Raglak ff hum tum episode 14


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Raglak were walking hand in hand. Ragini was resting on laksh’s chest peacefully with closed eyes.
Laksh: Ragini

Ragini: hmm
Laksh: we have reached the place
Ragini: but I want to sleep more. It is so warm here.
Laksh: oh bacha don’t worry u can sleep in my arms ur entire life now please open ur eyes.
Ragini snorts angrily and slowly opens her eyes.
They were standing near a lake with a glass house nearby. There was a small boat for two people there.
Laksh offers his hand to Ragini and she accepts it. He makes her sit in the boat and starts to row the boat. He stops the boat in the middle of lake.
Moon was above them. They both were looking at each other in the moonlight. Laksh takes a chinese lamp out. It had a picture of Ragini and Laksh together.
Ragini: wow Laksh it is so beautiful
Laksh: come now let us light this.

They both light the lamp and watch it. As it goes up firecrackers burst out and I LOVE U RAGINI appears on the sky. Along with raglak lamp hundreds of other lamps with ragini’s photos appear in the sky.
Laksh looks at ragini’s face. Her eyes were shining with tears dropping from them. She looked at him and kissed him on his lips.
Laksh was shocked but reciprocated. They both were kissing each other wildly. Their tongues were playing with each other. It was looking as if both were plastered together. They both keep kissing and fall in the river.
Ragini: ah Laksh
Laksh keeps his hand on her waist and pulls her to himself.
Laksh: I won’t let anything happen to u ok
Ragini nodes

Laksh: Vaise u didn’t tell me whether u love me or not
Ragini: laksh in this position ? It is so cold
Laksh: ha what is wrong in this position?it is so romantic also
Ragini: offo I (ha chu) love (ha chu) uu
Laksh: what is this tell properly na
Ragini: I told how else should I tell u.
Laksh: like this I love u ragini(he shouts loudly)

Ragini smiles and shouts I love u laksh.
Both smile. Laksh sees Ragini trembling he picks her up in bridal state while she tugs herself in. He picks her and takes her into the house. He keeps her on the bed and comes close to her. But he stops himself and turns to leave when Ragini stops him.
Ragini: I need u Laksh I need ur warmth please don’t go
Laksh also loses control on himself and comes close to her. He kisses her face and starts licking her.
Ragini: laksh stop it
He looks at her and kisses her lips and bites it.
Ragini moans laksh. He doesn’t listen to her and starts unzipping her dress.
Ragini gets tensed.
Ragini: laksh
Laksh stops himself and looks at her.
Laksh: do u trust me
Ragini nodes her head. He totally removes her dress and his dress. They both start making love . Laksh slowly enters into her and Ragini shouts.
Laksh: is it paining?sorry
Ragini hugs him tightly
Ragini: I love u laksh
Laksh: I love u too ragini

They both get exhausted and cuddle up .
Laksh: vaise are u feeling warm enough now?
He winks at her. She hits him on his shoulder.
They both sleep when they hear gunshots.
Laksh: Ragini get dressed we need to leave

Both get dressed and come out and go to the resort. There was a lot of commotion in the resort. Raglak also tries to leave. But Ragini feels something wrong. She sees back and a lot of police around some people. She leaves laksh’s hand while Lakshm tries to grab her hand. She runs towards the police
Laksh: Ragini ruko
Ragini reaches the place. Police try to stop her but she pushes them and shouts”Papa”

She runs to him and sees him wounded. She keeps his head on her lap.
Rah:papa nothing will happen to u please be strong papa. Laksh please help me. Papa
She looks at laksh with tears . Laksh stands there with shocked face
Shekhar: Ragini I don’t have much time . Please sing ur mother’s song for me. I want to die peacefully
Ragini(cries hardly) Laksh moves forward to support her when dp catches his hand and doesn’t allow him to go.

Ragini sings surya Dev so gaye(from mahabharat) and caresses shekhar’s hairs. Shekhar smiles and slowly goes into sleep.
Ragini: papa

Credit to: Swati

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