RagLak FF Chapter 11

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Scene starts with Ragini breaking the hug. They see all the family members looking towards them.
Annapurna comes to Ragini & says- Beta, do u love Abeer?
Ragini hesitates but nods in Yes. Annapurna keeps her hands lovingly on Ragini’s head & says i am with u in every decision. She hugs Ragini & Abeer.
Laksh goes away from there. Sanskaar goes behind him. Laksh comes to his room & breaks down. Meanwhile Sanskaar comes and hugs him.
Laksh- Why this always happens with me bhai. The person whom i love always leaves me & go away. First Swara & now Ragini. He cries like a baby & hugs Sanskaar.
He composes himself & says sorry to Sanskaar. Meanwhile Aditya, Swara, Abeer & Ragini were sitting in guest room. Swara was teasing them.
Aditya- Okay Ragu & Abeer tell me how did you guyz met.
Abeer- Actually we met at a singing competition 2 yrs back. We had to sing in pairs & that was the first time i saw her. I felt in love with her on the stage itself.
Swara- Wow… So it was Love at First Site for you both.
Abeer- It was for me, not for Ragini. Then we keep on meeting each other & gradually we felt in love with each other. And a year back i signed a contract for US biggest music band for a year. I had to go so i proposed her & she accepted. After that when i returned 2 days back i tried to find her & after that you all know. But I am glad that finally i am with my love of life.
Swara- Wow what a love story. She teases Ragini & Ragini blushes.

Just then Laksh & Sanskaar enter the room with a some papers.
Laksh(with a fake smile on his face)- Ragini these are our divorce papers i have signed.
Ragini takes it & searches for the pen. Laksh hands her his pen. As she signs Abeer stands & hugs Laksh.
Abeer- Thanks Bhai, for doing this.
Laksh – Anything for my bro & best friend he says eyeing Ragini who was signing the divorce papers. Tears flow from his eyes. Aditya, Swara & Sanskaar sees it & they too feel bad.
Ragini handover the papers to Laksh. He says from tommorrow you are free Ragini. She hugs him. You will always be my Best Friend Laksh, she says.

After a week–
It was Abeer & Ragini’s marriage day. Ragini was nervous.
Ragini- Am i looking good Swara.
Swara laughs & says- Ragini you have asked same thing 20 times in last 5 minutes.
Ragini- Swara, I am nervous & you are making fun of me.
Swara hugs her. Just they hear Baraat coming.
Shumi comes & takes Ragini with her. She was looking like a fairy. Abeer could not move his eyes away from her. Finally all the rituals was completed. They all leave for MM.
In Abeer’s room-
Ragini was sitting on bed in ghunghat Abeer removes it and kisses her on neck. The lights goes of.
After 4-5 months-
Ragini, Pari & Swara were working in the Kitchen & while working Ragini faints.
They call the doctor.
Abeer- What happened Doctor, is Ragini fine.
Doctor smiles & says congrats Mr.Abeer you are going to be a father soon. Hearing this Abeer gets happy & others too. Meanwhile Swara too faints. Doctor checks her & gives another good news.
Annapurna- Arrey wah, Hamare ghar mein do-do khushiyaan ek saath aayi hai.
Sujata takes out Swara & Ragini’s nazar.
After 9 Months- Swara & Ragini both give birth to daughters. Swara keeps her Daughter name as Suhani & Ragini keeps her Daughter name as Ishita.

Precap- A Leap of Six yrs……

Credit to: ck1234


  1. Riya

    Ha what happened to laksh then ???.
    Is it laksh dream .its raglak for not a bi rag. Please don’t make raglak fans sad

  2. Nanthini

    I dont understand anything !!
    It so fast
    How about laksh ??
    Is he ok ??
    The ff was good
    Super but still no raglak scenes

  3. Yes what about laksh I thought when ragini would be signing the divorce papers she would get sad thinking about her and laksh marriage and she wouldn’t sign the papers…

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  5. ck1234

    Okay guys I known It was little confusing but believe me its interesting. All your confusion will be cleared in coming chapters. Ragini ek nayi shuruwat will be updated soon ?

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