RagLak FF-Hateness overloaded (Part 12 and 13) By Anaz

Hateness overloaded ??

Part -12 &13 ( dual parts )

Guyz here is dual parts of hateness overloaded…i am uploading everything in ur wish nd req na…but u guyz hesitating to leave ur cmnts…?? ..

Recap 🙁 raglak fake angry…raglak jealoused cz of kavya nd sid…laksh rescued ragini )

Laksh shouted on raginii for her carelessness….??

Ragini eyes turns to teary ?? in happiness…cz she can able to show that love on his eyes …he was looking her with teary eyes ??…

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tere intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere bi naam karun…

Sumi saw them…nd felt happy for raginii..cz she understood laksh starts to feel for raginii

Lak realized wt he did…he was speechless now… so he looking back her with teary eyes

Shomi called raginii….

Both raglak eyeock interrupted…nd turns back…

Rag : maaa… while saying this she hugged her happily… she too hugged back her..nd kissed her forehead ??

Then laksh took blessings from her..she blessed him..

Shomi : how r u betta ??

Rag : i am gd ma..wt abt u nd pappa…how is his health ma ?? Is any improvement

Shomi : haan now he can able to speak …nd he was trying to walk slowly with my help…

Raginii turns to happy…she crossed her fingers nd thanked god…

Laksh kept looking her ….her eyes kept rolling with tears ??? …

Rag : maa .. still he is angry on me na for my deed..

Shomi cupped her face nd said..no raginii he is ur pappa …haan he is angry on u…for ur deeds…but when he heared ..laksh accepted u as his wife…he forgived u raginii..

Thats the only reason for his recovering…if he shows u both lead ur life happily…he dont need any treatment… u r the only medicine for him

Raginii looked laksh in helpless way…nd said in mind voice…no ma i cant be his medicine…

Cz still he didnt accept me maa..he wished to give divource to me..

At the same time laksh pov…i knew raginii..now u r thinking abt me…likewise u r waiting for my decision na…but wt i do raginii..still i am fighting with my feelings..i cant able to find my feelings towards u was genuine or not…

I already did one big mistakes…that was swara..who gifted me a broken heart nd pain…i dont want to hurt myself again with the name of love…

Shomi : ok come inside…

Both raglak nod..nd entered inside…shekhar room

Rag : she saw shekhar who was lying on bed…she touched his feet…her tear fell into his feet….

Laksh noticed that…nd felt bad for raginii..

Shekhar opened his eyes nd saw raglak…but he avoide raginii nd starts to talk with laksh…he noticed that…

Raginii cant tolerate his avoideness…so she ran from there with teary eyes ???….

Lak again felt bad for raginii…

He hold shekhar hand …nd said pappa..

Did u love me as ur son….i mean u r treating me as ur own son na

Shk : haan laksh..u r my son too…

Lak : then said me…wt is the link between us..

Shk : paardon

Lak : ok i am come to the point…uncle..i knew u r angry on raginii cz of her deed…she betrayed me nd my family too..

Though my family accepted her as their daughter in law…haan i applied divource…
Nd blamed my whole family …i thought no one is there to care me…evetyone went in their own path..left me alone…

Just thinked about me from my side uncle

Shk : looked him confusedly..

Lak : from the beginning i thoughy no one loved me nd no one is there to cared about me so i though thats y they left me…alone

Likewise raginii again came into my life…as the owne of maheshwari mansion..thats makes me hurt again..i dont have anyother option in my life so i starts to obey her…

Then only i understood she didnt entered into my life to torture me…

She showered her all love on me…then only i.understood her love nd care on me…how much she deeply loving me..her love is just unconditional pappa…

Now i realized y did my parents left me alone…

Cz they wished …their son wanna realized raginii love on him…

Shekr eyes turns to teary ??

Lak : did u no uncle y i did this much of time to realize her love…

Cz i stayed in comfort zone..thats my family…

My family loved me so much…evetywhere love…so her betrayness makes me angry on her

I never tried to understand ragini nd her feelings too…cz i felt my family love is enough to me..

But when they left me i starts to understand her love depthness…

Shkr : he caressed his hair…nd said.
U r showing ur culture laksh..u r a very good son of great mom…thats y u forgived her easily

Lak : he smiled ☺☺☺ nd said she is also good uncle…

Shkr : still u supporting her ??

Lak : haan uncle…she is also a good girl..perhaps she was looking rough by her appearance but still her heart was pure

I am still trusting my friend…raginii…who was very soft , dont knew to betray anyone …i just need her back

Shk : but laksh that raginii is no more…

Lak : i knew uncle…she is no more cz i killed her…

I am feeling guilty…cz of my wrong decision she changed hersrlf as rude..everything was my fault…so plz uncle forgive her …

Shkr cupped his face nd nod..

On the another side…raginii was crying badly in her room…shomi loking her through window

Raginii kept crying….someone touched her shoulder…

She turns back…nd looked shekhr sho was standing infront raginii with the help of laksh..

He caressed her hair…nd smiled ??

She cant controll her emotion nd hugged shekhar tightly

She burst out emotionally…shekhar tried to console her…

She often saying sry…to him….he massaged her back…nd kissed her head..

Laksh fold his hand nd looking them happily ☺☺☺

Shomi touched his shoulder nd passed her smile…he nodd back…

Shomi : ok…ok…dinner is ready come lets have…by saying this she took shekhar with her..

Raginii looked laksh nd ran near to him…

Then hugged him tightly ❤❤❤ he was hell surprised …she clutched his shirt tightly…nd cried

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tere inteezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere bi naam karun
Khudko man yoon kho doon
Ke phit na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun ❤

He felt something strange cz of her touch..he was losting himself in her…her emotions makes him week…her tears curing his every pain…he wished to stay with her like this lifelong..his heart saying him to cuddle her tightly nd dont allow her to leave u anywhere…he slowly raised his hand to hugg her back…

Sanaram re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Ter mujhpe karqm hua re

Raginii broked her hug…she realized wt she did…her voice get breaked

Laksh looking her without saying anything…

Rag : i am really sry laksh i hugged u without my knowledge…

Lak said in his mind voice…y did u broked ur hug raginii…i dont wish this..y did u hesitating like this to hug ur laksh….i am urs raginii..no one gonna change this…

Rag : i knew laksh u never like my presence..i am sry…nd tq u so much…i got my pappa love back..cz of u…i will never forgot this help in my life time

He said in.his mind voice…did u cosidering this as help…how could u think.like this…

This is my duty raginii to makes u happy….nd i cant see u in pain…he hurt

Lak broked his silence nd showed his fake face..its k…i followed ur wrds…

Rag pov…so laksh u just acted infront of my pappa….god when he will realize my love towards him

Lak pov : how could i express my love raginii whenever i tried to convey my love u just hurting me like this…

Both looked each other ???? with painfull eyelock….

Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Tere mujhpe karam hua re

Tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon
To toote saare bharam re

Both turned in opposite direction….nd wiped their tears…

Raginii looked him back…he was showing his back to her…she again turns

Likewise laksh turns back to see raginii now she wa showing her back to him…he trns back…

Both r feeling heavy…nd turns back at sametime with same reaction of wiping their tears…both looked each other with teary eyes ??? gently breeze touched them

Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re karam re
Tere mujhpe karam hua re

Guyz leave ur cmnts ….

Prevap : raglak hot chemistry ???

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