RagLak FF Chapter 2


I got a very good response for Ch-1 & hope same for this chapter too.

The scene starts with Annapurna consoling Dadi. All the Family members have been shocked with the turn of events. They felt like someone had freezed them and they are paralyzed. And for Laksh his whole world was upside down he remembers the day when he got married to Ragini, Ragini’s confession, he disowning Ragini & everything. He went to his room & starts taking out his anger on punching bag.

Somewhere in Dark-
Ragini- Pani, koi humme pani de do, plz, Hamara gala sukha jaa raha hai. Humne kal se kucch bhi nahi khaya. She is looking in alot of pain.
A man comes and throws a bottel & some food iteams towards her.

Ragini- Hold his hands & says kuy kar rahe ho hamare saath aisa. Humne tumahara kya bigaada hai. Tum plz jaane doo humme. Tum yeh sab Swara ke kahne par kar rahe ho na. Plz jaane doon mujhe. The man slightly removes her hand from his & goes away. We could see a tear forming in his eyes. Ragini cries hard she shouts- Why are you doing this to me Swara, Why? Whatever i have done was for protecting our family & you? I will die Swara plz take me out of here. Plz.
In MM- Laksh was punching bag very hard. He remembered how he,Sanskar & Swara planned to get Ragini tell her truth to whole family. And how Ragini could not see him getting beaten & confessed her truth & also confessed that how much she loves him. His anger was increasing. He was punching the bag harder.
He thinks- How can Ragini say that she does not love me. How can she sign on divorce papers just after a day of marriage. How could she love someone else. How??? And he breaks down in his room. Sanskaar enters his room and tries to console him.Laksh hugs Sanskaar, and says how bhai how can she say that she does not love me. She is lying bhai, she loves me. Sanskar- No Lucky this time she is saying truth she does not love you & why are you reacting this way lucky you also do not love her or have you fallen for her. Laksh hugs sanskaar and says I Love Her bhai I love Ragini, sanskaar gets happy and hugs Laksh. I am very happy for you Laksh,but before that we have to find Ragini anyhow. Laksh composes himself & gets ready to go.

In the dark- The mask man comes towards Ragini and throws her mobile near her. He thinks- Now in few hrs you will be out of here Ragini. He leaves. Ragini sees her mobile & switch it on. She calls Shekhar.

In MM- Laksh & Sanskaar comes down to go when Shekhar’s mobile rings. Ragini ‘s name flashes on it. Shekhar puts it on speaker.
Shekhar- Hello, Ragini, where are you beta?
Ragini was not able to speak. In a faint voice she says- Its very dark baba, plz take me out from here. Its scary & she faints.
Shekhar- Hello, Ragini, are you there.Can you listen to me?
Laksh & Sanskaar runs outside. Annapurna- Where are you both going?
Laksh- To search for Ragini maa.

They leave. Dadi was crying. Annapurna was consoling her.
Annapurna- Ghabraiye matt Parvati ji Ragini jaldi mill jayen gi.
Sujata- Haa jiji , Lekin tab jab yeh larki usse chorengi. (She says pointing towards Swara) Main toh abhi bhi kah rahi hu jiji issi larki ne usse kahin chupa rakha hai.
Tears flows from Swara ‘s eyes & She goes to her room.
There in police station- Police tracks down the location of Ragini. They go to jungal & find her in unconsious state. Laksh & Sanskaar were with police. Laksh picks her up in arms and Sanskaar asks doctor to reach MM urgently.

Precap- New Entry.

How is Ch-2? BTW i am ready for Tomatoes, eggs etc.

Credit to: ck1234

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