Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 12) By Anaz

Guyz i am typing in mbl so many grammatical mistakes i found so ignore it

Blind of love part -13

Sumi calls ragini so she left terrace

After she left kavya enter their

Both laksh & rcky r very happy to see her smile face of ragini , so they discuss about that ☺☺☺

Kavya : laksh , can u plz stop laughing ??

Laksh & rcky : what happened kavya

Kavya : u both r very happy for her na . Laksh first u read this diary then ur smile gonna hide from ur lips ????

Laksh : what ? Whose diary this ??

Kavya : its ragini diary ☺☺ laksh

Laksh : did u have any sence , did u stole this frm her ???

Kavya : actually not like that ??

Laksh : how shameless u r ? Who gives u a rights to read anotherone personal diary? Kavya

Kavya : now this not a matter laksh actually matter was what she wrote in it

Laksh : what do u mean kavya ??

Kavya : laksh , u think she is a very good friend of you , i am right

Laksh : speachless ??

Rcky : kavya , what did u trying to say

Kavya : i am come to the point
She dont deserve ur friendship like me laksh , she is in love with u laksh . She loves u frm her bottom of her heart

Laksh : stop it kavya . Enough i cant hear anymore , dont blame her again go

Kavya : no laksh i am not , first u read it then u scold me i will accept

He pulks that frm her hand and run to his room , rocky goes behind him

Kavya claps , and said so the game is over raginiii and smirks ???

Ragini room :

She chek her mail and turn her face sadly ( she got special chance to take interview a legend but before that she must attend a cls ) actually she waited for this offer for long but she dont intrest to leave laksh now so she closed that

She confused to select dress to wear in anniversary of maa – pappa

Laksh room :

Laksh start to read that diary . She mentioned every raglak moment in that he remember all scenes while reading that his eyes full of tears , he helpless to smile now ???

Thid was watched by kavya through window ( she just enjoyed that ) sceen and left

Rcky : laksh what r u doing ? Why did u behave like this

Laksh : u know very well about my past , then how did u simply ask me what happened ?

Rcky : yes i know ur past , so what ?? Y did u over reacted for this

Laksh : what means what rocky ? This is impossible

Rcky : no its possible laksh

Laks : wt do u mean ??

Rcky : i mean it thats y i am saying this laksh

Laksh : no rcky

Rcky : shut up . Whats ur prblm now laksh

Laksh : she loves me ❤

Rcky : yes i knew it

Laksh : u knew this already but u hide it from ur best friend

Rcky : claps and start to laugh ???

Laksh : stop it this non – sence rcky

Rcky : i have sence but u dont

Laksh : what u mean ?? Actually u knew it na she loves me ??

Rcky : yes i knew it , when i see her first time , i can understood her feelings to u …………… at the same time urs too …….

Laksh : mine…. ( he turns )

Rcky : yes urs . Just stop acting too smart i know u r also love her

Perhaps your tounge can hides this truth to me but your eyes cant laksh

Laksh : no u r wrong

Rcky : no u r alwayas wrong laksh , y did u hide you love from her , dont tell bcz of this silly past . For godsake i am fedup laksh

Laksh : i cant forget my past rocky

Rcky : shut up laksh .hereafter i cant tolerate this nonsence , how many times i told u . This is not ur mistake so dont feel guilt try to understand laksh

Laksh : perhaps i didnt do anything but i am responsible for this.

Rcky : i dont need any excuses did u love her or not

Laksh : rcky plz ???

Rcky : i need yes or no

Laksh : muted ……

Rcky : pulk that diary in his hand and add one picture of ragini with it and tried to burn infront of laksh

When laksh saw this his heart beat start to raised .he rush to pulk that diary frm rcky ????

Rcky : now i get an answer from u laksh

So u love her ?????

Laksh : yes i love ❤❤❤ her , i love her from my bottom of my heart

Rcky : hugs him and kiss him , i am very happy laksh
But he push him away

Laksh : but i never reveal this to her ever

Rcky : slap him in angry ?????

Laksh : his eyes are overflowed with tears

Rcky felt guilty then he hold his face gently , i am sry laksh i wanna see that happiness again in ur face forever….
Only ragini can give this to u laksh

Laksh : yes she can make me happy but when she knew about my past she lost her happiness forever

Rcky : y did u think negatively perhaps she will accept u and ur past

Laksh : perhaps ….. see perhaps … u also mean it
I dont give a chance to hurt her

U know she is very cute always behave like a kid , very innocent too, sensitive type , she cries for litte things
U saw na after nayana left frm here how she felt
Rcky : but u gonna hurt her more than that . Bcz of ur ego ??

Laksh : smiled ☺☺☺ u r wrong

Actually true love never give space to ego

I gonna sacrifice my love for my ragini happyness , i just wanna see her in happy its enough to me

He put that diary close to his chest and close his eyes tightly then knewldown his eyes r overflowed

He shouts I Love ❤ u ragini , i luv u

Ragini turns suddenly in her room and touch her heart ( its raised fastly ) some emotionally breeze touch her and thinks y i felt like this someone calling me ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Rcky left that place in anger ?????

Next day ( maa pappa anniversary day )

Full home decorated by beautiful flowers and colourful lights its look like heven

All r presenting in hall except our youths ??????????

Rcky & kavya comes down in casual wears
Sumi : gives traditional dress to both they go to change

At evening :

All r gathered in a function sumi , dp and shekahar busy to welcome all and receive gifts

Laksh looking very handsome in traditional dress likewise rocky too
But kavya looking very funny in lehanga

All r raising the same question where is raginiii ……

Infact laksh ? eyes already start to search his ragu ???
He is not in present of mind he cant feel anything ????

Suddenly his heart ❤ beart start to raised fastly he felt that gentle breeze
He hold rcky hand and said ragu is coming i can feel it ?????

Rcky searched everywhere and said no she is not here

Laksh : no my heart said she comes???
Rcky turns and saw ragini is coming he just woow ????

Laksh turns back and see her in traditional dress ?????? he totally lost in her bcz she is look like queen in that dress he cant take his eyes of her

Kavya also jealoused to see her .ragu comes near to them she just hit her legs she losted her balance so she leaves her hand in air its hits the flowers its start to shower before that laksh put his hand in her waist ❤❤❤❤❤ and pull along her close now she is safe in his arm both r in flower shower ???????????

Then he make her stand she asked to him how is she look in that dress

Laksh & rcky : u r just osm , no words to praise ur beauty ragu in this dress ❤❤❤

Kavya : gets jealoused . And ask about her

Rcky : u r looking very funny in this dress plz go and change . They start to laugh ??????

Rag: stop laughing if she adjust her salwar properly she also look pretty in this . She start to help her but laksh cant take eyes of her ???????

Suddenly someone announced kavyas performance on stage

Its rcky , kavya went to stage to dance but rcky put a local sng she cant dance in that sng she makes fun in stage ??????

Then rcky announce raglak name ??

All r forced them to go stage

They r standing on a stage sng start to play its( ang laga ) sng

All lights r turns to off , now lights put on raglak they totally forgot about surroundings they start to dance romantically then its turn to passion ❤❤❤❤ his fingers start to play in her body while dancing thats make her very shy finaly he makes her spinz roundly she fall on his chest ???? that dance end with hug ❤❤

Hw was the episode guyz

Precap : one family fully died in accident guess which family

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