RagLak FF Chapter 18


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Swara,Sanskaar,Adi,Uttara,Pari,Adarsh,Ragini & Laksh are in a room. They are talking & Laughing.
Swara- Ragini your idea is good. Sanskaar you too have to do some thing special for me. Pari & Uttara too say same to Adarsh & Adi.
Ragini- And listen dear husbands u all will not help each other. Do every think yourself is it clear.

All the ladies laugh. Just then DP call all of them downstairs.
Dp- We elders are planning to go to Guru Maa’s asharam. We will stay there for tonight & will return tommorrow morning.
Annapurna- We are taking Aarav, Ansh, Ishita & Suhani with us.
Ragini- But Maa, how will you manage kids there. We will also come.
Sharmistha- Ragini, I, sujata ji & annapurna ji will handel everything. What you childrens will do there. You all stay here.
DP- Now no more arguments. We will leave in 1 hour.
After one hour they all leave.
Only Swara,Sanskaar,Adi,Uttara,Pari,Adarsh,Ragini & Laksh are there.
Ragini- So husbands you all think what to do for your wives & we are going for shopping.
They all leave.
Sanskaar, Aditya , Adarsh & Laksh exchange glances & start thinking what they will do.
In Mall- All the ladies are purchasing.
Uttara- Bhabhi , Lets go & eat something in the food corner.
Pari- Ya, I am also hungry.
Ragini- Okay,we all are hungry so lets go.
They all went & order the food.

Swara- What you all think, will your husbands be able to surprise us.
Parineeta- I think they can.
Ragini- Ya by messing up the whole house.
They all Laugh.
Uttara- Bhabhis you all are underestimating my brothers. I am sure they must have done something till now. I dont know abt Adi.
Ragini- O hello, Adi bhai is also good. His surprise for you will be the best.
Swara- Yes, Ragini is right. We all know how much Adi bhai loves you.
Uttara blushes a little.
Pari- O see someone is blushing. All four starts laughing.

Precap- Sanskaar, Adarsh, Laksh & Aditya ‘s surprise……..

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