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Scene starts with Swara telling her plan to whole family. Ragini is busy with kids & guests.
Annapurna- Are you sure Swara this will work.
Swara – Yes Maa, i am sure.
Sharmishta was little hesistant but Shekhar talks to her.
They all end the Party. All the family members were only left. Pari took kids to make them sleep.
Ragini- Maa, i will change & come.
Annapurna- Okay beta.
Ragini goes away. After sometime Aditya signals Laksh to go inside. He ask not to close the door fully. He goes inside.
In the room-
Laksh notices Ragini standing on window. He thinks “I have to do this, for Ishita’s future, for Ragini’s welfare & for my & Ragini’s relation.” He moves towards her. Ragini feels his presence. She turns towards him and was abt to go out of the room. Laksh holds her hands,
Laksh – I want to talk to you.
Ragini- Leave my hands Laksh, i dont want to talk to you.
Laksh brings her close to him & pins her on the wall.
Ragini (angrily)- What the hell are you doing Laksh, let me go i dont want to talk to you. Cant you understand a small thing.
Laksh- Oh really, i am not understanding, really Ragini. Yes i am not able to understand that what have i done that you hate me so much. What wrong has i done for which you blame me. In last 5 & 1/2 yrs you did not talk to me nicely once. I have tried to fulfill all my duties as a husband & a father. Then for what you are behaving like this with me. He looks at Ragini eyes which has tears in it.
He continous and today you have to answer all my questions. Only then you can leave from here, did you understand, he shouted.
Ragini- You want to listen Laksh then listen. Yes i hate you, because of you my Abeer is not with me. You are a mudrer Laksh Maheshwari. Because of you my Abeer died, only to save you he died. And Ragini breaks down.
Laksh remembers the day when Abeer died.
It was 6 months after Suhani & Ishita’s birth. Abeer had got a very big contract for a music album. He was very happy. He took every one out for the picnic as it was sunday. They all happily went. They reach the place, it was a hilly region. All the elders were talking & Ragini,Swara,Parineeta & Uttara were gossiping & playing with the kids. While Sanskaar, Laksh , Adarsh, Abeer & Aditya were also sitting and talking abt his music album. Just then Laksh phone rings & he goes to talk. He was standing near a moutain on which there were rocks. Just then a big rock started rolling towards Laksh. But he did not noticed. Abeer noticed it & shouts Laksh. Other to notice it. Laksh did not hear Abeer as he was talking. The rock was rolling towards him. Abeer runs towards Laksh & pushes him. Laksh get saved but unfortunately the rock falls on Abeer.
Flashback ends.
There was tear in Laksh eyes. He looks towards Ragini who was still crying. He remembers.
They all took Abeer to the hospital. Doctor treated him but they said that he does not have time left because a lot of blood has flown from his body. They all enters Abeer’s room. They see him under ventilator. He signals Laksh & Ragini to come forwards.
Abeer take Ragini’s hand & joins it to Laksh. Both are shocked.
Abeer- I know Laksh i dont have much time left with me , plz promise me that after me you will take care of my Ragini & Ishita.
Ragini- What are you saying Abeer nothing will happen to you.
Abeer- Promise me Laksh plz.
Laksh promises him. Abeer looks towards Ragini & says “I Love you alot, Ragini, but i will have to go. I am sure Laksh will keep you safe.”
Ragini cries. Abeer breathes his last.
Flashback ends…
Laksh goes to Ragini & says- Ragini i ask our forgiveness but i was not responsible for abeer’s death. But if u feel so give whatever punishment u want but plz talk to me once. Dont hate me plz. I love you alot. He realizes what he said. He looks towards Ragini. Ragini moves towards him.

Precap- Surpise……….

I think all your confusion wld be cleared now. So no eggs & tomatoes plz…..

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