RagLak FF Chapter 3


Laksh & Sanskaar brings unconsious Ragini to Maheshwari Mansion. All the family members are there, doctor checks Ragini & says- I have given her injection & she will be alright in 3-4hrs. Doctors goes. Sharmishta goes towards Ragini and was about to put her hands on Ragini’s forhead when Dadi pulls her other hand & takes her outside. All were shocked, they close Ragini’s door & go behind them.
Sharmishta- Maa, what are you doing?

Dadi- Dont you dare touch my Laddo, Sharmishta. You, your daughter & this Maheshwari family is responsible for my Laddo’s condition.Dont know at what time we decided to join relations with this family.

Shekhar- Maa, what are you speaking? Why are you blaming Sharmishta, Swara and this family? You also did not trust Ragini after she reveled her truth. You were the one who kept her under your toes. From childhood uptil now you have always imposed your decision on Ragini. Even before finalising Ragini & Laksh relation you did not think of asking Ragini whether she is ready for it or not. Maa, you never asked her if she loves someone else? You never allowed her to take her own decision? And now you are blaming others.

Dadi was quiet, she did not have any words to say because she knew that each & every word which Shekhar spoke was true. She never allowed Ragini to take her own decisions. She always restricted her. She remembers how even after when swara exposed Laksh being a casonova infront of all she black mailed Ragini emotionally to go on with the engagement.She breakdown and says you are right Shekhar i have no right to blame others when i myself is at fault. I have never asked her whether she liked my decision or not, i just imposed my decisions on her. I am the main reason that today her life is destroyed. She cries hard.

There some where in a bunglow- A man was sitting (face is not yet reveled), two ladies are there one is 40-45 yrs old & another is around 60yrs.

Lady1- How can you do this with her, how can you destroy Ragini’s life for your revenge? Dont you know she is your…….

Man- I am sorry mom. In my junoon to destroy that Shekhar Gadodia, i destroyed my own……
Lady1- Shut up, just shut your mouth & i will never forgive you for what you did to Ragini. Infact i cant forgive myself, i cant go infront of her and hug her once. I feel myself responsible for destroying her life. She cries.

Lady 2 (who was quiet till now) stands up and put her hand on the shoulder of lady1 and says control beta, everything will be fine.

Lady1- How Maa, how will be everything fine. She is in so much pain maa & i cant even go infront of her. My own son has destroyed her life. (She said pointing towards the man) I will never forgive him Maa, never. She leaves the room.

Man- Mom, atleast listen to me once, plz. He cries. I did not do it intentionally Nani, (he said turning to Lady 2) and how can i destroy her life, nani. He punches his fists on the wall.
Lady2- I know beta, you did not do anything intentionally. But you have hurt her alot. And she too leaves the room.

The man sees Ragini’s pic and shouts “I am sorry Ragini, to destroy your life, plz forgive me.” He cries hard.

In MM- Sharmishta tries to console Dadi and says no maa, you are not the only one who is responsible for Ragini’s condition today. Infact, one & every person standing here is responsible for her condition. We saw her wrongdoing but did not tried to find out why she is doing all these. We did not tried to find that why a girl who can do anything for her sister changed so much in 24hrs that she tried to kill that sister. We did not tried to find why she wld marry a guy whom she does not love. Laksh’s heart broke into pieces hearing this. We just believed the reasons which she gave for her wrong doings. We did not try to look for the truth in her eyes, Sharmishta continued. Just then they all hear Ragini’s scream. They all run towards her room. Rigini was very much frighten & was sitting crossing her legs & head on it. Annapurna keeps her hand lovingly & says- Ragini, you are fine beta, see your Maa is here,your whole family is here beta. Ragini sees her & hugs her tightly. After sometime Ragini composes herself & breaks the hug. She sees Swara standing near the door. She gets up & go to Swara. There was a pin drop silence in the room when they heard a loud sound chattaaaaaaaaak. Ragini gave a tight slap to Swara. All were shocked. Actually they were not expecting this. There was tears forming in Swara’s eyes. Sanskaar tried to move forward but Sujata hold his hands & stopped him. She said- Not now, this is a matter between two sisters & let themselves handel this. Its important that Swara & Ragini should confront each other now otherwise it will be late.

Ragini- How dare you to get me kidnapped Swara?
Swara- (with tears) No Ragini, I did not get you kidnapped. You have some misunderstanding.
Ragini- Oh really, Swara, i have a misunderstanding. You were the one who told me that you will throw me out of this house & will not let me enter in laksh life. And still i have the misunderstanding, right Swara. ( she said in scarism tone)
Sharmishta- Ragini you are wrong beta, Swara cannot do this. She is your sister beta.
Ragini- Oh right, how can i forget this she is so innocent,pure and a devi right Maa. After all she is your own daughter, right.

All were shocked by Ragini’s words. But they all knew that her burst out is neccessary because she has been going through alot of pain in last three months.
Sharmishta had tears in her eyes. She says- No Ragini, i never diffrentiated between you & Swara. I loved both of you equally.

Ragini just gave a sad smile & said atleast be true to yourself Maa.
Swara- Enough Ragini, yes i kidnapped you, so what this is small in what you have done to me. You broke my marriage, you gave me drugs. you tried to kill me. Infront of all these a kinapping is nothing.

Ragini- ya right, i did all that but that were for your…… she realised what she was going to say.

Swara- For my, for my what….
Ragini gives a sad smile and says nothing, you are right i should not have done all that i should have left it on you to handel (she says taunting) atleast my life would have been smooth. Ragini walks out of the conversation. All the family members leaves. Ragini takes out a pic. Its Jhanvi’s pic. She says “I miss you, Maa”. She hugs it and cries.

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