RagLak FF-Die Heart Fan (Part 16) By Anaz

Die heart fan ❤❤❤

Part -16

Recap : ( laksh married raginii…laksh offer some money to her aunt….roy adviced laksh…laksh argued for raginii….raglak cute moments )

Both raglak was in their hugging position….gently breezes passed them…

He broked hug…and saw her wounds…little bit of tears felled from his eyes ???

Raginii looked him in strange way ?? and raised her eyebrow…

Wt hpnd laksh…she cupped his face then asked y r u crying ??

Lak looked her back with same reaction….

Lak : raginii how could u tolerate this all…still i cant understand

Rag : laksh wt is this ??

Lak : he cupped her face…then kissed her forehead ???…

His sudden kiss makes her goosebumbs…she felt like flying….. she starts to blush…

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai ….

O tera sang yaara
Kush rang baharaa
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

On the another side

Ap slapped roy tightly…..he placed his hand on his cheek in shock

Ap : how dare u to talk like this

Roy : maam actually i tried hard to stop this mrg but nami sir didnt heared my words

Ap : wt nonsence r u talking ??

Did u knew how much i tried to make her far from laksh…

Fb :

( when laksh left raginii he missed her badly…he was not in his controll…on that time AP doubted in laksh behaviour… so she kept watch laksh without his knowledge…she found raginiii vedio from laksh room…she asked to roy….he explained everything to ap…she gets angry on him…)

Fb ends :

Ap : when i knew about her…i went to met neela and offer huge amount of money to her…. to fix raginii and nikhil mrg….

Roy ; his eyes opend wide ???

Maam wt r u saying ?? Did u arranged this mrg ??

Ap : haan i did that…but everything spoiled…

How could i accept that slum girl as my daughter in law.. ???

She dont have enough quality to touch my feet ….but now she turns to my son wife…i cant accept this mrg ever ??

Roy : how rude she is ?? ( mind voice )

Ap : raginii i just hate u…bcz of u my family image gonna spoiled…i cant accept u as my son wife…its my prestige problem…wait and see raginii

Wts gonna happend in ur life….she smiled evily ????

Within sec raglak reached to laksh home…raginii gets out from car and shocked ??? to see such a big house …

She hold laksh hand tightly….and asked to laksh…

Rag : laksh whose this house ?? Y did we came here ?? Did u working here ??

Lak looked her helplessly…due to this pathetic situation he forgot to reveal his own identity towards raginii…

He turns to tensed ??? ….he was confused too bcz he dont know how she gonna react after knew he was real namish taneja…

Rag : laksh tell me na whose this house ??

Lak : he hold raginii hand and said…raginii this is my house ….

Hereafter this is our house….

Rag : she was confused ??? she unhold his hand and stepped backward

But laksh y did u hide me u r so rich

Lak : he hold her hand again…see raginii i didnt hide this intentionlly….there is nothing in it poor or rich…

We all r human being na…morethan that…we loved each other…

Raginii smiled little with teary eyes ??

Lak hold raginii hand tightly then took her to inside

Before they entered inside

Stop there ……someone shouts loudly ??

Both raglak freezed….raginii starts to shivered in fear…

Ap : wt is this laksh ?? How dare u

Rag : she scared lot ….

Infact laksh felt her hand was shivering…

Lak : mom…wt the ?? Before he finished his words ….ap interrupts

How dare u laksh..how could i allow u both came inside

Lak : gives killing look to her…raginii hold his hand tightly in fear ??? tears rolling from her eyes ???

Roy looked laksh helplessly….

Ap : tell me laksh how could i allow u both came inside wothout complete grah pravesh….by saying this shd smiled ????

Raginii felt happy ☺….laksh gets excited….he hugged her ….thanks maa i thought u shows ur angry on us but u maa makes me surprised….

Ap : anything for u laksh….okkk let me allow to finish this rituals…

Lak : nodded k…he stood beside raginii…he hold her hand tightly….both smiled and shared beaitiful eyelocks ?

O tera sang yaara
Kush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

O tera sang yaara
Kush rang bahara
Tera bin ab toh
Na jeena ganvaara

Ap noticed both reaction and burns in angry inside…but she didnt showed that…

Rituals completed …come in raginii

Both entered inside….

Ap : go laksh …go and take rest

Lak : ok ma first i wanna show my room to her

Ap : y not go laksh…

Rag : she blushed

Laksh took her inside…..

Roy : maam i am very happy ….bcz u accepted her

Ap : she turns to angry ???? no …not ever…

Roy : so wt is it mean ??

Ap : this is mean by silent killing….just wait and see wts gonna happend in her life…soon she will realize her position …

I will make her enemy to my laksh so he automatically throw her out from this house

Roy : ??

Ap : she will finish soon…she smiled evily

Just wait raginii i will show u a real sasuramaa…????

Its just the beginning …..screen freezed

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