . It starts raining .
Ragini: pick up the sword laksh
Laksh and Ragini look at each other. Their tears mix with the rain. They both run towards each other and start fighting. Laksh keeps his hand on her waist and pulls her. Her back was touching his front. He drops his sword and takes her sword and throws it.
Ragini: leave me laksh
She starts fidgeting but Laksh catches her firmly
Laksh: relax Ragini please relax. (He keeps his head on her shoulder and inhales her scent)feel this moment Ragini. It’s just u and me.
Ragini closes here eyes and keeps her hands on his hands. He kisses her hair and shoulder and starts dancing lightly. Both were lost in each other. They closed their eyes and started moving together.

Laksh: can’t we be like this forever. With no one between us. We both know we love each other .,can’t we forget everything and start it again.
He makes her turn towards him and looks at her. He comes close to her. She closes her eyes. He comes more closer to her. He finally kisses her. Slowly he kisses her more deeply. She also reciprocates the kiss.
Just then it thunders and she comes to reality. She pushes him and turns back to leave but he catches her and pins her the tree.
Laksh: don’t run away from urself. Don’t run from the truth. Please give me one chance
Ragini: and lose someone whom I love again no Laksh it will not happen.
She pushes him and runs away.

Credit to: Swati

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi DEAR
    Hope soon Ragini accepts Laksh and clears the misunderstanding
    Waiting for the next one………..

  4. just love ur ff
    ragini is killin it

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    Awsm part loved raglak too much

  8. Oh so emotionally romantic

  9. As usual outstanding episode and Raglak scenes are beautiful. I loved it

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    laksh really loves her but he has to try hard to win her back.

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