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Hi guys thank u so much for all of ur beautiful comments. Please support more as the ff is going to end soon.
Laksh is still lying there emotionless. His pain is beyond anyone’s knowledge. His heart was pained. He needed her. He needed Ragini . He needed her presence in his life. He wanted her and he will gain her. No one can stop him from being with her not even she. With this thought he stood up and ran to her room . Many people were there outside her room. Raghav and Sanskar were also there outside looking through the window. Laksh went to them and looked through the window.
Ragini was shouting’ I am not mad my father is alive ‘
She was trying to free herself from them. Laksh was about to enter the room but was stopped by Raghav. The doctor gave an injection to her and she slowly falls asleep.
The doctor comes out
Laksh: she is ok right doc
Doc: I think she still didn’t recover from the shock of her father’s death. Raghav ji I have been observing Ragini from when her father died. I think she is having hallucinations. She is comforting herself by believing that her father is alive. But this obsession is becoming more Her condition is getting worse . Her anger is also going out of control. She needs someone’s support Raghavji who will treat her with love and cure her. She needs only love now please take care of her.

He leaves. Laksh was about to enter ragini’s room when sanskar stops him.

San: where are u going? She is now in this state because of u . U stay away from her we will take care.
Laksh: from 1 year u are not able to take care of her . (He turns towards Raghav ) we both know she needs love. Uncle I love her very much please give me one chance let me take care of her. She needs me please uncle.
Raghav: sanskar leave him
San: but papa
Raghav signs him to be quiet.
Laksh enters the room.(yeh moh moh ke shags male plays)
He sees her sleeping he takes her into his arms and hugs her tightly.
Laksh: I will make u fine with my love I won’t leave u I missed u I missed ur hugs I missed ur touch I missed u Ragini
He cries hugging her.

Ragini was sitting in the classroom scratching her head trying to concentrate. She starts reading . Every lime. she reads she starts remembering
Ragini(closes her eyes): I will not think about u. I will not think about u. I will not think about u.
‘Then whom will u think about?’
Ragini: laksh
Ha ha
Ragini opens her eyes to see Laksh there standing inch apart from her. She moves back
Ragini: what are u doing? U scared the hell out of me
Laksh: actually from morning I was getting hiccups so I was wondering who was thinking about me so much. And then I thought who else other than u? So here I am to confirm.
Ragini : it’s nothing like that stop daydreaming
Laksh: oh really I thought it was u who was dreaming just a moment ago.
Ragini turns to leave
Laksh: acha suno
She turns back and he pulls her towards him. He gives her a gift.
Ragini: what is this?
Laksh: this is something which I would like u to wear tonight.
Ragini: tonight but for what?
Laksh: for the dinner u and I are going to
Ragini(folds her hand): but who decided it and when
Laksh: oh I decided it just now
Rag: but
Laksh: no ifs and buts sweetheart I will pick u up at 6 be ready.
He kisses her cheek and starts leaving.
Ragini(shouts behind him): but I didn’t say yes.
He turns back
Laksh: ur eyes did that work
Rag: I am not coming
Laksh doesn’t pay attention and starts walking
Laksh: 6 don’t be late
Ragini :I won’t come
Laksh: don’t forget to wear the dress which I bought.
He moves ahead leaving behind a confused ragini

Credit to: Swati

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  2. It was a wonderful update once again. Laksh is right, his love can make Ragini better. He can bring light back into her life. Loved the flashback as well, the way Ragini didn’t say yes but Laksh knows she’ll come was funny. Can’t wait for the next update ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Megha123

    Love raglak ❤?❤.
    BTW really an awsm epiepi.

  4. Akshata

    i have a one request…… do whatever you want to do, but pls i want happy ending.

  5. Sindhura

    Sad one

  6. No dear..plz don’t end it soon..ur ff is just awesome yar..raglak love is just behind the words..and todays raglak seens where very emotional..especialy when laksh hugs ragini..you just nailed it..i felt very sad 4 ragini..poor girl..plz give her love and hapines she deserve..hope laksh wil bring back her..plz update next part soon dear as i can’t wait 4 it too much

  7. nice awesome next part soon

  8. Ruhani

    Aww laksh is so sweet n ragini is so innocent

  9. Awesum ff but its too short

  10. Poor ragu hope laksh love recover her. Make date more special

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  12. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Raglak scenes were so good
    Waiting for the next one………….

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    Very lovely chappy <3

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