RagLak FF Chapter 15


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Scene starts with Ragini moving towards Laksh & before she could say any thing, she faints. Laksh holds her & shouts for Swara. All the family members enters the room. They are shocked to see Ragini being fainted. Laksh lay her down on the bed. Aditya calls the doctor.
After sometime doctor comes & checks Ragini.
Doctor- She fainted due to stress & pressure. Nothing to worry abt, i have given the injection she will be fine soon.
Sanskaar takes the doctor out.
Aditya- Finally atleast she took out all her pain & emotion which she kept inside her for past 5&1/2 yrs.
Laksh- Maa, Papa you all go & rest, i am here.
They all leave. Gadodia’s leave for there residence.
In Laksh room-
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand & says I love you alot Ragini, & i cant bear your hate towards me. If you will say i will not come infront of you but plz dont hate me. He cries & sleeeps holding her hand.
Ragini wakes up in the morning. She sees Laksh sleeping holding her hands. She tries to get her hand out trying not to disturb his sleep. She is successful. She remembers her conversation with Laksh at night. She gets ready & go out. She see whole Maheshwari family having breakfast. Annapurna sees her & says- Ragini come beta have your breakfast.
Ishani- Good Morning mamma. She today i woke up early then you.
Ragini- Aww my princess is becoming big day by day. She kisses her cheeks.
Ishani- Mamma were is papa.

All the faces go pale at Ishani’s question because they were afraid of Ragini’s reaction after yesterdays incident. Ragini sees there faces. She calmly says – Beta your papa is tired so he is sleeping. dont disturbe his sleep. I will tell you when he gets up. Then you can play with him.
Ishani- Okay Mamma…
All are shocked to see Ragini’s calm reply to the question which is related to Laksh. They all exchange glances. Ragini notices this. Ragini sends all the kids for playing as they finished there breakfast. She goes to Annapurna and folds her hands,
Ragini- I am sorry Maa, i am very bad Daughter-in-law. I am so selfish that i did not realised that if i have lost my husband you also lost your son. After all Abeer was your son too. From last 5&1/2 yrs i have been so rude to you all but you did not say anything bad for me. I was throwing tantrums and you all were handeling it. Why did not you slapped me when i talked rudely to you. I am sorry ma but from now i promise i will become the old happy,chripy Ragini whom you know 6 yrs back.

All gets happy hearing her. Annapurna wipes her tears & hugs her tightly. She says Finally i got my daughter back. Ragini ask forgiveness for her rude behaviour towards everyone. They have a group hug.
Ragini- From today onwards i will be myself once again. I will give my & Laksh relationship one more chance.
Annapurna gets happy. Laksh who just woke up hears all this & gets happy. He sees Ragini coming towards room & runs to bed and pretends to sleep.

Precap- Ragini & Laksh becomes friends again.

Credit to: ck1234

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