RagLak ff – Destiny played the game (part 10)

Destiny played the game 10
Hi dear friends,back with the next part of destiny ff,I hope you all would like this and here is the link for the previous part.,

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Part 10
“Ambulance sound” was echoing all over the road..!!people surrounds around the accident area and found a man bleeding..!!
Laksh was taken in a stretcher inside the ambulance..!!
The taxi in which Ragini was travelling cross past that accident zone.Ragini peeps out through the window and found the ambulance,she closed her eyes in fear..!!

“mein tujhse hi chup chup kar ..!!”plays..!!

Driver:nowadays,these high class were riding their car in high rage and met with the accident..!!I don’t know why they are driving their car rashly..!!
Ragini simply stares the road and her heart weighs heavy like someone needs her presence currently..!!
“bubble..!!”laksh’s smile flashed before her..!!
She immediately puts her hand inside her bag and took her mobile and dialled his number..!!
His number keeps on ringing but there is no response from his side..!!
Ragini cuts the call and thinks that he is busy in office regarding the meeting that’s why he is not responding the call..!!
“bhaiyya,go fastly..!!”ragini instructs the driver to go fast..!!
They reached the office.,Ragini rushes inside panicking towards laksh’s cabin..!!
“sorry laksh,I was late..!!”she opened the door and found empty room..!!
“laksh..laksh..!!”Ragini’s eyes were searching for him but he was no where..!!
“Madam,sir kaha hai..!!clients were waiting for you both..!!come fast mam..!!”laksh’s secretary came running down the stairs..!!
Ragini(shocks):sir isn’t here yet..??
“no mam,come let’s start the meeting..!!”laksh’s secretary rushed towards the conference room..!!
Ragini was confused and she immediately dialled his number again and her face was sweating badly..!!
Someone’s voice makes her to come out from her trance and she immediately entered the conference room and attended the meeting..!!
All the while,her concentration was being fixed on laksh’s thoughts..!!she somehow tackled the situation and the meeting gets ended..!!
“Deal has been finalised..!!but where is Mr.Maheshwari,we couldn’t find him today..!!”foreign delegates quizzed Ragini..!!
Ragini blinks simply and she doesn’t have any answer..!!
“sir have some health issues that’s why..!!”laksh’s secretary comes to ragini’s rescue..!!
Ragini glares her and they said”no problem,we will get his signatures later and thank you so much Mrs.Maheshwari..!!”they shake hands with Ragini..!!

After they left from the office,Ragini started scolding laksh’s secretary for saying he isn’t well..!!
“can’t you say something else Tina..!!why did you say like that..!!”Ragini screams..!!
Tina:sorry mam,you was thinking that time that’s why I said in a flow..!!
Ragini leaves without listening to her..!!she dialled pari’s number to ask whether he is at home..!!
Pari:Ragu,I thought to call you now thank god you itself did it..!!
Ragini:bhabhi,laksh..!!(she interrupted)
Pari:Ragini,can you please ask laksh that where he have kept maa’s dawaai..!!because he only knows her whereabouts..!!
Ragini stands numb when she found Laksh is not there at home..!!
“where did he gone..!!”.tension starts occupying her mind.she was holding her forehead with palm and stressing hard..!!
Ragini cuts the call immediately and stepped out from the office..!!she then catches the taxi and stood inside..!!
On the way,she calls dp and asked about laksh casually..!!she got negative reply from his side too..!!
The taxi stops suddenly with a jerk when the police officer asked to take diversion..!!
Driver:what happened sir..!!
Officer:few hours ago,an accident tooks place and we are clearing the place..!!chalo chalo..!!
Taxi driver took reverse and was turning the car,Ragini’s gaze falls on something and she immediately asked the driver to stop the car and stepped down..!!
Ragini ran and sneaked inside the restricted area and found the bulldozer lifting a car.,her gaze falls on the number plate,the world stops for her there itself..!!
Her legs were staggering,she fell down on her knees and collapsed on the ground..!!
Seizure like thing is happening with her..!!

Police men arrived towards her and stuffs the key in her palm and pressed her hand with that key tightly..!!
Seizure stopped but still she was unconscious,they tried to sprinkle water over her face but one of the officer asked not to do so..!!
“we need to take her to the hospital..!!”one of the officer said..!!
They places Ragini in the car and took her to the same hospital where Laksh got admitted..!!
She was then taken to the emergency ward and being treated..!!
Police informed to Maheshwari’s with the help of her bag which taxi driver handover to the police..!!
Everyone gathered at the hospital and they were trying to contact laksh but it went switched off..!!
Ap was crying bitterly when she found Ragini in this stage,Pari consoles her to calm down orelse her bp will get raised..!!
Shekhar broke down completely when he heard the news,dp was trying hard to console his friend but he himself can’t able to bear this pain..!!
Doctor injected her some medicine inorder to regulate the blood flow and he puts the trips in her hand..!!
Doctor came out and the entire family surrounds him asking about ragini’s health condition..!!
Doctor:she is alright now,but something is bothering her..!!she will gain conscious after 20 minutes,then we will shift her to ward there you all can see her but now don’t disturb her..!!
Ap(to dp):haven’t you informed laksh yet..??(she sobs)
Dp:Annapurna,I tried calling him but his phone was under switched off (he stops for a moment)
Dp tooks aadharsh with him and says secretly”laksh gone missing aadharsh(he cries)I don’t know what to do now..!!one side I don’t know where my son have gone and another side my beti is in this condition..!!”
Aadharsh:paapa,he might have gone somewhere like meetings with foreign delegates..!!
Dp:no aadharsh..!!when laksh phone have gone under switched off,I tried his secretary’s number ..!!she said that laksh haven’t attend the meeting in the morning and even I tried all his friend’s number,but no use..!!
Aadharsh:what are you saying paapa..??how is this possible..!!no no he might have gone somewhere important,I will search over the city and will bring him for sure don’t worry paapa..!!
Dp nods and gets tears when he found AP’s pain..!!
Nurse:get this injection immediately..!!
Pari gets the slip and went to the pharmacy..!!she handover the prescription to the head and asked to give those medicines immediately..!!
“give those medicines,it’s an emergency..!!”one of the nurse asked panicking..!!
That time she heard the talks of pharma workers about the accident happened in the morning..!!she then remembers the same place which policeman said where Ragini got sick ..!!
Pari’s heart beat raised,she controlled herself and proceeds stepping towards the ICU..!!
She slowly peeps inside through the glass door and was shocked like a hell,her eyes turned moist and the tears were started to roll out..!!
“Laksh..!!”her words got strucked..!!
Doctor comes out and asks”is he your relation..!!”
Pari nods and enquired him about his condition..!!
Doctor:sorry mam,we are trying hard but so much of blood have been lost and his blood group is a rare..!!we informed all the blood banks,rest god will take care..!!
Pari broke down completely holding her mouth and fall down on her knees..!!

To be continued •••

Guys am so sorry for this update,don’t get sad I can assure you atlast what we all wish will happen for sure..!!
Thanks for reading

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