Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 19) By Anaz

Part -19

Blind of love ❤❤❤

Laksh hugs ragu from her back ❤❤ and praise her beauty , she start to blush ??? ( then she saw again in mirror ) and shocked bcz laksh was not their .. its was her imagination ???? she smiles herself

Ragu day by day u gonna madly in love with him thats y u starts to live in the imaginary world , omg she suspected if her marriage is also dream she suddenly pinch her hand and shout ouch……. ???? its paining so finally i am married ????

Laksh enter her room and stare her and call her name raginiii ????

She bites her lips ? and thought perhaps he saw my sceen what i did infront of mirror thats y he came to tease me ??

She turns and look him naughtly ?? yah laksh

Laksh : hold her hand and plead her to forgive him

Ragu confused to see him ??

Laksh what happend to u y did u behaving like this ???

Laksh : woh actually i am really sry ragini without ur permission i married u but i did it for my selfishness

Ragu : felt proud about laksh ( bcz he respect her feelings ,?? ) actually the fact is she already start to felt herself as his wife when he married her infront of maa …

Laksh : plz ragini forgive me na plz i never did this with any intention , ( ragu puts hand in his mouth )

Ragu : laksh plz dont apologies to me i know there is no intention in that . U saved me laksh , i can understand that circumstances forced u to do like this ☺

Actually i am very happy bcz of u , see now no one can separate u from me na

Laksh : nodes yes ?

So … ragu …. u r turned to ragini laksh maheshwari na ??❤❤❤❤❤

Actually yes ( she gives a deep breath )

So mr husband can u please go out now ???

Laksh : for what ,

Ragu : i wanna change my dress then want to pack my bag

Lsksh : gribs her waist ❤ and pulls her closely ??? ragu puts her hands in his chest and looked in his eyes , he goes near her shoulder side and smelled her ??? lovingly . Her heart beats start to raised ❤❤❤❤❤ like wise laksh too .

She heared some foots step thats intterupts their romance she pushed him away

Laksh : raginii …..

Ragu : mr . Husband pappa told to u na u till wait for our official mrg so now u plz go out ????

She pushed him out ( but laksh plead her plz ragini i cant wait )

Ragu: laksh see pappa jiii

Laksh turns suddenly he is not their ( before that she closed that door ) laksh thought she is so crazy ????

1 hour later :

Dp & rocky r waiting in hall they already packed their bags and waiting for raglak

Laksh also comes down , he saw ragu is not their , dp told him to pick ragini and come to airport

Me and rcky goes first ☺☺☺ ( rcky signald him to enjoy ) ???

Laksh also signald back ????

( it was laksh & rcky plan ) then they left

Ragini room :

She is still busy with her packing , laksh starts to cough …….

Ragu turns towards laksh .. ???? she gives some water to him did u feel better now

Laksh : nodes yes

He sat on her bed and keep watching her ????

She keeps packing her bag , she bites her tounge omg how i forget that laksh

Laksh : what ?? Is that very important to u but what was that ??

She didnt rply and start to seek evrywhere , laksh also helped her ( he tooks body spray in his hand and ask this one , ragu )

She replied no laksh … in killing look

Continuosly he picks something and asked to her , she nodes no no no its very important one laksh ❤❤❤❤

She kneel down where r u krish ???

Laksh : krish ??? ??? whose that ?? Its important than me ?? He jealoused

Ragu goes near to him and turn her face kiddishly and said offcourse yes laksh

Laksh : giving killing look to her but excited to see who is he???

Ragu : krish u here ???????

Lsksh turn to see him and looked her confused ???

Ragu tightly huggs her teddy ❤❤❤❤ and said i love u krish ,

Laksh cooled himself after confirmed its just a teddy bear

Ragu keeps talk with that ❤❤❤❤ laksh little jealosed bcz her loved one
Keeps romancing with teddy this is not fair

He angrily sat on bed ragu noticed that and sits beside him and throw that down ☺☺☺ then cups his face and makes him to see her eyes , then said i like that teddy but i love u laksh ❤❤❤ nothing is important than u mr . Hubby

Laksh : start to smile ☺☺☺☺

Really thats not important than me right , she nodes yes , so prove it …
Ragu : how ??

Laksh : i dont know ??? but u must prove

Ragu : removes her hair from her neck and asked him to show there, he didnt take her words seriously

She again asked him to see her neck , he moved close near to her ☺ and saw that his eyes were turn to teary ??? with love ❤???

She puts his name as tattoo ❤❤ on her neck side and always used her free hair to hide that

He hugs ❤❤ ragu after seeing that passionately , ????

Ragu : now u agreed na , only u had an important place in my life ???

Laksg : he shakes his head gently , and said i dont know ragini i am a suitable person to u moreover if i worth to get your love ??

Ragu : laksh u r my life and world , my love all ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Plz again dont compare our love to anything

Suddenly rcky called him :

Ragu told him to pick the call

He attend that call and shocked ??

I am sry rcky we will be their in 15 min
Ragu actually we forgot to go to airport

Ragu : laksh omg ???? cz of me na

Laksh help me to pack this , then he also helped her to pack
Then he asked her to go down she also left ( he pick something in his hand and hide that from ragini (i will reveald later what was that) )

Then he also comes down then give key to servant and asked them to takecare that house

She took blessing from that servant his hand shivered while bless her ( because he betrayed) her . He hiddenly helps kavya na

They get in the car , ragu look her house sadly she saw her whole family stood in terrace and gives bye to her happily
??? car moves on laksh saw ragu was worrying about her family he touch her shoulder , she hold his hand and slightly bend her head to his shoulder ❤❤❤❤

Precap : raglak went to long trip ❤❤❤

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