Raglak FF: Burning desire (episode 2)


hi guys. . I’m very very sorry for being late. . thank you so much everyone for commenting in this ff.

here we go..

Ragini was standing in front of laksh with confused face.. what will he say.. ragini’s heart is beating fast as laksh comes more closer to her..
” ragini will you be heroine of my new film?” laksh asked. ragini was shocked . she didn’t know what to say.. heroine.. ragini didn’t thought about it even in her dreams.. she was not a girl who has high dreams or wishes. . she wanted a normal life.
” sir I don’t know anything about acting.. how can I? ” ragini’s voice shivered.
” you can do it ragini. you have an expressive face.. say yes or no.. if your answer is no then you have ti give my money back tomorrow itself” laksh said in a little anger. ragini had no options left.
” ok sir. . I’m ready” she said .
” then come to xyz studio station for audition. . ” laksh said. ragini nodded and leaves..

next day..
ragini’s aditution.
laksh and director were sitting to see her audition.
ragini enters . she was wearing a dark blue long skirt and pink short blouse.. like a lehenga. (it is the costumes for film) .
her gorgeous belly and milky back was visible. her face was shining like a moon. laksh just lost in her.. he mesmerised to see her. she was looking like a goddess.

ragini do the solo scene of heroine. laksh and director highly impressed by her performance.
” laksh this girl is too good. we can finalise her as our heroine” director wishpers in laksh’s ears.
” sir but this is solo.. we don’t know who she will be in romantic scenes.. can we both do a scene together? ” laksh asked.
” oh sure.. you can” director agreed.
laksh goes towards ragini. ragini was little scared of his intense gaze. .
laksh came near her..
“we are going to do a romantic scene ragini.. ” he said to her and ask to play a song from the movie..
( ang laga de song played on background ..
sorry guys I’m a south indian so I don’t know to write hindi songs.. forgive me)

laksh moves very closer to ragini. her heart beat raise.. laksh looked to those beautiful eyes.. ragini’s syes reflect a little fear. . laksh place one of his hands on her bare waist.. electric current passed through her body.. laksh also felt an unknown pleasure and happiness by touching her waist.. it is not the first time he is touching a girl. . but this feeling was strange.. he was feeling like heaven by the touch. he began to caress her waist.. ragini turns . now her back is focusing on laksh. laksh wrap his hand on her belly and pulled her closer to him. now her back is touching lalsh’s body.. ragini’s body began to shiver. laksh remove her hair which is covering her back. he placed a hot kiss on her back. ragini shocked by this. she feels disgusted. with a high force she pushed him and run away. .
laksh lost his balance and fall on the floor. . he saw every crew members are staring him in shock. laksh felt insulted. he became angry. crew members help laksh to stand straight. director comes towards him.
” laksh is that girl mad.. if she is not co operating how can we take her as heroine? ” director asked.
” sir I think we have to take some other girl. this girl is very shy. she can’t be a heroine” director’s secretary said.
” no.. ragini will be our heroine.. I will talk to her” laksh said. he goes to green room.
ragini was crying badly. she thought of that kiss.. she felt disgusting. in films these are common. but she can’t think of a stranger kissing her.
ragini hear someone knocking on the door. she opened the door. it was laksh.
laksh enter in to the room and bolted the door.
laksh was very angry. he he caught her wrist and pull her closer to him.
” sir please. . leave me I can’t do this” ragini pleaded.
” you can’t do this ha? what is wrong in it? in film industry kissing and hugging all are common. no one said to you to share bed . only acting romantically. but you are behaving like someone rape you” laksh said cruelly.
ragini felt horrible. I. her life no one spoke like this to her. when laksh pay her dad’s hospital bills she thought that man is an angel.. but now he is a devil..
” sir please speak politely. ” ragini said.
” I will speak like this only. if you don’t act in this film then your family will be in road. I know every details regarding your family. now this is my prestige issue.. what you prefer? acting or seeing your whole family living in road side” laksh asked without any mercy.

ragini totally broken. laksh is very rich . he can do anything. ragini and her family living in a rented house. they are lower middle class people. ragini have a young sister also. if they thrown to roads what will be her condition. . ragini shattered. tears fall down from her eyes.
” say me damn it .. will you act in this film or not” laksh asked angrily.
” yes sir.. I will” ragini said in broken voice..
an evil smile appread on laksh’s face.
” then come on I will teach you how to act in romantic scenes. ” laksh said by placing his hands on her cheeks.
” you are damn gorgeous ragini.. and you have a skin like babies. . ” laksh said while caressing her cheeks. ragini didn’t say anything. she just stand as a statue. .
laksh’s gaze fell on her red lips..
” anyone will die to touch your lips girl. ” laksh placed his fingers on her lips and caress it smoothly.
ragini closed her eyes due to helplessness.
laksh take his phone and play the song..
” now I will show you how to sct in romantic scenes” laksh said evily.
ragini was wrapping a dupatta around her body . laksh take it and thrown it to bed..
his penetrating gaze scanned her entire body..
” you are very s*xy ragini” laksh said with lust.
laksh again pulled her towards him and roam his hands on her body structure. her beautiful cleavage was visible through her blouse. laksh stare it lustly. he caress her cleavage with his buring hands which was desiring more.
” sir please I’m ready to do romantic scenes.. Please leave me now” ragini pleaded to him.
laksh freed her with a cunning smile..
” very good. if you throw more tantrums then I will cross all my limits. beware it. ” laksh leaves the room.
ragini sat on the floor as a lifeless body..

guys how was it? if you want me to update soon give more comments. if I don’t get much comments will not update any soon.. hehe.

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    1. Jwala

      aww thank you so much dear.. I’m so glad to see your lovely comment. you always supports whenever I wrote raglak.. Thank you so much

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