Raglak ff hum tum episode 10+11

So sorry guys for the mistake. Episode 9 is uploaded as tere liye episode 17. So I am writing it again and including 11 also here only. Sorry for the inconvenience .

Episode 10
Ragini: where is he?
Laksh: who Ragini?
Ragini(laughs):who? U know Laksh the problem with u is u always underestimate me. What did u think Laksh that u will again trap me. No this time I was ahead of u in every move. Did u think I was so stupid to kidnap ur sister? I knew u made that interview to make me angry so that in anger I will try to kidnap ur sister. I followed ur gameplan but I knew u would attack me so I was ready. So now tell me where is he? Where is my dad?
Laksh: ur dad is dead Ragini
Ragini(shouts):no he is alive. U just shut up ok shut up
Laksh tries to pacify her but is unable to free himself
Laksh: Ragini please relax what happened? Please relax
Ragini breaks down and sits on the floor and comes near Laksh and keeps her forehead on his forehead
Ragini: he is not dead laksh. He is alive. He came to meet me many times but he had to return to the prison . He could never stay nor he could tell where the prison was?but he told u know the place where he is? Please tell me laksh where is he?
Laksh(shocked): what are u telling Ragini? He is dead Ragini
Ragini: no it’s all a lie
She stands up and starts breaking all things and keeps shouting.
Sanskar rushes inside and takes Ragini away from there.
Raglak were in the music room practicing . Ragini was annoyed with Laksh while he was irritating her. Laksh was playing the piano very badly while Ragini closes her ears. She gets frustrated
Ragini: what are u doing Laksh? If u don’t know how to play piano then u can ask me na. I would teach u.
Laksh: so teach me na(he looks at her cutely)
Ragini sighs and comes near him
Ragini looks at him and signs him to get up. He shakes his head negatively.
Ragini: if u don’t move where will I sit?
Laksh: here
He pulls her and she falls on his lap. She gets shy . She turns around while he looks at her lovingly. He removes her hair from one side and keeps it on one side and keeps his head on her shoulder on the other side. He inhales her scent sharply and kisses her hair. He traces his fingers along her shoulders and finally grab her hands. He takes them into his hands and kisses them. She smiles. They then start playing the piano lost in their own world.

Laksh returns home happily when he sees dp there.
Laksh: dad u here is everything ok
Dp: yes beta I came here to apologise to u. I have realised ur love is true and I won’t separate u from her
Laksh: really dad thank u so much
He hugs him
Dp: so have u proposed her ye
Laksh: no dad
Dp: don’t worry beta I have booked a resort for u tomorrow. U can propose her there
Laksh: really dad thank u so much papa.
Dp and Laksh share a hug
Dp(to himself): after tomorrow both daughter and father will be in jail for their entire life and my son will be away from this madness.
Laksh(to himself): thank u God at last dad understood my love. Please make everything fine God

Episode 11
It’s been three hours since sanskar took Ragini away. Laksh was sitting there not understanding what was going on. He thought he will bring Ragini out of this but he himself got caught. He was really worried for her. She was not in her senses and about her dad what was going on?

Raghav entered the room with a heavy heart. He went to Laksh and opened his ropes
Raghav: are u ok beta?
Laksh: uncle what happened to Ragini? Why was she talking in such a weird way?
Raghav sighs
Raghav: no one knows beta. After ur betrayal and shekhar’s death she broke down completely. It took 1 year for her to overcome her sadness. From that day she worked hard and came to this stage. But from few months she was behaving weirdly. She was talking to someone secretly and when I asked about it was but she never replied saying it was a secret. She was very happy with everything . But from one month she started becoming depressed and moody when I and sanskar forced her to tell the reason she said that Shekhar stopped coming to meet her. She was shouting that Shekhar left her once again.
She fainted that day and we took her to hospital. The psychiatrist tried to talk to her but she refused to say anything. After that incident she indulged herself in works. And then ur interview came. We thought she wanted to take revenge from u but we never knew she was planning all this.
Laksh: how is she now uncle
Raghav: she is fine beta but I am worried for her. I don’t know why u betrayed her but now u are my only hope. Please make her fine I promise I will take her far away from here. I promised Shekhar that I will take care of his daughter always for me she is more important than anyone.
(Folds his hand)please save her beta
Laksh: uncle please . U need not do this all. She is my life I will do what I can to make her fine. I never wanted to betray her uncle I only
Raghav(cuts him in): Dekho beta I am asking ur help because I know only u can cure her. But I can’t overlook the fact that u are responsible for all the things that happened in our lives. I can never forgive u for that
He leaves while Laksh cries bitterly. Swara runs in and hugs him

Swara: bhai please stop crying
She consoles him.
Swara tells Laksh about all the happenings in the house from the time she came. He gets shocked and teary.
Laksh: oh god what have I done ? I destroyed her life I destroyed it
He keeps his head on Sara’s shoulder and cries.

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