RagLak FF Chapter 12

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Precap- Abeer & Ragini’s marriage, Ragini & Swara give birth to Ishita & Suhani.
After 6 yrs–
MM is shown. Two girls & one boy are playing.
Boy- Suhani & Ishita today is your birthday so tell me what gift you both want.
Suhani & Ishita (in Unison)- Celebration pack, Aarav bhai.
Aarav is 7 yrs old. He is son of Adarsh & Parineeta. He loves his sisters alot.
A little boy too comes- Happy birthday, Suhani & Ishita dii.
They both kiss his cheeks & says thank u Ansh.
Ansh is 4 yrs old. He is son of Aditya & Uttara.
Ansh- (Keeping both his hands on his cheeks) Dii, dont kiss me. My cheeks get wet.
Other three laughs on his antics.
All the 4 start playing.
Ragini- Suhani, Ishita, Aarav & Ansh come inside , your breakfast is ready.
Ishita- Coming Mom.
All 4 run for the breakfast.
Parineeta- Slowly baccha, you will get hurt.
They all sit in a line.
Ansh- Ragini bhua, when will Mom & Dad come.
Ragini- Beta, they will come before party. They have gone for a important meeting.
Parineeta- Ragini where is Swara?
Ragini- Bhabhi Swara has gone to market with Maa & Chachi ji for buying things.
Parineeta- Oh yes i forgot.
They both start talking abt kids.
Ishita- Mamaa, Papa did not called me to wish me till now.
I will not talk to him when he will return from Canada.
Ragini- Awww my sweet heart is so angry with her Papa.
Ishita nods in yes.
Ragini- Beta your papa must be busy & sometimes phone line also not connect that why. And you know na how much your papa loves you.
Ishita nods in Yes & hugs her. Other kids too hugs her. After finishing there break fast they again went for playing.
Parineeta- Ragini you made Ishita understood. But when will you understand that……
She was cut of by Ragini.
Ragini- Plz Bhabhi I dont want to talk on this topic.
She gets Teary eyes & go away.
Parineeta (to herself)- Why Ragini, Why are you hurting yourself & him. Why are you punishing him for the mistake he did not do. Why are you still blaming him for the incident which happened. I know its not easy but plz move on in your life. He loves you alot. Hope you will understand before its too late?

Precap- Birthday celebration……

Okay Any one can guess what would have happened?

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  1. I think abeer is not there parineetha is talking about laksh i think

  2. Wait i really don’t understand anything ??
    It really confuss !!!
    Who is ragini ‘s husband now ?
    Where is laksh ??
    Who is in canada ??
    Plz make it clear
    Plz upload next part faster

    1. yes…ur right it was confusing

  3. I guess abeer is no more n ragini maybe blaming laksh for it ??

  4. I think abeer death occurred due to laksh acc to ragini

    But plz don’t take too much time to unite raglak

  5. Awesome but what happened to laksh

  6. Yaar plz update ragini ek nayi shurwath….its been long I’m searching for its new update….& today’s update of raglak was nice but little confusing… Plz unite raglak

  7. Ragini married a beer and we don’t know where lakshe is and we also don’t know who is in canada

  8. I think abeer died in an accident and ragini is blaming laksh 4 that

  9. i think pari talking about laksh

  10. Guys all your confusion will be cleared in coming chapters. And ya Ragini ek nayi shuruwat will be updated asap.?

  11. Confusing…. Bt reunite raglak….nd plz update ur other ff….tired of waiting..

  12. I can’t understand what is happening and who is in canada and what about laksh and abeer ???

  13. Story track is really very good.. then I guess that abeer is dead & the blame is under laksh.. may b coincidently laksh would b the reason of abeer death but it’s wnt b his mistake & later for ishita & family compel she married laksh but still not agreed him has is husband upto now & may b hurting also him by avoiding..

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