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Ragini was crying on laksh’s shoulder. All media was trying to talk with her. Dp comes to laksh and whispers in laksh’s ears.
Dp: now is the right time Laksh media is also there.
Laksh looks at dp and nods. He handcuffs ragini’s hands.
Ragini(shocked): Laksh what are u doing?
Laksh: Ragini I will explain everything to u for now just come with me
He covers her face and takes her with him.

All media starts asking questions. Laksh and others try to block . Dp comes there
Dp: please be patient all ur questions will be answered.
Ragini looks at all the crowd gets scared and hugs laksh.
Reporter: sir is it true that the gangster Shekhar gagodia has been killed? Who is responsible for this? Who is this girl?
Dp: yes it’s true that the ruthless gangster has been killed all thanks to my son and to be acp Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini gets shocked and releases the hug. Laksh also gets shocked as he didn’t expect his father to tell this in front of Ragini and whole world. He looks at Ragini but cannot see her as her face is covered. She moves away from him but due to the handcuffs she again gets pulled towards him.
Dp(he points towards Ragini ): this girl is the daughter of Shekhar gagodia. She is responsible for a lot of illegal tradings.
Everyone look at Ragini and tries to take her photos. Wind blows and ragini’s dupatta flies off. Laksh immediately hugs Ragini while she hits her face in his chest. He takes her with him.

Laksh: how dare u dad? U used me u betrayed me
Dp: whatever I did was for ir welfare. That girl is a criminal. She will rot in jail
Laksh: don’t u dare call her a criminal. I will never let anything happen to her.
He runs to the custody where Ragini was there.

Meanwhile in custody
Woman inspector: hey ladki where are the other associates of ur father? What illegal business does ur father do? Tell me
She hits Ragini very badly.
Ragini: please leave me I don’t know anything
The women inspector hits her badly. She again raises her hand to hit her when Laksh stops her.
Laksh: how dare u touch her.
Woman: sorry sir but ur father only asked me to bring answers from her.
Laksh: it doesn’t mean u torture her like this get out from here.
Laksh goes to Ragini who was lying on the floor. He picks her up gently and places her on the chair. He gives her water and removes her hair from her face . Her face was bruised ,her eyes were red with pain he cups her face
Laksh: I am so sorry I never wanted all this to happen I
Ragini: did u betray me?are u responsible for my papa’s (she sobs)papa’s death
Laksh looks at her with tears
Laksh: I Ragini I
Ragini goes towards him and slaps him.
Ragini: why did u do this laksh? I loved u and u u used me
Laksh: no Ragini I always loved u
Ragini: just shut up I
Laksh holds her arms
Laksh: please listen I l
Just then the room gets filled with gas. Laksh could feel some peoplecoming inside. . He tightens his grip on Ragini . he feels her going away him but he doesn’t allow her to leave. People start hitting him but he continues to grab Ragini.
Someone shouts leave her. Laksh gets a final punch on his stomach and he leaves her handHe tries to catch her again but it was too late. He falls on the flor.
Laksh: Ragini
He falls unconscious.

He opens his eyes to

Credit to: Swati

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    Awesome Superb
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  6. As usual superb episode dear and plz update next part soon

  7. they two go through lot..

  8. Megha123

    Awsm part BTW really emotional
    Plzz try to post nxt part ASAP

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  10. Wonderful update Swati. RagLak’s separation was so emotional, but I loved how Laksh wouldn’t let go of Ragini. After all she is his true love and his life ?

  11. yar superb ff
    love rags sooo much

  12. Balaji

    it so emotional.

  13. Balaji

    can.u able to giv links fr previous episodes

  14. Akshata

    poor ragini, so emotional.

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    Awesome dr.. It’s too emotional..

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