RagLak FF Chapter 6

Scene starts in mandir-
Ragini was hugging Jhanvi & tears flow from her eyes. All the family members were shocked to see Jhanvi but Shekhar, Dada & Dadi were standing without any expression. (Actually they knew that Jhanvi was alive) Swara looks at Sharmishta who was also standing expressionless.
Ragini breaks the hug. Ragini was shocked as well as angry. Ragini looked towards Shekhar.
Ragini- Papa, did you knew this.
Shekhar was abt to say when dadi interrupted- Laddo, lets go from here, i will tell you everthing on the way.

Ragini (was very much angry)- Dont you interrupt in between dadi, i am talking to my father & today only he will answer and no one else.
Sensing Ragini’s anger others decided to be quiet. She turned to Shekhar,
Ragini- Answer me papa, did you knew this.
Shekhar nods in yes.
Ragini- You knew this and you did not find it important to tell me abt it. How can you do this with me. How? She cries.
Shekhar- Ragini, beta when Jhanvi gave you to me i promised myself that i will protect you from everything that hurts you. And i knew that if you will get to know abt your mom being alive your heart will break.And…

He was cut of by Ragini,
Ragini- And you thought that if you will not tell me i will never come to know abt my mother being alive. She claps in a scracastic way.
She turns to Jhanvi who had tears in her eyes,
Ragini- And you, what should i say to you, you are not even called to be a mother.
Aditya was abt to say something when Jhanvi hold his hand signalling him not to say any thing. She very well knew how much her daughter was hurt & broken from inside.

Ragini- You left a 6 months girl with her dad, in these 24 yrs you did not even cared once to call her, to know abt her and to know whether she needs you or not. Do you know in school every child mother used to come on mother’s day programme but i wid be sitting on the bench and crying for my mother. When teachers used to ask me abt my mother i did not had any answers. Every girl had her mother beside her during hard times. But i had no one. I used to cry silently in night thinking abt you. I always thought that if my mother wld have been here i could have shared my secrets with her, i could have told her whatever is in my heart without any fear. I wanted to share my happiness when i felt in love, i wanted to cry louldly keeping my head on your shoulders when i had to marry Laksh under pressure. You were not with me when i needed you the most. She breaks down & tears were flowing from everyone’s eyes seeing Ragini in such a condition.

Jhanvi moved towards her but Ragini pushed her away.
Ragini (crying)- Dont you touch me. You are no one to me. No one. Ragini runs outside temple crying. Every one go behind her. See was running and it was raining heavely. Just then a truck collided and she was thrown on footpath in pool of blood.

Okay so how was Ch-6??? Plz dont throw eggs and tomatoes….

Precap- Blame Game………..

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