Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 56) ( final part )

Blind of love ??

Final part

Recap : laksh get well bcz of raginii…. dev spend time with raginii… laksh over jealous. … raglak romance…. lalksh make her busy )

Laksh asked raginii to help him in his bussiness to divert from dev … so she is also starts to help him… still dev triying to her mbl but cant get the connection bcz laksh puts him in reject

Both doing like that for 1 week finally dev fed up he decided to confess his love to raginii….

Dev reached MM but security blocked him and starts to beat him…with the order of laksh…

Dev starts to mourn in pain he shouted….raginii name lodly…. raginii was in store room she heard huge noise….

She came out and tried to go near but laksh stopped her

Lak : where r u going? ?

Rag ; see laksh something wrong is there ??

Lak : raginii nothing is there … i am hugry plz give me a food

Rag : aahn laksh but…

Lak : ragu plz….

Rag : she pulled his cheek …then said …u naughty come with me…

She served food to him…. laksh makes her sat near to him ….and asked her to eat with him….

Rag : okk…. before she gonna sit she heared her name shouted by dev

Raginii ran from there without informing laksh….

She ran out and saw security beating dev badly…. tears rolled from her eyes…bcz his body starts to bleed

Rag : she shout on security…… ????

How dare u to beat him like this….who gives u rights to beat him like this

She makes him stand properly…. then she took him inside …. then give first aid to him…. and take cared him like a child…

Laksh who was burning in anger ??? after saw this …jealoused too…

Rag : dev how do u feel now ??

Dev : i am fine raginii

But plz said to ur husband if he had any problem with me asked him to deal with face to face…. told him dont ever behave cheap like this

Lak : giving killing look to him ??

Rag : what r u saying ?? Wt u mean ?? Wt Problem

Dev : raginii try to be matured… u r so childish thats y he often cheat u like this

Rag : dev enough ?? Dont dare

Lak : mind ur tougue mr dev ??

Dev : if i said the truth u wont belive that raginii….

Rag : dev come to the point….

Dev : last week i often dialed to ur mbl y dont u pick my call

Lak :????

Rag : what r u talking i didnt get ur single call

Dev : raginii show ur mbl na ??

Rag : laksh give me my mbl…

Laksh : raginii plz… dont trust him

Dev : he cant raginii bcz he is a big lier sametimes he is a good actor too

Rag : dev can u stop this nonsence u r crossing ur limits

Dev : ragini if u cheked ur mbl once u can undertood all na

Rag ; ok fine … laksh give me my mbl
I wanna prove my laksh never lied to me and hide anything from me

Lak : but raginii

Raginii snatchrd that mbl from his hand …. and checked that….and shocked dev was in rejected list….

Rag : what is this laksh y did u do this ??

Lak : raginii plz trust me

Dev : did u know raginii laksh ordered to ur security to beat me like this

Rag :???? wt ??

Dev : if u have any doubts y dont u ask to ur security

Lak : looked her helplessly. …with guilty

Security said they just followed laksh order….

Rag : laksh what is this ?? Y did he blame u arrey what is the problem between u guyzz…..

Laksh shouted in anger ??? yes raginii i did this bcz of u

Just bcz of u…only for u ragini trust me

Dev : how much u tried to cheat her laksh….

Raginii eyes turns to teary ???? laksh what is going on here ….i dont understand anything

Y did u beat him then y did u avoide him..

Lak : raginii plz….

Dev : raginii he suspect us ….. he suspected we r in love…. thats y he was behaving like this. …. how many times i tried to convince him…..we r only friends….nothing is inbetween us…..

Raginii eyes rolled with tears ??? a big thudering effects fell on raglak face …..

Laksh was shocked to heared that…..
Both their eyes filled with tears.??? heart broked ??? after hearing his words….. Wt the hell laksh shouted

Dev : smiled evily ??

Raginii goes near laksh then hold lakshs collar…. then asked to laksh…

Her voice breaked…. laksh plz tell me he was lie…. plz….u cant suspect us na…u cant suspect me na…..

Tears rolled from both raglak eyes ???

Laksh tell me na u cant suspect ur ragu na….bcz u knew very i loved u…. i cant share my love to anyone ….

Lak : bacha….plz…trust me…i cant suspect u ….if i suspect u thats mean i am triyimg to suspect myself. …..

Raginii u know na i really love u very much….dont trust him he tried to broke our relationship

Rag ; for what ??

Lak : bcz he was madly love with u raginii

Y laksh y did u suspect us…. u hurted me laksh….

Lak : ragini trust my words…. he explained all to her…. how he challenged him in textile…. fake accident….

She slapped laksh suddenly ??? y did u hurting me like this laksh…. what did u triying to prove me laksh

U r suspecting dev who rescue me from college fight….who rescue u from cop…who take cared that child ….

I didnt expect this from u laksh…. ???

Lak : ??? raginii u r trusting him inetead of ur husband

Good…. first time…first time in my life….i felt ashamed of u raginii….

He turns towards dev and crossed his hands and said thank u so much …. can u plz stay away from our life…. u done alot….

He left from their…..

One week passed …..

Both raglak didnt speaked eachother both r behaving rude….

Suddenly laksh fixed meeting with that same USA claint which was postponed

He packed his luggages.. .and sent msg to rocky……but didnt informed to raginii….

Raginii was sleeping in guest room … laksh get ready and went to guest to room he saw raginii sleeping peacefully teared rolled from his eyes…..he left without informed to her ….

Suddenly ragini shouted laksh name in dreamz….. she sat on bed….she was sweating continuously bcz of bad dream….she can felt something gonna happend wrong. …… she wished to meet laksh immediately

She ran to raglak room he was not there….

She searched him everywhere…..but she cant found him….she makes call to him but no response from him…..

She was broked fully ??? then shout his name …….laksh

Suddenly rcky called her…. she wipes her tears and picks that call…

Rcky : raginii if he forgot any file ….plz check that for me…

Perhaps he forgot means he cant came back from USA na

Rag : USA

Rcky : yes tmrw he have meeting with them na …. he didnt inform this to u raginii…

Rag : when was flight ??

Rcky : 5 o clock

Raginii saw clock it was 4 :24 she cuts that call and goes to airport

On the way her car get breakdown…..

she saw time…. then she starts to ran from there…….

Her legs hits stone while running …..so her legs starts to bleed….

She reached airport before 5 o clock….
But securitys didnt allowed her to go in…

She pleaded them to allow her….tears rolled from her eyes ???

She kept tried to laksh mobile ….but no use

She was crying badly…… suddenly someone pushed her hand and pulled her pin to the wall

Its none other our laksh….she hugged him tightly ❤❤

Laksh also raised his hands to hugg back her but he didnt

He pushed her away.. and asked what do u want raginii

Rag : laksh i dont need any explanations. …i need u….plz dont leave me…..like this…. i can forgive u laksh whatever u did

Lsk : so u still believe him not me raginii u broked my last hope too ??

He tried to move on….. she hold his hand….but he pushed her hand away…..she lost her balance she fell down…..she mourn in pain

Laksh turns back and picks her in arms….she hold his collar …..he was avoiding her eyelock ????

He tied her leg with his hanky…… which was bleedy by the hit on stone….

Then he leave her….. she shouted his name…..laksh plz stop…. dont go i love u laksh……. She burst out

He already left. …..

Raginii returning to her home by walking…..she was fully broken by heart ?? with teary eyes ??

She heared some childrence sound while walking ….. she turned to see them

She was shocked…… bcz sruthi was speaking with another childrence…….

She remaind dev words…..she cant able to talk from birth …… then how she was speaking like this

She goes near her and asked all…she revealed fake accident news to her…..

Raginii eyes turns to more teary ???? so dev lied to me

She went to dev house and searched him everywhere finally she entered his room and shocked ????

His room fully covered with raginii pictures she realised laksh words….. tears rolled from her eyes ???

Suddenly dev came there….she slapped him continuously. …..

How cheap u r ?? Y did u do this to me …..u betrayed me

U totally spoiled my life…..u dont deserve my love and friendship too

I love laksh…..i cant share my love to anyone. …. he is my life…. i blindly love him…..mind it….. then she left

Dev felt guilty for his deeds …….????

Next day :

Ragini holding laksh coat and crying badly

Suddenly rcky called her and informed laksh not yet reached USA

Rag : shocked ????? what

Laksh wr r u ?? She puts kneel down and cried badly

On the other side someone kidnapped laksh then tied his hands on chair……that was a dark room

He opend his eyes and looked around and shouted

Someone came there and stood infront him bcz of darkness he cant look them

Soon she revealed her face towards him thats none other kavya

Lak : u …..

Kav : dont shout ?? Yes i am

( guyz i dont want to elaborate kavya dialogues ….so i came to conclusion )

Laksh and kavya fighting eachother ( bla bla )

Laksh missed raginii presence …..and remaind her words……i luv u laksh

A beautiful smile appeared on his lips

On the other side rcky and ragini complaint to cop about laksh missing

They traced his mbl signal …..

Then went to the spot …… dev also came to help her….. he apologised to raginii….

All rounded the spot…… at the same time laksh untied his hand….. and tried to escape from there ……

Suddenly one foot step….. he hide himself behind the wall that was none other raginii

Both felt strange feeling ………..he saw her shadow. ..he moved little to see who was that …..

He saw ragini was standing there with teary eyes ???

He called her name ….. she turns back and found laksh who was standing infront of her

She ran near to him and hugged him tightly ❤❤❤❤❤ then gives butterflies kisses to him then he too hugged back her then cupped her face then tried to ask sry before that she closed his mouth…….then shared beautiful eyelocks ??????

Laksh , rocky and dev fighted with that goons finally cops came there and arrested kavya…..

Dev wished them …….to live happily like this ☺☺ rcky also smiled so everything is fine now…let give some space for the couples

Lak : sry raginii u missed me na last few days

Rag : she nodd no……

Lak : turned his face kiddishly so me only missed u badly

Raginii cupped his face then makes him facs her then held his hand then placed it on her belly..

When u leave me ur son consoled me…..mamma i am here with u ?

Lak looked her happily ……. then he kissed her forehead … He captured her lips happily…. ?? that turns to an passionate lip locks

He merged his head with her….. then said he is symbol of our love ❤❤❤❤❤

Blind of love

???? Happy End ❤??

Guyz i hope u like it and really really tq u so much guyz those who encourage me to write who kept read my ff and left cmnt without ur support i cant reach this level once again tq u so much plz leave ur cmts to my final part silent readers tq to u too… Lets see with new story…. Till then bye guyz….

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