RagLak FF Chapter 5

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So new entries are-
Jhanvi- Ragini’s & Aditya mom
Aditya- Ragini’s brother
Kaveri- Ragini’s nani
Scene starts in MM-
Its Morning and all are getting ready for going to mandir. Laksh brings Gadodia ‘s to MM. He sees Ragini getting ready. He smiles to himself. He to gets ready. All the family members leave for temple.
In a bunglow-
Lady1- Maa, I am going to temple today. Will you too come?
Lady2- Ofcourse Jhanvi, i am also coming.
Man- Maa, Nani I will too come with you two.
Jhanvi- No need Aditya, to come with us we will take driver with us.
Aditya- Mom, plz i know i have done a very big mistake but plz forgive me, i will also apologize to Ragini.

Jhanvi- Fine if Ragini will forgive you then i will also forgive you.
Kaveri- I am sure Ragini will forgive you Aditya after all she is your sister.
Jhanvi eyes him and leaves. He gets sad but Kaveri signal him to come with them.
They leave for temple. Maheshwari’s arrive at the temple. They all pray to god.
Jhanvi too arrive and goes to pray. She ,Aditya & Nani did not noticed Maheshwaris there. They were praying. Just then Ragini noticed Jhanvi standing there. She was shocked to the core seeing her standing there. Tears flow from her eyes. She was just looking at her with blank face. Just then Aditya opened his eyes and was shocked to notice Ragini looking at Jhanvi with tears. He singled Jhanvi & she too was shocked with Ragini’s presence there. Ragini moves towards Jhanvi.

Ragini (with tears in her eyes)-Maa, and hugs her tightly.
As they hear Ragini’s word all the family members were shocked to see Jhanvi but Shekhar, Dada & Dadi were standing without any expression. (Actually they knew that Jhanvi was alive)

Precap- A Showdown……

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