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All the ladies came back home. They see Sanskaar, Aditya,Laksh and Adarsh sitting and talking. They get angry thinking they have not done anything for them. They go to there rooms. Sanskaar, Aditya,Laksh and Adarsh notice this and smiles. They also go towards there rooms.
Adarsh’s surprise—
Pari sees that her room is locked from outside. Just then Adarsh comes.
Pari (angerily)- What is this Adarsh, why have you locked the room. Give me the keys.
Adarsh keeps his fingers on Pari’s lips. He takes out the key from his pocket & opens the lock. And he shuts Pari’s eyes by tying a cloth over her eyes. As they enter he removes the cloth from her eyes.
Pari is surprised to see her room. It was all decorated with roses & ballons. All the wall were having Parineeta’s pic. The light of candels was scatterred in the room. Parineeta was very happy. Adarsh hugs her from back.
Adarsh- Parineeta in these yrs i have never said this but today i will say to whole world that “I love you”. I cant think my life without you.
Parineeta had tears of happiness in her eyes. She hugs him & says “I Love You Too,Adarsh.” And they both fall on the bed. The candels go off.
Aditya’s surpise–
Scene shifts to Adi & Uttara room.
Aditya- Uttara….
Uttara- I dont want to talk to you. You can go.
Aditya smiles & says okay so dont you want to see your surprise.
Uttara- Surprise….
Aditya nods in yes & he takes her to the swimming pool area.
Uttara gets surprised seeing it. The whole area was decorated with lights. There was a table of two with food kept on it. Lots of Lotus flower were floating in the swimming pool. There were candels all over the area. Uttara gets happy. She sees Aditya standing with the open arms she hugs him. Both say I Love You to each other.
Sanskaar Surprise—
Sanskaar blindfolds Swara. He brings her on terrece and removes cloth from her eyes. Swara is surprised. The whole terrece was decorated with SwaSan pics. There was a small wedding tent. A fire was burning there. Sanskaar takes swara there. They take 7 rounds of it. Sanskaar picks Swara up & takes her into another tent were there is a bed decoreted with flowers. Sanskaar lays Swara on bed and the lights go off.
Laksh’s Surprise–
Laksh brings Ragini in some restraunt.
Ragini- Laksh were have you brought me.
Laksh- Ssssshhh… quite… you trust me, right.
Ragini- Yes.
Laksh takes her inside. He has booked whole restraunt. Just as they enter waiter welcomed them with flowers. They go inside.
Ragini- Laksh you booked full restraunt.
Laksh again makes her quiet. They sit for dinner. Some men come & plays Violin. They complete there dinner. Laksh gives his hands for dance. They both dance.
After sometime Laksh takes Ragini to a room. It has Ragini’s pics all over. Ragini sees towards Laksh. He bends on his legs & says
Laksh- Ragini, I know in the circumstances which our marriage happened. But I Love you Ragini, I love you alot & I cannot live without you.
He looks towards Ragini, she had tears flowing from her eyes. He stands up.
Laksh- I am sorry Ragini, i did not want to hurt you. I am sorry. Forget what i said. It was my emotions. Its not neccessary that you shld also love me if I love you.
Ragini suddenly hugs him tightly.
Ragini- I Love you , Laksh, but i was scared because i thought that you wld also leave me like Abeer. But today i say “I love you,Laksh.”
Laksh breaks the hug & wipes her tears. He kisses her. Finally they consumate there marriage.
The screen splits in 4 parts.
Precap- The Last Chapter of this FF.

Credit to: ck1234

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