Raglak ff hum tum episode 17

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His head was feeling very heavy. He could feel his whole body being injured but his heart was paining the most. He could heel his heart thumping hard. He opened his eyes slowly to see himself in a hospital . He moved his eyes to see around.many people were there . His father and other policemen but no sight of Ragini. He tried to get up but do held him back
Do: stay back son
Laksh: Ragini where is she?
He removes all the syringes connected to his arm. Everyone tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen .
Laksh: Ragini I need her. I need to keep her safe I
Dp comes there.
Dp: she is gone laksh they took her away
Laksh breaks down and shouts Ragini

Gagodia mansion

Ragini was weeping badly.
Ragini: what happened mamu?how all this happened?
Raghav: beta forget all this.
Ragini: please mamu
Raghav: ur father got photos of u and a letter asking him to come there to protect u.He hid it from all of us. He thought that u were imprisoned and those people were torturing u. He tried to contact u but ur phone was off so he came to that place. By the time we came to know it was too late.
Ragini saw those photos. She recalled laksh’s words and his actions. She was heartbroken.
Raghav: it was not ur mistake ragini it was never urs. Don’t blame urself for this
Ragini: what do I do now I don’t have anyone
Raghav: who told u have noone(he takes her outside where many people were mourning for shekhars death)they need a leader Ragini they need someone to lead them and help them
Ragini: why can’t it be u?why can’t u lead them?
Raghav: I can but my time is also up Ragini I need to prepare a leader who will help this people even after I die.
Ragini looks at him and nodes.

Flashback ends.

It was night . Laksh was trying to talk to Ragini from morning but she locked herself in her room. Laksh was sitting in his room. He decided to try to talk to her one last time. He stepped out of the room and started going to her room. As he was walking he could se that the lights were flickering and whole corridor was dark. The windows were banging against each other. Laksh felt weird and was walking towards rafini’s room when he saw her room’s door automatically. He looked inside the room through a window. Ragini was sitting on the bed. She was talking to someone who was well not visible. She hugged that imaginary person.
Ragini: I thought u will not come dad.
She nodded her head as if listening to the answer
Rag: I can’t trust him. He is still not telling where ur prison is
She again waited.
Rag: but I can’t wait please don’t leave me again

Rag: ok but please come soon I miss u.

She slept after some time and the lights switched on automatically. Laksh was standing there confused about the happenings.

Credit to: Swati


  1. Megha123

    |Registered Member

    Oh ! Awsm I think may be it’s soul of shekher !! I know it’s lil stupid bt what to do silly me! !! BTW today’s epi was totally awsm

  2. Neha

    What is going on?? I can’t understand any thing..is shekhar alive or is it ragini’s imagination? Omg iam so confused..plz swati upload nxt part soon dear..i can’t wait 4 it

  3. Fats

    Lovely episode. I wonder if Shekar is actually alive or if he’s in Ragini’s thoughts. Can’t wait for the next part xx

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