Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 16) By Anaz

Part 16 – Blind of love keep read and leave ur comments

Part – 16

Rocky shocked after seeing that breaking news . He heard some noise so he turns suddenly

Laksh : shouts raaginiiiii….

Laksh lost his control to stand in upstairs he slipped down ( continuously rolled down ) rocky tried to rescue him but cant

His head gets wound he faints , he do some first aid to him then inform to doctor , he came and checked up him then left , laksh gets conscious ???

He gets up with tention rcky tried to console him ??? but laksh didnt control himself he worried lot

Rocky : laksh dont be tensed lets see what they said but laksh didnt

Laksh need to go bangloor immediately to see what happend to ragini finally rcky understood his pain and both left mumbai ????

They reached hospital:

Many cops are their , rcky & laksh asked to them what happend

They said gadodia family returns from hostel on the way lorry hits that car . All r spot out , we officially confirmed 4 dead bodies last one face we cant confirmed bcz her face fully burnt

Laksh heart broked ????????

He losted his controll he is speechless rcky hold him carefully

Rcky : asked to cop sadly whose bodies are identified who was the last one ???

Cop : shekhar , sumi , shekhar mom , driver faces officially confirmed we guess last one was ms ragini gadodia

Laksh hold that police collar and shout she is not dead she is alive she cant go without me anywhere mind it ?????

Rcky released cop frm laksh hands and ask sry to him ( he was worried lot thats y he did this sry sir ) he replied i can understand its k take care of him

Laksh puts kneel down and shout loudly

Raginiiiii ………………….. ??????

Y ragini y ?? Y did u do this to me , how dare u to leave me . I never forgive u in my life raginiii

U dont know ragini ???? i am nothing without u ???? plz come back raginiii this is my mistake ragini
If i express my feelings to u means u stay with me na i didnt express my feelings to u thats y u stay away frm me rght

Ragu plz come back i never lied u hereafter i dont bother about my past plz plz raginiii ( he cries badly ) he saw some surgical thinks are their he took one and tried to stab himself

Rcky pulk that knife from his hand and slap him in angry ???? r u mad laksh y did u behave like this if u die all problem will solve , think about ur father

He hug him and tried to console him suddenly cop calls both for final identification

Laksh identified 4 members sadly final one was that lady ( guessed as ragini dead body )

Laksh hold her hand and start to cry he placed her hand close to his heart but he cant feel anything how he felt before ?

He start to doubted then smile ☺☺☺ rcky she is not ragini
Rcky : laksh control yourself she is ragini , try to accept the truth laksh she is no more now ?????

Laksh : ???? in anger i told u na y dont u understand she is not my ragini she is not . I cant felt anything when i touch her my heart says she is not my ragu

Rky : laksh feelings only comes when they live if its not , then how its react

Laksh : perhaps she is no more but i am alive na i had feelings then y my hearts continously says she is not my ragini
I am sure she is not dead

Rcky : k if she is not dead but who was the 5 th person tell me

Laksh : i dont know about that but she is not my ragu trust me rcky ?????

Rcky : asked doctors to take DNA to confirm its ragini or not ( he agreed )

Laksh & rcky waiting for reports before that dp reached their and felt sadly

Lsksh keeps praying to god plz i need result in negative

Few hours later :

Doctors came and gives that report to cop laksh go and pulk that frm him and open it fast

After seeing that he was shocked his eyes full of tears ❤❤❤❤ rcky cant wait he take that from laksh hand and see it the result is

NEGATIVE ( she is not ragini )

Rcky : jumps in happy laksh she is not died she is alive

Lsksh smiled and both hugged

Rcky u r rhgt laksh she cant live without u ❤❤❤❤

But laksh where is ragini now ??

Laksh face again turns to sad i wanna find her immediately

Rcky goes to complaint to cop

Laksh heart start to beats fast that gentle breeze touch him ,some emotional feelings make him move on to somewhere ?????

He start to run he reached 4th floor his legs stops suddenly . He touch his heart its said to turn his right side , he goes to that side .

He heard some noise frm one room , he watch what happend their .
Doctors are seriously discussed about that patient . They said if she didnt express her feeling out she will stable in her past ( perhaps that accident shock makes her like this ) see her heads r injured she already have heavy temperature, she didnt tried to look all , see she stand like statue thid is not good for her

Laksh heared this and tried to go back but his heart start to beats fast ❤❤❤❤❤ its forced him to see that person so he opens the door and look her but she show her back

Doct : nurse turn her and tried to make her express something its may cry , anger , scar anything if she donanything we can cure her

Nurse : turn her face

Laksh : ❤❤❤❤????? cant control himself and shout raaginiiiiiii ❤❤❤❤❤

Ragu : gets shiver and turns suddenly when she heared her loved one sound ❤❤❤ her eyes looked him

Laksh runs close to her and hug her tightly ??????????❤❤❤ and cup her face tears overflowed from his eyes suddenly he felt ragini didnt response so he unhug her

Laksh : cups her face ragini what happend to u , plz tell me na

Ragu : laugh and said laksh i need icecream , actually maa comes but didnt offer me that , dad and grandy also too bad all r fights with me so they leave me then she start to laugh ???

Laksh looked her confusingly ????

Doct : r u her relation
Lak : yes doc she is my udbi ? but y she is behave strangely

Doct : actually she was in shock , that accident makes her like this , she didnt responds to anything but she reacted when u call her , so u can cure her

Laksh : what , me doct plz tell me how can i cure her i will do anything for her

Doc : tries to make her feelings out

All r left laksh tried to make her express her feelings out

He cups her face and listen ragu plz cry if u cried u will feel better

But nothing cant control her , she keeps murmer like mad

Laksh slap her suddenly ????? thats help her to come back to conscious

Ragini eyes start to overflowed with tears she cries badly ??????? laksh i lost my maaa pappa grandy ?????

Laksh felt guilty he cups her face and hug her tightly ❤❤❤❤❤ he said dont worry ragini i am with u , i never let u leave plz controll urself

She hugs him back ❤❤❤ and keep cry laksh kiss her head and tried to console her then he makes her to see his eyes , he wipes her tears , suddenly she faint ???? but laksh hold her then call doctor

Doct : praise laksh , ur love only can cure her but she need treatment too she had fever including this wounds too so u admitt her

Laksh : ok doct i will do anything for her , dont wry about money if u need foreign doctors to treat her i will arrange but plz cure her ?????

Doc: she needs only care and love mr.laksh only this can cure her soon

In mumbai :

Kavya saw that news and smiles evily before she heared ragini is alive she switched off the tv

Flashback : yestetday

When laksh decided to propose her she gots angrily she blocked him for few hours

Then she calls to gadodia family servant and collect information from him

Then she call to some goons and asked to hit that car , goons also agreed with her she offered huge money to them

Flashback end :
So everything happend like planned

Bangloor : two days later

All formalitys done by dp and rcky

Ragu will discharged she returns to home laksh stayed with her hospital to take care of her

Laksh asked servant to take care her

Rcky : laksh u also go and take rest see ur face look so tired he agreed then go to his room and take rest

Precap : someone pulk ragini laksh fight for her , what he did for her

Hw was the episode guys

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