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Hello friends….sorry for not posting it before. Actually I was busy …I have my exams in a week…. This ff is nearing its end in 2 or max 3 more episodes ….this ff will always be special one for me and thanks for liking it so much…and guys.. HAPPY DIWALI AND HAPPY BHAI DOOJ…..
Now the next episode…

Ragini runs outside the banquet hall and laksh runs behind her. Laksh reaches her and tries to talk to her
L:ragini… I …
R: how dare u laksh? U have got no right to make fun of me?
L:fun? Maine tumhara mazak nh banaya….main toh bas shaadi
R:shaadi??? U know that due to these things only I had shifted to paris away from everyone. There was no one there to talk about my marriage… I have had enough of this. I don’t understand that why cant people let a girl live if she is not married or is single. Is this the only thing left in our life…. Why cant a girl live without a man’s presence in her life..
L: oh god ragini… tum baat ko kahan se kahan le kar jaa rahi ho?
R: and u??? I never thought that u will do like this. This is about my life and decisions regarding one’s life are not a joke and after what I have gone through u will never understand. I thought u were my friend..
L: yaar ragini ye bas itni si hi toh baat h
R: ye itni si baat nahi h..
L: u what do u want me to do? Huh? Should we fight??
R: leave it laksh.. u are not understanding anything.
L: of course I am not understanding ragini… I thought that u and sanskar
R: me and sanskar what laksh? How can u even think like that? Did u ever ask me that what I want?

Ragini is speechless and continuously crying
L: bolo?? Ab chup kyu ho gayi.. bolo ab. Go on tell me
Ragini is shocked…
R: just forget it….
And she starts walking away..
L: listen ragini..
R: don’t follow me laksh
Ragini walks away and laksh is really very angry and irritated. He ruins the decoration of the entrance
Ragini is walking in the gallery… just then swasan come towards her
Sanskar: ragini….
R:swara I will talk to u later…. Please I want to be alone…
Sw:laado please listen to me
R:shone please
Ragini starts walking away
S:akhir pyaar beech mein aa hi gaya naa
Ragini stops walking and tears roll down her cheeks
S:lucky was right…ki ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi reh sakte kyunki yeh pyaar beech mein aa jaata h. come on ragini. Till when would u people run away from your feelings and hide them from each other?

Ragini turns and looks towards sanky.
Sanskar continues…
S: haan if u are waiting for laksh to tell his feelings first.. then forget it …who pagal toh ye bhi nahi jaanta hoga ki use pyaar hua h.. no one knows laksh better than me….. he always forgets my birthday but he never forget even a small thing related to u… if its not love then what it is huh??
Swara: he loves u ragini. He loves u a lot….those people are lucky who get true love….and u are one of them..
Swasan walk away inside the hall. Ragini falls on the ground in shock and starts crying…..
Someplace elase…..
Laksh is sitting with some drunkards and drinking alcohol…he is really very drunk and is not in his senses
L:see guys… the thing is I am not a good person..
People:nahi ho
L: I am not a good person…for the first time in my life I wanted to do something good for a girl but I made her cry… maine uski aankhon se… nahi maine uske dil se aansun nikale… I don’t understand that when she cries why do I feel her pain.. arre its her eyes , her tears but the pain is here(touches his heart). I broke her heart… samjhe?
People: haan samajh gaye?
L: arre what did u understand? She says that I don’t understand anything…. But if I don’t then how could I understood kahan woh aur kahan main? Samjhe?
P:understood…. That u here and she is behind u
L: no not behind…
P:apke peeche…
Laksh turns and sees ragini standing behind him….. he looks towards his friends..
L: arre put the glass down… ladki ke saamne peete nahi h……..par main toh pee sakta hun dede mujhe glass vapas
Laksh takes the glass and gulps down the whole drink..
Ragini comes towards him

R: laksh lets go home
L:ragini I am not a good person….
Laksh gets down the chair and ragini supports him….
It starts raining and raglak are drenched to their skin but laksh is in playing mode so he starts singing in rain…
(guys the most awaited part is here…. Enjoy)
L:Saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zara
dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do zara
Lamhon ki guzarish hai yeh paas aa jaayen
hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum.
R:Aankhon mein humko utarne do zara
baahon mein humko pighalne do zara
Lamhon ki guzarish hai ye paas aa jaayen
hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum.
Laksh holds her hand and starts dancing…holding her and twirling her. Ragini is lost in his eyes and laksh is looking at her intently
L:Salvatein kahin karwatein kahin
phail jaaye kaajal bhi tera

R:nazron mein ho guzarta hua
khwabon ka koi kafila
L:Jismon ko ruhon ko jalne do zara
Sharmohaya ko machalne do zara
R:lamhon ki guzarish hai Yeh paas aa jaayen
hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum..
Laksh runs towards the beach holding ragini’s hand. And start splashing water on her..
R:Chhoo lo badan magar is tarah
jaise sureela saaz ho
L:andhere chhupe tere zulf mein
kholo ke raat azaad ho
R:Aanchal ko seene se dhalne do zara
shabnam ki boondein phisalne do zarA
L:lamho ki guzarish hai Yeh paas aa jaayen
Hum.. hum tum..
Tum.. hum tum..

Raglak are playing in water when ragini starts running and laksh runs behind her… laksh catches hold of her but she slips in the wet sand and laksh on top of her. Both are looking into each other’s eyes and are lost…laksh puts his lips on her soft lips and kisses her.. and ragini too reciprocates his kiss. Laksh holds her waist tightly and ragini clutches his chest…
Saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zara
dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do zara
Lamhon ki guzarish hai yeh paas aa jaayen
hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum..
Raglak break their kiss and laksh looks into her eyes asking for permission and ragini nods….laksh picks her up in bridal style and takes her into the nearby hut…and keeps her on the hay…
And they consummate their love……feeling protected and secure in each other’s arms
The next day….
Raglak are sleeping in each other’s arms and covered with ragini’s saree…

This was the next episode of hum tum… sorry for the short update…..
The next episode would be posted on Tuesday…and guys this ff would be reaching its climax in one or maximum 2 episodes …..but I have another ff which would be based on ragsan… I would post its prologue soon….it would be based on the movie.. kabhi alvida naa kehna… tell me if u guys are interested to read that ff…. next episode of hum tum on Tuesday
Till then take care and bye

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