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Scene starts with everyone in Ragini’s ward. She had gained conscience. She looks around. She looks at Jhanvi & calls her.
Ragini- Sorry Ma, plz forgive me, i spoke very rudely to u.
Jhanvi- No beta, you were right. You have the right to get angry on your family members.
A smile came on Ragini’s face. She calls Shekhar and ask forgiveness for her rude words. He affectionetly put his hands on her forhead.
Sharmishta was abt to go outside when she hears Ragini calling her,
Ragini- Shumi Maa…
Sharmishta turns to her.
Ragini- Will you not talk to your daughter. Will you not ask whether she is fine or not.
Sharmishta goes to her & hugs her. Tears flow from her eyes.
Ragini breaks the hug & holds her & Jhanvi’s hands & says,
Ragini – I am so lucky to have two mothers, one gave me birth & other gave me love. She hugs both of them.
A smile appears on everyone’s face. Just then Aditya enters. Ragini see him and calls,
Ragini- Bhai…..
Aditya moves towards her with teary eyes. Shekhar, Jhanvi & others were looking at him angrily. Aditya goes near Ragini. She signals him to sit beside her.
Ragini- How are you bhai. You know much i missed you. Did not you wanted to meet your younger sister once. Haa, tell me.
Aditya holds her hands keeps his head on it and cries.
Aditya- I am sorry Ragini, i am the reason that you are here today, i was the one who pressurized you too marry Laksh, i was the one who kidnapped you. I was responsible for the bad things that happened to you & Swara. I am sorry. Plz forgive me.
Ragini gives a sad smile & says i know, i know everything Bhai. All are shocked to hear this. Aditya raises his eyes.
Aditya- How did you knew?
Ragini Taking his hands and showing the wounds which she gave to the kidnapper when he came to give her water.
Ragini- Bhai i noticed these wounds in the car when you were bringing me to hospital. Then i understood everything but i also saw your concern for me which was genuine. I saw repentence in your eyes.
Aditya- I am sorry Ragini. I was blind in my hatred towards dad and Sharmishta aunty. You can give me any punishment but plz dont hate me, i will not be able to bear your hate towards me. He cries.
Ragini- How can i hate my brother. But yes i will give you punishment & your is that from now on wards you have to live with us & fulfill my & swara’s every wish. Do you agree.
Aditya smiles & nods in yes. He hugs her. Swara too hugs them from back.
All the family members too forgive Aditya.
Sanskaar- So brother in law now you have to bear jhallis of your house.
Swara glares at Sanskaar & others laugh.
Jhanvi’s mobile rings. She talks and keeps the call.
Jhanvi- I have to go for Canada tonight for important project.
Aditya- Mom i too will come with you.
Jhanvi- No beta, you stay here, your sisters need you. Maa will u come with me.
Kaveri- Yep ofcourse.
Ragini- But Ma is it imp to go.
Jhanvi smiles at her & says- Yes beta, & i will call once & talk to all three of you everyday okay. She goes to Sharmishta & says- Plz take care of Aditya too. He has anger kept on his nose just like Shekhar but i am sure you will handel him.
Sharmishta smiles & says- Dont worry Jhanvi, I will take care.
Jhanvi & Kaveri bids bye to others and leave for the Airport.
Aditya- Can i call you Chotti Maa.
Shumi gets teary eyed & hugs him. Just then Doctor comes & checks Ragini.
Doctor- You are fine Mrs.Maheshwari & you will be discharged tommorrow.
He goes away.
Aditya & Swara sends everyone home & they stay with Ragini for the night.

Precap- Party & Entry of Ragini’s love interest.

NOTE– Dipanwita, Riya, Aarti, Surbhi, Ramya, Ridhi, Shipra, Ragini, Akshitha, Mithu, Aayushi thanks alot for liking and commenting on my FF. Plz keep supporting and liking my FF.

Credit to: ck1234

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