Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 13 A) By Anaz

Guys I posted 13th part as 12th I’m really sorry ?? this is the actual 12th part.. I’m really sorry for ur inconvenience ….

Blind of love – part 12(actual)

Next day morning :

Ragini hugs sumi and continuosly cries ????? badly in the hall

Sumi tries to console her

Laksh & rcky comes down after hearing some noise

Nw all r presenting in hall , and raised same question what happened to her y she was crying like this ??

Sumi said something to them ( it was muted ??? )

After hearing this laksh rush to run out and saw garden ????

It was totally destroyed , even a small plants is not their

Laksh kick that burned pot ???? in anger ( he goes near to that burn plant and touch that little bit of tears in his eyes )

Rcky touchs laksh shoulder , he turns with teary eyes ??

Rcky : laksh y did u behave like a kid , its just a garden thats it we can recreate it simple ☺☺☺

Laksh : no rcky its not just a garden , actually u dont know the value of it .
Do u know this is the world of raginiii ?

She loves it ‘ she share her feelings thought, whatever here

I know the pain of ragini infact i felt it in my life so i can understand her feeling better than all

He saw servant is standing their , he goes near to him and hold his collar

Who the hell did this , its u

Servant : no sir i am not responsible for this

No u did this. i only suspected u bcz u had the responsible to maintain this .then how is this possible tell me otherwise i will kill u

Rcky : released servant frm him and control his anger , laksh cool down perhaps its burn through electricity .

Laksh : but how

Rcky : see their wires are collapsed

Both came to hall

Sumi keeps console her , dp offers her imported plants but she rejected it and didnt stop crying

Kavya : smiles after seeing this and things

Flashback :

Yesterday night before go to bed she offers some amount of money to servant and ask to destroy it without making noise

Flashback end :

( she smiles evily ????? )

Laksh signald to all to go inside, they also leave one by one , but kavya didnt
Rocky hold her hand and take her to his room

Now only eagu and laksh in the hall
Laksh sits beside her and hold her hand tried to convince her but nothing could stop her tears
So he take her to park ☺☺☺☺

Kavya saw both r leaving to somewhere so she keeps follow them

In park :

Laksh hold her face and ask to look into his eyes ? , she slowly look his eyes

Love start to flowed in their eyes ???? thats make her tears stop .

Laksh : ragu can u see the same pain in my eyes ,

I can understand its very important to u but always remember once is lost its lost thats means this is not the end . So never giveup we can make another wonderfull garden like this ragu ☺☺☺☺ smile plz

But laksh this is not simple , do u know y thats garden special to me

Laksh : yes i know bcz that is ur world ?

Ragu : no laksh

Laksh : then

Ragu : did u heard about ” kurinji ” flower

Laksh : nope

Ragu : its rare flower we can see it in hills side that flower will blossom only in 12 years gap
That plant gifted when i was at the age of 12 now i am 24 now so its mean its blossom time of it ?????

Laksh : its k ragini i will offer that plant

Ragu : we can buy anything laksh but thats not a matter , i take care that plant too much bcz that plant always remember that person who gifted me , do u know laksh who was that person ???

Laksh : confused and ask who ??

Ragu : her words break and said emotionally its ur mom laksk , annapoorna aunty she offer me when i was 12 ??

Laksh : his eyes filled with tears he cant control his emotions ❤❤❤❤ he hugs her tightly with lots of emotions and cups her face ????

All these watched by kavya behind the tree ( her mind voice ) i thought she hurts alot but they closed more emotionally

They break hug now ragini can understand his emotions so she console him with her beautiful smile ☺☺☺☺☺☺

He wipes his tears and said .

Ragu ur nayana is coming , she smiled and pick her in hand then give lots of kiss to her

Both laksh & ragu played in that park with nayana for sometimes then she gives bye to both and left

Kavya noted that , so here is another one happyness , k i will destroy it soon

Kavya went to nayana home and sat in hall with headweight
Her father questiond who ??

She throw huge money in his face and give offer to him

You can join my dads company with one condition . Not allowed ur child to meet mrs ragini gadodia mind it

They agreed and packup

In home :

Sumi wait for raglak arrival, she eagerly wants to know she is fine

They cameback with lots of smiles ☺☺
She comes and hug sumi sry maa bcz of me u worried lot she said its k dr

Laksh stand with smile ☺☺☺ rcky comes near of him and ask to him which magic u try to her i need that to convines my babes ???
Laksh hits his shoulder friendly

After lunch :

Kavya enter to home sumi ask kavya come and take ur lunch

Kavya : its k aunty i ate out
Sumi : its not good for health dr
K , what was in ur hand beta

Kavya : this is for ragini ,

Ragu : for me , who gives this ??

Kavya : i dnt knw ??

Ragu open it and turns her face to sad , laksh notice it and bought frm her hand and read it ??

Laksh ask to kavya , who gives this to u

Kavya : security

Laksh thinks how i convince her again nayana family left frm this place this news hurt her again so much

Ragu : its k laksh she is not my family so i dont have rights to love her , she wipes tear and left frm there

Laksh & rcky : how to make her happy ☺☺☺

Kavya : chhhhhh ????? sry ragini finally i won . U gonna miss her badly

In terrace :

Laksh & rcky comes to terrace , they saw already ragini was their so they decide to make her happy ☺☺ , later they join with her

She gives a fake smile ☺☺

Laksh & rcky continuously makes fun to make her happy but they fail bcz she didnt smile and try to leave that place

Laksh : before that he hold ragini hand ?? ragu see we tried alot to make u happy but u still in this mood

Ragu : speechless for sometime then saw both face

Then start to laugh ??? plz change ur face expression laksh bcz u both look like a chimpanzees

Laksh & rcky : chimpanzees ????? ragini u r finished

Laksh tries to catch her she start to run laksh keeps follow her

Rcky silently enjoying their bond ?? and think i didnt see lsksh was happy like this last few years u r the only reason ragini for this smile

U r the perfect partner to him , only u can make him happy and help to forgot his past life

They keep running , ragini hides behind rcky but rcky catch her and give her to laksh hand she cant move now she is arrested by both
Ragu leave me bro plz

Rcky : u tease me na , chimpanzee

Ragu : sry sry plz leave me

Rcky & lsksh : u r finished ragini

Ragu close her eyes

But suddenly both hug her so sweet , she blinks

They said chorusly u r looking very beautiful when u smile so keep smile ragu ☺☺☺☺

Hw was the episode guys

Precap : kavya gives ragu diary to laksh ?? Whats happend he accept her or reject guess ???
Here is the link for 13th part which I posted as 12th I’m really sorry guys ???hope you didn’t get confused because of my mistake


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