Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 14 & 15) By Anaz

Guyz today is full of emotional track of raglak dont get upset yrr after this many twist is waiting so here i am giving 14& 15 parts…. keep read and leave ur comments

PART 14& 15

Raglak r in their ❤❤❤ hugs
Suddenly lights turns on all r start to claps … they come back to present ragini start to blush ?? laksh looks her helplessly and move on to somewhere rcky goes behind him .

Ragini search laksh everywhere to said an important matter ??? she keeps blushing ??

But their our lucky ( laksh ) cries badly , rcky scold him , y laksh y did u take chance to break ur relationship with her , i told u just express ur love to her she accept u ☺☺☺ i am sure u both r will the happiest couple ever , plz laksh go and propose her …..

Laksh : no rcky hereafter i stayed here i will express my feelings to her without my knowledge so dont wanna take chance .i just wanna leave frm here now no more excuses , if u think i am a best friend to u just come with me thats final

Rcky :????? nodes yes in anger

In function :

Laksh : pappa , uncle , aunty . I wanna go back to mumbai now

All r asked y ?? He said actually i get a call frm my P.A thats y dad
Dp k laksh we will packup night ( all r agreed sadly )

Ragini heard this and ask laksh , plz stay here few more days plz ????? her eyes start to pleaded him
He continously busy in packing ragu understood nothing will change his mind so she asked him to talk her few minutes

Laksh thought if she proposed me how can i reject her , i cant do that to my ragu i dont want to hurt her ( he said ragu plz its very important so i just wanna go immediately i wil talk to u when i reached home ) she nodes k

All r saying bye to that family
Kavya : hugs raginii fakely but ragus eyes keep watching laksh
Laksh talk with sumi & shekhar and take blessing frm grandy ☺☺whatever happend he can felt ragini staring him ?? he comes close to her and said bye raginiiii

Ragu : her eyes continuously pleading him to stay their ( both r in their eyecontact ??) his eyes says i want to leave nw

Kavya : comes and hold his hand and pull him along with her ( ragu saw that and hurts ) he is also move with her and turns back to see raginiii but she was not their. His eyes overflowed ?????

Ragini cries and runs to terrace , she saw laksh gets in a car and sat in it , car start to move on he fakely said bye to all but his eyes keeps searching raginii ??? suddenly a gentle breeze and some emotional feelings makes him seen on terrace
He saw his loved one ❤ face in moon light , she turns back . Car crossed the gate

Few hours later :
He puts his chin on car glass , all r sleeping in tired but his eyes overflowing with tears his mind fully thinking about ragini i miss u ragini ❤ i am not a suitable person to u

Ragini room :
That whole night she feel stressed cant sleep , she walk here and there .then she start to search her diary everywhere she cant find out . She shout where was it

At the same time laksh pick diary in his hand and placed near to his chest ❤❤ perhaps u r not with me but ur fellings just close to my heart dr

She said i lost my another one happiness including u laksh ❤❤❤

Next day in laksh room :

He was in sleep ??? someone ask him to wakeup

He said few more minutes raginiii ??

Laksh beta gets up its too late ( after hearing that voice he wakes up quick and saw , it was his servant (ramu)

Laksh : woh actually i am sry
Ramu : its k here is ur coffee take it ☕☕

Laksh : sip that coffee ☕☕ and shout what is this
Ramu : what happened

Laksh : this coffee dont have the taste of raginis coffee ??

Ramu : but how do i know her coffee taste if u tell me how to prepare i will prepare like that

Laksh : actually i am very sry dont mind it plz go
See ragini even a coffee also remember u i miss u ragini ❤?

In bangloor :
She prepare coffee and goes to laksh room and opens the door and said laksh here is ur coffee .the room was very silent she suddenly remeber he is already left frm their , thats make her put down the coffee cup . How i forgot this laksh already u left me na ????
She goes near to his bed and touch it gently

Sumi entered suddenly and ask what happens ragini i heared some sound in this place ????

Ragu wipes her tears and said yes maa i too heard thats y i came here but i saw crocoach here so i am scared thats y i put this down sry maaa
I will clean it now
Sumi : k dr

Ragini picks that brocken pieces in her hand but thats scratch her fingers its bleeds

Sumi calls ragini to come down some post for u

Ragu : excited bcz she thought laksh send some post for her she runs down to receive it

Post man : r u ragini put a sign in it
Ragu : put it with pain ( she cuts her finger na )

Sumi : what is that .who send it

Ragu : face turns sad bcz that was frm university for attend the class

Sumi : u waited for this for long na i am really happy for u ragini . They
Packed and send her to hostel ( she goes to their unwilling ) ??????

Laksh room :
He fresh up and choose dress to wear he took pink clr shirt in his hand but suddenly someone said this is not suite to u laksh , if u weared white shirt and black coat u r damn cute . He turns and see its ragini ❤❤❤❤ he smiles ☺☺☺ u dont like it r u sure , she nodes yes ❤ i will weat white as ur wish maam
He looked himself in mirror and ask how is it

Ragini hugs him from his back ❤❤,❤❤❤ and said perfect .see today all girls gonna flirt u
Laksh : really , he turns back and shocked bcz ragu was not their.he turns back he only stand before mirror with pink shirt , he weard white shirt and go to office

He enter his office he start to move on before that he saw a little girl stand before office gate and keep watching ballons ( it was tied in office car ) he remember how ragini loves his first gift ❤❤ he take that and give it to that little one and ask her name she replied ragini ❤❤❤❤❤❤ after hearing that name he kissed her on cheek

Then he moves on to office suddenly receptionist wished him , he turns to wish back and saw ragu is their … he call raaginiiiiii ……
Rcptn: sir i am rithika not raginiiiii

Rcky : he is a big businessman then how can he remember all staff name

Staff : sry sir
Lsksh : its k

Staff : sir , u r looking handsome in this dress

Laksh : smiled ☺☺☺☺☺ and said tq

Rcky : u trying to flirt ur boss this is not fair
Laksh : dont mind u just carryon ( he pulled his hand and take him to his cabin )


So buddy ragini torture u rght , everywhere see she was in ur thought
Lskh : no not like that stop teasing me . And said about Dmk project

( lady staff knocked door )

Laksh : coming ( rcky put his hand on chin and tried to flirt her ) laksh makes some cough sound so rcky alert

What ??

Staff : sir that USA client comes to meet u
Sir ..
Laksh : go and inform him i will be there in 5 min
Wait tell him to wait in conference hall

Staff : sure sir

Rcky : k cryn i am leaving ( lsksh nodes k)

In hostel :

She reached .her friends hugs her but she didnt response properly ????
She heard laksh sound so she start to search everywhere to find that voice
He saw one guy talking in mbl she touch his shoulder and call laksh ❤❤❤ he turns but he is not lsksh

In conference hall
All r presenting in hall that clients start to explain their project they gives some planing about beach restaurant when he heard that ragini thoughts remind him he left that place without informing client

( 10 days pass like this both ragu and laksh lost their presence of mind )

That night :

Its raining in both places

(Ragu and laksh do all in same time just thought like that)

They goes near window and watching rain both r remember raglak moments in rain ❤❤❤❤
Later both r went to terrace rain start to wet them they start to cry

Laksh : plz ragini accept me with my past

Ragini : plz laksh come back soon

Both : in chorus ( i cant live without u just come back to my life )❤❤❤❤❤❤
I am nothing without u ????????

Next day : (hostel)

Ragini didnt wakeup ( it was that interview day ) her friend try to wake up her but cant they touch her she was shivering in cold fever .
They immediately inform to doctor and her parents
She continuously murmurs laksh ❤❤❤ name while sleep
Doct : she had cold fever so she must take rest dont allow her to do anywork

Mumbai : ( laksh room )

Like same laksh also dint wakeup .he was also affected with fever

Ramu informs to rcky bcz dp not in home , unfortunately kavya also with rcky . They come to see laksh and inform to doctor . He came and chek him and said he will be alright if he take rest properly

After doc left

Kavya sits besides him and touch his hand suddenly laksh hold her hand tightly kavya start to fly in the air

Laksh murmurs something , she excited to heard that but he continuously murmur ragini name ❤❤❤❤

She got angry

Few hours later :

Sumi comes to hostel to pick ragini , she still faint bcz of medicine effect
Actually whole family came their to see her shekhar pick her in his arm and make her laid on car all r get in car its start to move

Laksh room :

Laksh wakesup and saw kavya and rcky standing infront of him

Rcky help him to gets up

Laksh: u r right rcky i cant live without her so now i wanna go and meet her
Rcky : jumps in happy , and hug him i knew it come lets go

Kavya : start to burn in anger ??????? and think if i couldnt stop him now i lost him forever

She blocked them

Laksh & rcky : what r u doing leave me

Kavya : i thought laksh is careless but rcky u too

Doc said na if he took rest he will be alright soon , laksh ragini never go anywhere so u have enough time to propose her

Rcky : she rght laksh

Laksh also agreed

Kavya excuses them and left that place

( she makes a call to someone it was muted )
She smiles evily and said bye bye ragini see u in heaven

Evening :

Rcky watching wrestling interestingly with eating potato chips he moves his body here and there how the wrestlers move suddenly he sat on remote so channel changed


He tried to change that channel before that gadodia family members pictures showed in news

That news was gadodia family met an accident and whole family died in that accident including driver that was officially confirmed but one lady face fully burnt in fire that was not confirmed by the cops

When this news heared by rcky ????? he shocked
Laksh also heat this news and lost his balance from upstairs ???????

Hw was the episode frdzzz guess our ragini is alive or not

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