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Scene starts with Ragini coming in her room. She saw Laksh sleeping. She goes towards him & put the blanket on him. While she turns to go her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. She tries to free it. While freeing it she comes close to Laksh. Her hairs falls on Laksh face. He opens his eyes. Ragini sees that he is awake. They have a eye-lock. Just then Ishita enters. They break the eye-lock. Ishita comes to Laksh. Laksh picks her up & make her sit on his lap.
Laksh- So, how is my sweet heart. Tell me what you did in these 15 days when i was in Canada.
Ishita- Kissed on his cheeks & says i missed you papa. And i also played a lot with Suhani, Ansh & Aarav bhai.

Laksh- So my sweet heard did a lot of Masti & Mischieve, right.
Ragini- And became a naughty & ziddi too.
Laksh looks towards Ragini. This was 1st time she spoke to him nicely in these 5 & 1/2 yrs.
Laksh- Oh what is your Mamma telling sweet heart. You have become naughty & ziddi.
Ishita- No papa, i am good princess . Right, she said cutely.
Laksh- Ya, you are a good princess. Listen princess you can be a little naughty & ziddi but you know your mother is much more ziddi than you. They both giggel & give hi-fi.
Laksh sees Ragini eyeing him angrily.
Ragini- What did you said Laksh, am i ziddi. Haa…
Laksh- Yep, so what wrong did i said.

Ragini- Oh really, she comes & sits beside him & says you know Ishita your papa is more ziddi than me. He always do what he wants to do & never listen to others.
Laksh- Awww, chal jhooti, You are more ziddi than me.He throws a pillow on her playfully.
Ragini stood up & she too throw a pillow on him. They start pillow fighting. While Ishita was giggling.
They were so busy in there pillow fight that they did not noticed that all the family members were standing on the door smiling at the scene infront of them.
Finally both the pillows get teared away. Seeing this Ragini & Laksh breaks out in laughter. Ragini was laughing openly after so many years. Family members were happy seeing her. Annapurna had tears in her eyes. Laksh notices them & stop laughing. But Ragini continued as she did not noticed them.
Ragini (still laughing)- See your hairs Laksh, its looking like chidiya ka ghoshala. She laughs a loud.

Laksh gets happy to see her lauging so openly. As she turns she sees whole family standing at door. She comes to her senses. She looks towards Laksh who gave her a naughty smile.
Ragini- Aapsab, kuy aayi…., mera matlab when did you all come.
Swara enters the room & says when you & Laksh were busy in pillow fights. She laughs.
Ragini- All this happened because of Laksh, first he called me Ziddi.
Laksh- So you also called me ziddi, Maa am i ziddi.
Ragini- What will Maa tell, we all know how much ziddi you are.
They again starts fighting. Other smile at there kiddish behaviour & leaves the room. Swara takes Ishita with her.
Laksh & Ragini did not noticed that all have left. They are still fighting. Just then Ragini slips and falls on Laksh. They both fall on bed. They have an eye lock.

Precap- Ragini & Laksh become friends…….

Credit to: ck1234

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