RagLak FF Chapter 8

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A doctor comes out of OT.
Sanskaar- Doctor, how is Ragini?
Doctor- See Mr.Maheshwari we are trying our best, a lot of blood has flown from her body. Honestly she is in a very critical condition, anything can happen.
All the family members are shocked hearing him.
Aditya gets angry hearing the doctor. He comes to doctor & holds his collar,
Aditya- Listen Doctor, do anything i will give you as much money you want, but nothing should happen to my sister. Do you understand. He leaves his collar and falls on his feet. Plz save my sister, plz. I dont want to loose her.

Doctor- Look we are doing everything we can do. but she needs god’s blessing too with medicines.
Doctor walks away. They all cry. Laksh was just standing in the corner saying nothing.
Dadi looks angrily towards Jhanvi & goes to her.
Dadi- Did you got what you wanted. Today because of you my Laddo is in this condition. You promised us that you will never come infront of us. Then why today. If u wld not have come infront of her this wld not have happened.
Jhanvi- What do u mean? You want to say that i am the reason that my own daughter is fighting for her life & death today. How can u say that. Yes i promised that i will never come infront of her & i kept it too. But whatever happened today was not my fault. I did not even knew that u all wld come to same temple.
Dadi- Oh really, dont you forget Jhanvi i very well know you in & out.
Aditya- You have no right to speak to my mom in this tone,Dadi. And if anyone is responsible for Ragini’s condition then it is me. He breaks-down. Others are shocked.
Kaveri- Adi……. not now beta,
Adi- Let me speak Nani. Let me speak today otherwise this guilt will not let me live.
Kaveri- But…. (She was cut off by Jhanvi)
Jhanvi- Let him speak Maa….
Aditya starts telling everything how he called Ragini and blackmailed her to do everything what she did. how he pressurized her to marry Laksh & everthing else. Everyone are shocked by his relevation. He was crying.

Shekhar comes to him and we hear a sound Chattakkk.
Shekhar- How can you do this with your own sister. I am ashamed that i am your father.
Aditya- Yes I did it to take revenge on you but i forgot that in all this i am hurting my own sister the most. I am sorry, i know i have done a unforgiveable thing but plz forgive me if you can.
Shekhar- Only Ragini will decides whether to forgive you or not. But till Ragini recovers dont you dare to come infront of us. Just Go away from here,just go. (He shouted)
Aditya was going to say something when a nurse came out of OT shouting,
Nurse- Doctor, patient is sinking… come fast.
Doctor runs inside the OT. All the family members are shocked. After sometime Doctor comes out & says her condition is very critical. We have too operate her now only. Plz submit the fees in Reception.
Aditya- (wiping his tears) Yes doctor, i will.
He was going but Shekhar stops him.
Shekhar- Ragini’s father is still alive, i wont take help from a person who is responsible for my daughter’s condition today. You just go away from our sight.
Aditya feels bad. He looks towards Jhanvi but she too ignores him. He goes outside hospital & crys badly.
DP signals Sanskaar. He goes to reception & pays the fees. Doctors start treating her. All the family members are praying.
Annapurna – Sanskaar were is Laksh.
Sanskaar- Looks around, I dont know badi maa, till now he was here but dont know were he went.
Annapurna- Beta, plz go & look for him, i am not getting positive vibes.
Sanskaar- Dont worry badi Maa, i will get him back soon.
He goes to look for Laksh. On the otherside we see Laksh going upstairs in temple by sitting on his knees. He was in pain but it was nothing in comparison to Ragini’s pain. Sanskaar was searching for Laksh.

In hospital Doctors were treating Ragini. Her pulses were sometimes high & sometimes low.
In a Dargha we see Aditya praying for Ragini. He has a tearfilled eyes.
“Bhar De Jholi Meri” song from movie “Bajrangi Bhaijan” playing in background.
A Maulvi ji comes to him & says- “You have done a lot of mistakes in past but now you are repenting for it. Go my son, your wish will be fulfilled. May Allah bless you.” The Maulvi goes. Aditya was walking out of the Dargha. He see a person walking on burning coals. He to decides to walk on it for Ragini’s recovery.
He starts walking on the burning coal, there in temple Laksh is still going upstairs and in hospital doctors are treating Ragini. Screen splits into three.
Laksh reached in front of God. Blood was flowing from his knees. He stands up and rings the temple bell. He falls in front of God and cries.
There in Dargha Aditya was walking on coals. His legs were also burning but he did not payed heed to it. He completed walking on coal. His legs were injured.
In hospital all the family members were also praying. Just then doctor comes out of OT.
Shekhar- Doctor how is Ragini?
Doctor- Congratulations, operation was successful, we will shift her to common ward. All the family members gets happy.
Shekhar- Can we meet her.
Doctor- Ya ofcourse, but after we shift her to common ward, only then. He walks away.
Just then Sanskaar brings Laksh. His knees were bleeding.
Annapurna runs to him- Laksh, what happened beta. Sanskaar u tell how did this happened.
Sanskaar tells them how Laksh went upstairs on his knees. All are teary eyed. A nurse comes & bandages his wounds.
Kaveri calls Aditya & gives him the news of Ragini’s successful operation. He gets happy & starts driving his car towards hospital.

Precap- Ragini forgives Aditya…

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