Raglak FF: Burning desire (episode 1)


Blue veils night club. . it is really a second heaven for thousands of people. it is made up for fun.. just fun..
In a corner of night club 2 handsome young men having drinks .. both were well dressed. anyone could easily understand that they are rich and enjoys all the luxuries of life. .
“Laksh why you seems so disinterested today? look at that girl in yellow dress.. she is very hot” one boy said to his friend. .
” no sanskar.. I’m feeling bored of these girls.. I want a special girl who is a rare beauty. . she should have some magic in her.. ” other boy said in a dreamy voice..
“are you searching girl for marrying?” sanskar asked teasingly. .
” marriage. .??? No way. . In my wild dreams I don’t have that wish.. but I want one girl like this.. ” laksh said
“hmm.. so you don’t see any rare beauty here? a girl who have magic in her? you don’t know anyone like this? ” sanskar shoots his questions to laksh.
“I know a girl” laksh said naughtily.
“its great. . who is she?” sanskar asked in curiosity. .
” your princess. . swara” laksh smiled at sanskar. . sanskar’s face became pale..
“laksh don’t.. she is mine and mine only” sanskar’s face filled with anger..
“oh .. god sanskar she is my best friend only.. you are so possessive dude.. she is more than a sister to me.. calm down dude.. ” laksh said by patting sanskar’s shoulders. .

sanskar’s anger vanished.. he took another drink and taste it slowly. . That time a girl came towards them..
“hey laksh, sanskar why you guys sitting alone? come.. have some fun..” she place her hands on laksh’s shoulder sensuously. . she had a seductive smile on her face. laksh drags her hand and made her sit on his lap..
“riya.. you looks hot today.. ” laksh said by caressing her waist.. sanskar give an impossible look to laksh.. few minutes before he said thay he is bored with these girls.. and now what he is doing. . unbelievable. sanskar’s mind thought about laksh..
” riya you have to take care of your skin.. look it says your age.. ” laksh pointed out the wrinkles in her neck. riya felt highly embarrassed she excuses herself and left the place.. laksh began to laugh.
“are you mad laksh? you insult her indirectly. . few days before you were praising her.. now she looks oldie for you? ” sanskar asked in irritating tone..
“she is 35 + sanskar. . and trying to be like an 18 year girl. she us such a fake. and I don’t like fake personalities. ” laksh said in disgusting.
” oh come on laksh. . who checks age of their bed partner?” sanskar asked mockingly. .
” damn it sanskar. I didn’t share bed with her.. she didn’t deserve it.. and stop irritating me” laksh raise his voice.. silence occupied the place .. after a few minute laksh himself break the silence.
“leave it dude.. we are arguing for simple things.. I guess our friendship is more deeper rhan thus silly matters.. if I hurt you forgive me” laksh said genuinely.
“its ok dude” sanskar smiled at laksh..

Next day..
laksh was on his way to shoot (forgot to say laksh is an actor. he is not a super star.. but very famous. his father ram kapoor was a superstar . and laksh also following his father) he gets a call.. laksh attend the call.
“hello .. laksh sir our heroine had a minor accident” called said in a worried voice..
“oh god.. is she ok now?” laksh asked in concern voice.
“yes sir.. but our shooting will be cancelled. . without heroine we can’t shoot today..” called said
” ok.. let her take rest.. we can resume shooting once she gets fine” laksh said
“but sir.. There is one problem. . she is not ready to do this film.. her parents says that this film is bad luck for their daughter. . that’s why she gets accident. . and they are not ready to do this film further.. they return money to producer sir.. now all are in tension. we have to search for new heroine” caller said. “dammit. . ” laksh frustrated. . he cuts the call and throw the phone on car’s seat..
” what the hell.. if this film didn’t work out then my actor dreams are in vein. . really I’m in a big trouble” laksh said to himself ..
laksh’s thoughts break by a crowd developed on road side.. something happened there. laksh stop his car and step out , he saw a middle aged man lying unconscious in the road and crowd are gossiping. .
“what happened to him?” laksh asked .. people recognised him..
“areey here is actor laksh kapoor.. sir I’m your big fan.. Please give me an autograph? a man of 40’s asked. laksh frustrated like hell..
“are you mad? here a man is juggling between life and death and you people asking for autograph? shame on you” laksh without wasting a second take the man with the help of other people and take him to the hospital. . the man was suffering from heart attack.. doctors provide better treatment to him. and he is life saved now.. hospital was one of the no.1 hospital in mumbai. hospital bil was around 2 lakhs. For saving that man’s life laksh payed the bill.. then he left to his home.

2 days passed..
laksh and his films creatives are searching for a lead heroine. . but nothing got finalised. . laksh was checking some profiles of girls in his laptop to cast heroine. . that time his servant came and said that a girl is waiting to meet him.. laksh came to living room..

There he saw a girl is sitting in the couch.. she was wearing a pink simple salwar suit.. she had long black hairs . perfect skinny figure and an impressive height.. milky white complexion .. gorgeous black eyes and cherry red lips which anyone can die for.. a perfect creation of god.. A perfect beauty.. laksh forget to breath once.. she was beautiful like a goddess. . laksh fallen for her at the first sight..
she stood up from the seat when she saw laksh.
” hi. I’m Ragini gadodia..” her sweet voice made bring him back to sense. .
Ragini gadodia.. most cutest name on earth. . laksh thought. .
“sir.. r u hearing me” ragini asked in confusion. .
” ha ragini.. tell me” laksh said
“sir I’m daughter of shekhar gadodia” ragini said
” sorry I don’t know who is shekhar gadodia” said laksh
” 2 days before you take a nan to hospital na.. and payed his bills.. he is my father” ragini said
” oh.. now I got ” while talking with her laksh was admiring her beauty. . her lips are driving him crazy..
‘ what if I kiss her soft red lips .. how it taste.. ‘ laksh thought. . ‘oh god this girl is pure magic’ laksh
lost himself. .
ragini take some money from her bag..
“sir, I have only 50,000 rs now.. give me some time I will return your whole money back..” ragini said in hope
” how much time?” laksh asked
” at least 1 month” said ragini
” no way I want full amount by tomorrow” laksh said loudly. .
“sir please. . we are middle class people. . we can’t give you such a huge amount in one day. Please try to understand” ragini pleaded..
” no way you have to return my whole money tomorrow itself” laksh said without any mercy. . ragini feels helpless. . her eyes filled with tears..
“if you agree my condition I will give you time for returning money” laksh said by coming more closer to her..
” what condition sir?” ragini asked him in in confusion. .
laksh again move closer to her.. his hot breath touch her cheeks.. ragini gulped.. she scared.. laksh’s lips come closer to her ears.. ragini’s heart beat increased..

hi guys first time I’m writing a raglak ff.. I hope you will like it.. Please comment then only I will able to write further. . Please comment guys

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