Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 20) By Anaz

Blind of love -part 20

Car move on , ragini imagine her family sendoff her happily from terrace she turns to teary ,?? laksh understood her pain and touch her shoulder in consoling way she held her head on his shoulder ❤❤❤

After 15 more minutes :

In air port :

Dp gets worry bcz they didnt reach there , rocky notice this and convince him dont worry uncle they will be reach soon

Dp : already checking is over but they didnt come rcky

Rcky : wait uncle i will call him ( then he called laksh )

Laksh : pick that call and said yah rcky tell me ..

Rcky : what i tell ?? U idiot what is the time now u both didnt reach here ?? Uncle gonna smash me ( bcz i give u an idea na )

Laksh : sry rcky i am in traffic thats y

Rcky : idea ! ( he ask him to hold line ) and said sadly uncle ragini faints down so he take her to hospital thats y they didnt reached here ( laksh speechless )

Dp : really what happened to her , come lets go to meet her

Rcky : omg ??? no no uncle she is fine ( doc said , if she take rest she will be alright )

Dp : actually i had an meeting so i wanna go immediately what i do now

Rcky : uncle i have an idea shall we go now in this flght , they will came through car ( after discharge her )

Dp : agreed and moved

Rcky : he jumps in happy ( all just looked him strangely ) ??? then he too move

Traffic :

Here laksh also excited bcz he gots time to spend with ragini ????

Traffic cleared :

Laksh wished to tell this to ragini ??

But she was sleeping ????
Laksh stare her crazily ☺ and put hand in chin then keeps looking her , and said u r beautiful ragu ❤❤ while sleeping ( actually both r sitting in back side )

Laksh asked driver to stop the car ☺☺
Then he gets down , laksh give money to driver and send him then he start to drive

He drive continuously but didnt disturb ragini , he silently enjoying our sleeping beauty through mirror and drive slowly ( his intention is only nothing will disturb her sleep , bcz she is sleeping calmly after few days ) ❤❤❤❤

Suddenly a person cross that road he puts a break .. ragini wakesup her head hits in front seat and shout ouch…… ????

Laksh turns back ragini ….. r u k , he gets down and open the door of her side and sofetly massaged her head its paining u ragini …. ?????

Rag : no laksh its k , what happened? ?

Laksh : actually one idiot cross road without noticing our car ??

Rag : i know laksh i dint asked about that

Laksh : then ??

Rag : laksh where is driver , see time is 3: 45 its too late

Laksh : ragini chill ??? actually we miss flight bcz of traffic , so pappa & rcky left

Rag : omg , uncle got angry bcz of me

Laksh : cup her face no ragini not like that actually what happened means …. ☺ ( he told all )

Ragu hits his chest ☺☺☺ so u lied to my uncle

Laksh : ouch ….

Ragu shocked ??? sry laksh its hurt u

Laksh : ☺☺☺☺☺ smiled

Ragu u again tease me she hits him again hardly ??

Laksh : ouch … ragini its paining

Then he picked her in his arm ??? she looked him shockly bcz he lift her in public

Ragu laksh plz drop down me , see all r watching us ???

Laksh : so what mrs laksh maheshwari i dont bother about that ❤❤❤

Ragu : blushed ???

He lift her more closely she lost her balance so she hold his collar tightly ❤❤❤ then held her head on his chest now she can hear his heartbeats clearly ..

He make her sit on front seat and put her sealt belt , then he goes near to her and ask her wisperly shall we go to a long trip ????

Ragu : nodes yes and start to blush ❤❤

Laksh start car then start to drive , ragini asked him , laksh when realize u too loves me

Laksh : sry ragini i lied to u

Ragini : pardon? ??

Laksh : yah ragini i told u na , i forget our childhood days ??

Rag : yes

Laksh : actually no ragini i didnt forgot that lovable days with u

Ragus eyes turn to teary , then said plz laksh dont play with me again

Laksh : no ragini i am serious

Actually i tried to forget my past manytime but cant , u know ragini in my life i thought

Our childhood days only giving me a pleasure others killing me every second

Ragu wipes her tears and smiled ☺☺☺ so u know me very well then y did u behave like that ??

Laksh : actually ragini u r looking very naughty in our childhood na , now u turn to a elegant princess , most adorable thats y i suspect u

Ragini : laksh y did u tease me ,??

Laks: hey y did u grlz always behave strange ?? Unbelievable

Ragu : what strange ??

Laksh : i heard grlz always wished to praise their beauty by someone

But u hits me like this , ☺☺☺ this is not fair ragu i expect something more from u raginii but u spoiled it

Ragu : mr hubby what did u expect from me

Lsksh : kiss , hug , liplock something like that ??❤❤❤❤

Oh my dear husband ( she pull his cheek ) did u need a kiss

Laksh : ???? yeah

Ragu : so close ur eyes ????

Lsksh stop the car and park it sidely ??? and close his eyes tightly and turn his face towards ragini

Ragu : mindvoice ( just i played with him but he stop this car for a kiss omg i am gonna finished )

After seeing his innocent face her heart melts so she goes near to his face and cup his face then she kissed his cheek ????? then its turn to a passionately

Laksh felt like flying in the air ???????❤❤❤❤ then she pushed him away but laksh hold her tightly then ask another one ,, she star ti beat his shoulder no laksh plz lets go

Laksh : no i need again ?????

Raginii looked him kiddishly…

Screen freezed with their happy face

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