Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 7) By Anaz

Part 7 – blind of love

Hospital :

Ragu came back to her conscious but she still blush ????

She start to beat laksh slowly

( laksh shouts auuuch……)

Ragu : sry laksh ????

Laksh : ????? just kidding

Doct: nurse after dressing her wounds come to my cabin

Nurse : k doctor

Laksh & ragu still playing like this )

Nurse 1&2 : ( notices this hw kiddish they r ??? then both smile ☺☺ )

They dressed her wounds and said ragini u r so lucky thats y u got this guy as ur husband ?????

Ragu & laksh : ???????

Ragu interrupts hlo he is not by husband , then laksh i am still single ❤

Nurse oh i am sry u just lift her and take care of her like a husband thats y we confused ☺☺☺ u both r like made for each other ?????

Ragu : blush ❤❤❤❤❤

Laksh : muted with hesitate

After leaving them

Laksh gives a smile ☺☺☺☺ lets go ragu

Ragu : felt his smile was fake ?? ( then she think may be its my imagination )

Laksh lift her in his arm again she hold his collar tightly ???? she start to notices his eyes but he didnt notice her , he just continue his walking and take her to home

In home:

Sumi tensed lot , she told to grandy maa. See they yet return to home i am scared ma

Grandy :nthg hpnd they r not kid they will come dont worry

Sumi : maa . Actually i dont knw y ,some strange feeling,i can felt something hapnd to my ragu ???

Raglak reched home:

Sumi : shocked ??
Ragini ……. laksh what happened to her

Laksh : aunty relax nothing first i take her to room

Sumi : k

In ragini room :

Laksh makes her lie on the bed

Sumi sits beside her and hug her ragini what happend to u dr ?????

Laksh : aunty first give some water to her

Sumi : mmmmm k

Laksh : sits beside her

Sumi ask : laksh nw tell what happend to her

Laksh : aunty actually i am the ( ragu hold his hand and interrupts maa actually laksh warn me to look down but i didnt mind it thats y my leg hits in stone while walk thats it ma dont worry ) ☺☺☺☺

( laksh just confused abt her statement )

Sumi : tear her ears , ragini day by day u turns to kid , u dont knw how to walk in road ???

Ragu : maa i am sry ma ????
( sumi said take rest then she left that room )

Laksh : ragu y did u lie to aunty this is not fair ?????

Ragu : laksh relax ! Plz yah ! Just think laksh if we reveal all truth to them whats happend

Laksh : ??????

Ragu : they all start to cry suppose they try to blame u laksh bcz they well knw i dint spend time in beach its may break our relation after a long time our family joins together i dont want to destroy it thats y i lie ☺☺☺☺☺☺

Laksh :??????❤❤❤❤ he huddle her ( with passion this time )

Then he came back normal gets little tensed ( later i reveald it y )
He said to ragini

U know ragini u r impossible ☺☺☺

I cant understand u , bcz i thought before u r like a kid not enough matured but u knw i am wrong

Ragu : laksh……. so u think abt me i am enough matured laksh u again try ti kid me u r finished …..

She start to beat him with a pillow ?????

Laksh : ragini ….. stop it i am sorry yah

Ragu : she stop it when she saw his innocent face k i forgive u ☺☺

Laksh : gets up and pull her cheek ??? then said take rest ,once again sry ragu ……
Seriously i said the truth not kidding u then he start to run from their ??? ???????

Ragu : laksh……… u again i will kill u .she try to gets up but its wound so she cant she just throw pillow on him ??????

She start to laugh ????? , Omg he is crazy , how to handle this idiot life long . But i love this idiot ???? i want to live with u lifelong like this ( its her mind voice )

She is in love mood ❤❤❤❤❤

Laksh saw her through window and enjoyed her lovely smile ?? and left that place

Laksh room :

He just worked in laptop and check some files ( he just confused when he saw that file so he decided to call his assistance asusual he cant get the connection )

So he go to garden and speak with him gentle breeze cross all flowers gives a fresh look he cut that call then start to touch and smell it hw the way ragu did it he start to smile without his knowledge ☺☺☺☺ its very nice feeling i too try this in my home when i got time

He came back to his room suddenly he notices ragu was not in her bed ????

Laksh : where is she ??? He enters ragu’s room and start to searched everywhere ???? but he cant find her . He confused and tensed alot where is she ???

He felt strange feeling about her ??? he is worried about her lot

He went to inform sumi .before knock the door he heard some sound frm terrace , he rush to see their

And shocked ????

Guys guess y laksh shocked??? Wr is our ragini ?? ?????? so guyz hw was the episode give ur cmnts

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