RagLak FF Chapter 7

Episode starts with Ragini thrown on footpath in pool of blood. All are shocked. Sanskaar & Aditya runs towards Ragini. Aditya picks her up & ask Sanskaar to take him to hospital. Tears flowing from everyone eyes. Laksh stood like a statue. Adarsh goes to him & shakes him. He comes in his senses and runs towards Ragini. Others to come in there senses.
Sanskaar brings his car. Aditya sits in back with Ragini lying in his lap. Swara sits in the same car. She was in tears. Sanskaar drives towards hospital. Other family members were in Adarsh, Laksh & Jhanvi’s car respectively.

In Sanskaar’s car-
It was difficult to drive as it was raining very heavily. Ragini was fainting slowly slowly. “Sanskaar drive fast” shouted Aditya. Tears were flowing from his eyes. He was rubbing Ragini’s hand and trying to keep her awake. He was talking to Ragini,
Aditya- Ragini, my sister i will not let you happen anything. Just see towards me, dont close your eyes, we will reach hospital in few minutes. Will you not talk to your brother, haa, you know how much i missed you, i missed by little sister alot. And now when you are with me i will not let you happen anything.

Ragini smiles a little seeing her brothers concern. She was breathing heavily. She was struggling to keep her eyes open.
Swara- (who was looking at them) See Ragini, bhai is right, dont close your eyes and we are just reaching hospital in few minutes.
Aditya looks towards Swara emotionally. Swara gives him a understanding look & keep her hands on his.
Swara- See Ragini, when we three are together nothing will go wrong. You just keep your eyes open.

Ragini see towards Swara & then Aditya, she sees Sanskaar,
Ragini- San…san… skaar… (not able to speak properly)
Sanskaar looks towards her while driving, he says- Ragini, bas hospital aa gaya thodi der aur.
Ragini- Hum… humse wada kar… karo ki tuuuummm ham… hamari bbbbbahen ka acche ssssse khayal rakho gey.
Swara- (with tears) Shut up Ragini, just shut up did not you heard we are abt to arrive hospital. Dont talk rubbish.
Ragini smiles at her.
Ragini- Bhai, I miss…. missed you too, b….but pro…mise me you will also give Swara the same place that you have for me.
Aditya nods in yes & says- I will never let anything wrong happen to both my sisters.
Ragini suddenly starts breathing very heavely. She closes her eyes.
Aditya, Swara & Sanskaar get shocked. Aditya shakes her.

Aditya- Ragini, open your eyes, nothing will happen to you. “Sanskaar fast” he shouted.
Swara was just looking at Ragini whose body was showing no movement.
Aditya- Swara, no dont look at her like this, she has just fainted, nothing has happened to her. He shakes swara a little. She comes to her senses.
Swara- Yes, nothing will happen to her, Ragini can never leave Swara like this. Never.
Just then they arrive at hospital.
Sanskaar gets out, picks Ragini & runs inside hospital with Swara & Aditya.
Doctors take Ragini inside OT. Swara hugs Sanskaar tightly & cries. Aditya too falls on a chair like a lifeless body.
Just then other family members too arrive. They all run towards OT.
Jhanvi- Aditya, were is Ragini. She shakes him.
Aditya points towards OT & cries. Other family members to cries.

A doctor comes out of OT.
Sanskaar- Doctor, how is Ragini?
Doctor- See Mr.Maheshwari we are trying our best, a lot of blood has flown from her body. Honestly she is in a very critical condition, anything can happen.
All the family members are shocked hearing him.

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  2. Emotional episode loved it a lot

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    No raglak scene
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    and wantrd her to be in a +ve rolee….youu just made my dreamm come trueeee
    Todayyyyyyys epi wass soo niceeee lovedd the brotther sister bondingg btwn rags &adhii…
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    1. Thanks…

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    1. I update in time but they post it late ?

  11. Emotional episode

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