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Its Morning- Maheshwari & Gadodia Family came to take Ragini home.
Annapurna – Come Beta, your house is waiting for you. Aditya you too come with us.
Sharmishta- Sorry Annapurna ji , but firstly Ragini,Swara & Aditya will go to Badi & then you can take them to your house.

Annapurna- But, its not fair, Swar & Ragini are daughter-in- laws of Maheshwari Family so they will come to MM. And Aditya being there brother will live with them.
Sharmishta- No way Annapurna ji my childrens will go with me.
Annapurna- I will also see Sharmishta ji how u take them to badi first.
Meanwhile Swara, Ragini & Aditya were smiling seeing there fight.
Swara- Badi Maa, honestly we want to go to Badi because it have been so many days we went there.
Ragini- Ji Maa, i too want to go to badi first.
After a lot of insistence Annapurna agrees and says but dont forget today is party in the evening.
Swara & Ragini- Okay Maa….
Aditya, Swara & Ragini go to badi with Shekhar & Sharmishta.
In MM-
Laksh , Sanskaar and everybody are busy in the party preparations. A man in hood enters & closes Annapurna’s eyes from back.
Man- So Mami ji tell me who i am.
Annapurna- Shaitan abhi tak nahi shudhara. Yeh toh mera Abeer hai.
(Abeer Goyal- DP’s sisters son, brought up by DP & Annapurna when his sister died. Is a Rockstar)

He hugs her and meets the other family members.
Abeer- So, Sanky & Laksh were are my two bhabhis.
Annapurna- They are in there Maika, they will come in evening.
Abeer- No problem, i will meet them at evening.
He goes to his room. He takes out a pic & says- Were are you. I searched you everywhere plz comeback. I love you, Ragini. (Yes its Ragini’s pic) He wipes his tears and hugs the pic.
In Evening–
MM is decorated. Guests are arriving. Just then Gadodia’s to arrive. Sanskaar & Laksh were mesmerized to see Swara & Ragini. They both were looking stunning.
As they entered Ragini felt a strong wind. She thinks- Abeer, No how can he be here & she ignores it.

Abeer in his room too feels Ragini’s presence but ignores it.
The party begins. Abeer comes down from his room.
Annapurna takes him to Gadodia’s. She introduces Abeer to them.
Just then Sanskaar & Laksh comes with Swara & Ragini.
Annapurna sees them & brings Abeer to meet them.

As Ragini sees Abeer & vice-versa tears flow from there eyes. Glass in Ragini hands breaks. Both are shocked to see each other. Abeer folds his fingers & make a punch when he gets to know that Ragini is Laksh’s wife. Ragini is just staring at him without any expression on her face. SwaSanLak notice this. Just then DP comes and ask Abeer to sing a song. He nods in yes & looks towards Ragini. He goes to stage. Lights goes of & spot lights falls on Abeer. He Starts—
Milne hai mujhse aayi
Phir jaane kyun tanhaai
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui
O.. khud se hai ya Khuda se
Iss pal meri ladaai
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui
O o…

Aashiqui baazi hai taash ki
Toot.te bante vishwaas ki
O.. Milne hai mujhse aayi
Phir jaane kyun tanhaai
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui

Jaane kyun main sochta hoon
Khaali sa main, ik raasta hoon
Tune mujhe kahin kho diya hai
Yaa main kahin khud laapata hoon
Aa dhoond le tu phir mujhe
Kasamein bhi doon toh kya tujhe…

Aashiqui baazi hai taash ki
Toot.te bante vishwaas ki
O.. Milne hai mujhse aayi..
Phir jaane kyun tanhaai
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui

Toota hua saaz hoon main
Khud se hi naaraz hoon main
Seene mein jo kahin pe dabi hai
Aisi koi aawaaz hoon main
Sun le mujhe tu bin kahe..
Kab tak khaamoshi dil sahe..

Aashiqui baazi hai taash ki
Toot.te bante vishwaas ki (twice)

O milne hai mujhse aayi
Phir jaane kyun tanhaai
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui

O Khud se hai ya Khuda se
Iss pal meri ladaai
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui
O o ho…
Aashiqui baazi hai taash ki
Toot.te bante vishwaas ki

All the while he was singing he was around Ragini. And tears were continiously flowing from there eyes . As the song ends Ragini runs upwards and closes the door of her room. All the Family members get shocked to see this type of reaction. Laksh fells like something pinched him hard. Adarsh ends the party.
Only Maheshwaris & Gadodia’s are there.
Annapurna- What is this Abeer, do you & Ragini know each other.
Abeer does not gives her any answer & moves towards Ragini who came out from her room.
He holds her tightly.
Ragini- What are you doing Abeer, you are hurting me.
Abeer- Really, and the wound which you gave me what abt that. You loved me but married someone else. Why?

All the family members are shocked & tears flow from Laksh eyes.
Ragini- I did not betrayed you Abeer. I had no choice left. Trust me. I still love you.
Abeer- Oh really. You know what Ragini ” Aggar tum ne mujh se meri jaan maangi hoti na toh main haste haste de deta, lekin tumne ne toh mera guroor hi tod diya”
He pushes Ragini & goes. Ragini runs behind him & says- Abeer you want to know the truth then listen. She tells him everything & hugs him. He hugs her back tightly & tears flow from his eyes.

Precap- Ragini & Laksh Divorce…….
So how is this chapter. No eggs tomatoes plz…….

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  1. ck1234 plz abide by copy write rules the lines ”agar tumne mujhse meri jaan mangi hoti na to main tume haste haste de deta par tumne to mera guroor hi tod diyya”. in the movie bajirao mastani kashibai says this to peshwa bajirao. plz dont copy sanjay leela bhansali.

    1. I include that dialogue which I like the most?

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    1. Since its raglak they will be the end result but before that there is lots of twist.?

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    Waiting for next part
    Make it longer plz

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