RagLak ff – Hum Tum episode 1

Hi guys thank u for ur comments I forgot to add few characters

Shekhar gagodia: Died 3years back he was also don after him Ragini took over as don

Raghav sareen: Right hand of Shekhar. Now is Mentor of Ragini

Dp maheshvari: Police officer. His death is not confirmed


We can see a lot of people catching swords and fighting with someone in an arena. We can see the back of the girl. Her hair is tied un a bun she alone is fighting.

The arena is surrounded by a glass dome. Two people are watching the girl fight. One is Raghav and other is sanskar
Sanskar: She is getting better day by day are u proud of her dad
Raghav: I am always proud of her sanskar. She is more than a daughter to me

We can see that all warriors have fallen down.
Raghav: Sanskar I think it is time for u
Sanskar nodes his head and goes inside the arena
The girl and he fight . Atlast Sanskar falls down and accepts defeat. The girl removes her headgear. She is Ragini

Police headquarters

We can see a boy shooting a photo directly at the forehead. His sister swara comes to him

Swara: Control Laksh bhai by shooting her photo u wont start hating her

Laksh: I know swara but I am unable to go against my proffesion. Day by day she is becoming mire dangerous .i need to find her before its too late
Swara: U ewill bhai

The screen freezes onlakshs determined face and raginis smiling face .

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Credit to: swati


  1. Dafsi

    So cute cut make it more lengthy dear and yeah so curious to know what has happened and what will happen

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