Raglak ff hum tum episode 15


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The morning rays were entering the room . Laksh wakes up and sees Ragini still sleeping. the Ray’s were disturbing her sleep. He comes in the middle and blocks the rays. She smiles in her sleep. She coughs and opens her eyes slightly. Laksh runs to her and helps her to sit properly. He gives her water and wipes her mouth. She keeps looking at him with teary eyes . He raises his hand and tries to wipe her tears but she stops him.
Ragini: I am strong enough to control my emotions. I don’t need ur support
Laksh: but I need u . I am not strong enough to see ur tears. I am not strong enough to control myself from wiping ur tears.
He catches her hand .
Laksh: please give me one chance Ragini please

Ragini frees her hand
Ragini: not in this life
She tries to get up but falls. Laksh catches her in time.
Laksh: see ragini u may think u don’t need me but destiny will always bring us together
Rag: then I will write my own destiny.
She frees herself and leaves.
It’s been 2 hours. Everything changed. Their happiest day became their saddest day. Ragini lost her every thing while Laksh lost his life.
Laksh: why did u do this papa?
Dp: I did what was correct laksh. He had to be killed.

Laksh: but u used us u used our love u killed my love
Dp: whatever I did is for u only Laksh. Do u really think Shekhar Garodia will allow u to marry his daughter. Never laksh. I did all this to help u gain ur love.
Laskh: but how dad?she will hate me for this.
Dp: first u need to protect her
Laksh: protect her from whom papa?

Dp: from the remaining people Laksh. They will now try to make Ragini as their leader.
Laksh: what I will never allow her to join in that business. But how will I protect her.
Dp: by taking her into custody
Laksh: what u are telling me to take her to prison.
Dp: yes Laksh only for a few days we will keep her in prison. She will be released soon but we will show the world that she died. We will take her far away from here.
Laksh: all this is fine but what about ragini’s feelings. She will not able to manage on her own papa.
Dp: it’s a matter of few days only beta don’t worry.

Ragini was standing in front of her father’s pyre. She was surrounded by press and police.No one was there around her. Neither Raghav uncle nor sanskar not even Laksh. She was feeling lonely. She was feeling as if her father was calling her towards him. She was walking towards the fire when Laksh dragged her back.
Laksh: Ragini what are u doing?
Ragini: leave me Laksh I want to go to my father leave me
She falls on the floor and sobs while Laksh takes her into his arms and hugs her.
Laksh: everything will be ok stop crying.

The episode ends on ragini’s crying face

Credit to: Swati

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  1. Megha123

    Too emotional one it literally made me cry ?????????????

  2. Akshata

    emotional update….. poor ragini.

  3. nice how can ragini forgive lakshya no when in the world bear that bcoz her father dead now next part soon

  4. Sindhura

    Dp is trapping laksh

  5. Awwwwww….it ws realy veryyyy emotional?…..dp is sooooo cruel jst hate him….?….

  6. SPP

    Awesome and Emotional one
    Waiting for the next one………….

  7. Poor ragini

  8. Emotional episode and waiting for next

  9. Awww this is so sad, poor Ragini and Laksh. They both had such difficult circumstances. And yes, Laksh is right about destiny bringing them together xx

  10. superb ff

  11. Ruhani

    Awesome epi yr.. Ragini has gone through a lot of pain

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