Raglak ff hum tum episode 13


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Ragini is walking here and there
Ragini: what an idiot he is he didn’t even wait for my reply why should I go with him?i won’t go
She sits on the bed cutely and starts playing with her phone.
Her phone rings and Laksh’s name flashes. She immediately picks up the phone.
Laksh: looks like someone is waiting for my call
Ragini: no why should I wait? I was just
Laksh: now stop telling lies. U are a good girl na so stop this and get ready fast I will come by 6
Rag: but I
Laksh cuts the call and gets ready in a black suit. He reaches ragini’s house by 6 and horns.
He is facing the car when he gets a sweet smell. His ragini’s smell. He turns around to see her dressed in a long skirt and shirt . He gets disappointed. Ragini laughs seeing his face.
Laksh: what is this Ragini? Why are u wearing this?
Ragini: because I like this dress. For u I came outside this is only more ok.
Laksh looks at her. Then he sees her top button open and beneath that there was another cloth in pink colour. He thinks something and pulls Ragini towards him. He pins her to the car.
Ragini(shocked): what are u doing?
Laksh: punishing u
He tears her shirt and sees her wearing the dress which he gave her.
Ragini gets shocked and opens her eyes wide. She pushes him
Ragini: how dare u
He again comes near her and pins her
Laksh:why did u wear this dress on top of the dress which I gave u?
Rag:to tease u but I never thought u will do like this I hate u
She cries and tries to run away but Laksh doesn’t allow her.
Laksh: I knew u wore my dress as it was visible I just thought to tease u I am sorry my intentions were not bad.
She looks at him and nodes her head while he removes her tears and kisses her eyes.
Laksh: shall we do this again the right way?
Ragini nodes and goes inside.
Laksh starts the car and goes around and again comes to her house and horns. His back is facing the entry when he smells her scent again. He turns back to see her dressed in the dress of his choice looking like a fairy who is coming to light his world. He could see she was shaken by the incident which happened before. He went near her and caressed it.
Laksh: I am sorry please forget it as I want to make this night memorable.
Ragini looks at him and smiles. Laksh opens the cardoor and makes Ragini sit in the car and starts driving the door.
Laksh looks at the radio and says’ my all time enemy’. Ragini giggles.
Ragini: what happened Laksh? Forgot about ur last encounter with the radio
Laksh(smiles): no baby that’s why I made a cd of romantic songs. Now no one can protect u from these songs baby.
He tries to play the cd but it gets stuck.
Strange sound starts coming from the cd
Laksh: what the hell
Ragini laughs loudly while laksh struggles with the cd
Ragini: will u stop it now?
He looks at her and starts the car.
They both reach the resort. Manager comes there and greets them.
Manager : sir mam ur bookings are ready please hand over ur phones to us as we want u to have peaceful date.
He takes their phones and leaves.
Manager goes to a room and hands over their phones to dp. Dp gives him money and sends him away.

Ragini and Laksh were walking with a feet distance between them. Ragini was feeling cold. Laksh sees her .
Laksh(to himself): if I give her my coat it will be routine what should I do?
He gets a idea. He pulls her to himself and side hugs her. He pulls her inside his coat. Their bodies were glued to each other. Both were lost in each other’s eyes. She keeps his head on his chest. He pulls her towards him by her waist. They continue walking.
Rag: still how much should I walk?
Lak: only some distance more ok
She looks at him and nods
Sanskar: what are u doing dad?how can u let him be close to her again? He will again betray her.
Laksh: no I wont
He comes in and sits on his knees and cries.
Laksh: I know I hurtled her a lot but I never wanted to do all this. I will make everything fine please give me one chance
Sanskar: what is the guarantee that u won’t betray her again?
Laksh: my sister. U can keep my sister with u until I make Ragini fine
Raghav comes to him and makes him stand up.
Raghav: no beta there is no need for all this. U forget everything and concentrate on Ragini ok
Laksh nods . Raghav leaves from there. Laksh also turns to leave when sanskar stops him
San: if u hurt her again I won’t leave u and ur sister.
He also leaves from there.
Laksh: oh god what I am doing? I have kept my sister in danger please make everything fine.
He goes to ragini’s room and sits beside her and sleeps there itself.

Credit to: Swati

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