Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 11) By Anaz


ragu : jealoused and her stomach start to burn ?????

Laksh unbroke hug ???? rcky notice it he was not intrested in it .

He welcomed her ( ragu start to look her top to bottom , she look her dress its was very short ?and felt ????? how shameless she is , little possessiveness started )

Kavya start to said laksh u knw how much i miss u blah blah…. ??? he said stop it kavya go and freshup first we will talk later

Sumi : yah beta go and change and take rest for sometime ( she told to ragini to show her room )

Ragu : shows her room and tries to said something before she finishing that she close that room suddenly

Its makes her disappointed ??? i thought she dont know manners thats y behave like this ( continuosly murmer and goes to kitchen to prepare coffee for all )

Kavya throw her bag down , and shout in anger , laksh you dont have time ti talk with me ???? i came here to see u but u avoide me na i want to find out what was the reason soon

Laksh room :

Actually rcky and laksh wished to stay in same room , laksh put his bag safely in cupboard; rcky jumps into bed and lied in bed

Laksh smiles ☺☺ he gets up suddenly and touch his shoulder then ask y did u call me to come here

Laksh replied i am not feeling well yesterday here thats y rcky , actually i ask u to come here but y did u come with her , u know very well she never give space to us ????

Rcky : thats fate lucky : she continuosly tortured me to knw abt u thats y sry

Laksh : she thinks i am a good friend to her but i cant i dont know y hw strange

K fine i am very happy to see here

Rcky : what hpnd dr y did u behave like this suddenly i didnt saw u like this before see ur face its gloving yah

Lsksh : dnt tease me rcky i am serious

Rcky : even i too serious , u know i can see that bliss in ur eyes i can said this sure u r happy here without thinking about ur past

Laksh : yes rcky i am , i came back to my home .only happiness surounding here i can felt it i totally forgot my past but rcky yesterday incident remember me that unforgettable past

Rcky : console him , forgot past welcome ur future laksh

Suddenly kavya enters that room without knocking ???

She ask laksh y dont u inform me and didnt call me last few days , i am scared about u laksh i miss u so much
Laksh : sry kavya i forgot

Kavya looked him ( how can u forget me laksh ( mind voice ) ??

Then she hide it and goes near to him

Suddenly ragu knocked door

Laksh : coming ragu

Rcky : come ragini wtsp ??

Ragu : smile ☺☺☺ i prepare this coffee specially for u bro

Laksh : so only for him ??

Ragu : laksh u alwayas special to me ???

Laksh & rcky : took the coffee and start to drink the start to praise her coffee
Laksh : she is a best cooker unbeatable ever
Kavya burnt in anger then hide it he hold her phone tightly

Ragu gives coffee to kavya , she smiled fakely and dashed her hand wantedly so that hot coffee suffuse ragu hand , she put that plate down bcz her hand burnt

Kavya : sry sry ragini ( smiles evily in heart )

Laksh : runs to her and suffuse water in her hand then put some ointment in her hand

Ragu loves his caring ??? but hated by kavya

She ask fake sry to her
Ragu : its k kavya u dont have any intention to do this so leave it

Laksh : come lets go to hospital ragini

Rcky & kavya : can see a care of her in his eyes

Kavya : hold laksh shoulder hey relax its a small wound not an operation y did u worried lot she comes close to him takes more advantage

Ragu : notice it and felt she try to seduce him , she cant control her feelings so she gets up and left that place suddenly laksh looks ragini side and keep talk about her

Kavya gots irritated so she is also left thst place

Ragini room :

Ragini cant controll her tears he hugs her pillow tightly and cries badly

Y laksh y did u give too much of advantage her how dare she can touch my laksh y laksh y did u allow her

I thought she try to seduce you , perhaps its my imagination , whatever i dont want to see this again

Kavya room :

She close the door tightly and start to broke all things . she throws pillows here and there and start to behave like psycho

She starts to shout how dare u laksh, y did u take care of her this is not fair , when i see ur eyes i can see , so much of love and affection for her , i dint see this before even for me too , laksh i never allow this again . So this is the reason u avoiding me right,

Laksh i madly love with u till our collage days i never allow any girl come close to you but u crossed ur limit raginiiii

Now u r my target raginiii i will destroy u ragini soon and get back my laksh forever at any cost
He is only mine ( she smiles evily ???? )

( she is a selfish can do anything for her success )

Dp & shekhar come back to home sumi recieve them and inform to them about rcky & kavya arrival

All r presented in hall except ragini she was still in moodout . All r discussing about anniversary laksh eyes searched for raginiii .
Kavya notice this and call him laksh say ur suggestion
Laksh : yeah

Grandy : asked where is ragini ??

All r raising same question to sumi except kavya she irritated

Sumi : she was in her room , wait i will call her , ragini come down dr pappa calling u .
She comes down and smiled uninterested ??

She saw seat is free near laksh . She tried to sit beside him before that kavya notice it and sat besides him and put her hand in his shoulder

Ragu gets hurt again she hide her tear grandy makes her sit beside her

Laksh : happy now bcz ragu is their but she didnt speak even a single word bcz she is jealoused

So she excuse them and left hall grandy notice it and goes back to her

Ragini room :

Toych her shoulder : ragu y did u cry

Ragu : no grandy i am not crying i thought some dust makes my eyes irritated thsts y tears

Grand: console her i know about my ragu i can see a jealous in your eyes i never saw this before . U r jealoused with kavya right

Ragu : yes i am jealous bcz i love laksh more than anything grandy ????

Grandy : i knw that , dnt behave like child just think like mature,

Ragu : what r u trying to say

Grandy : kavya and laksh r collegemate living in same place , mumbai is developed place so this is natural they behave like this only : so they dont have any intention so dont confusef dr smile ☺☺☺

Ragu : actually grandy i BLINDLY Love with him grandy thats y my brain didnt think this sry

Night : ?????

(Ragini had one habit to wrote diary she writes whaever happend in that )
So here she writes something in that before writing about kavya sumi calls her to come down

She goes down it wad noticed by kavya behind the window and enter her roomthen stole her diary

She start to read that diary and knew about her happyness ,intrest, strong , week , including her love on laksh

After reading this she throw that diary in air in anger ????

She remember her words about raglak moments and sametime how parents decided about their marriage

She saw some photos of ragini she start to burn it in fire and said madly u r finished soon . I will destroy u raginiiii

In hall :

Rcky & laksh talking eachother later ragini joined with them .they r very happy .all watched by kavya and said soon ur smile gonna hides from ur lips ragini then she dashed her hands in wall ????

She comes down .joined with them ,

When laksh smiles ,☺☺☺☺☺ ragini cheek turn to reddish ??? bcz of blush and love but kavya eyes turn to reddish bcz of anger ????

Suddenly rkcy phone rang within min its disconnected so he irritated

Ragu tries to said about range problem but before that laksh hold her hand ???

Ragu i will said to him bcz i want to show him about that surprice ☺☺

Ragu nodes yes

Rcky : what surprise? ?

Come with us we will show u what was that
Ragini invites kavya too she close her eyes laksh close his

In garden:
They release them ☺☺☺

Rcky : just woow ?? but kavya got irrittatted
Rcky : amazing garden yah

Laksh : all credits goes to our ragu he start to praising her non- stop ☺☺☺ ragu blush ??? and ask laksh to stop praising her

Ragu : laksh i am already flying in air
All these hated by kavya but appreciate her fakely

Kavya : laksh u knw i am also interested in gardening , i have a big garden with many imported plants rare collections too ???????????

Rcky : wait wait kavya lsksh didnt come to ur house , but i visited ur house manytime but hereafter i didnt see single plant in ur home

Kavya nose cutted ??? ( actually i did ot when i was studying in school days not now )

Rky continuosly mock her he used her to make many funny jokes ????

Ragini & laksh cant control laugh ???? infact laksh lost his balance but ragu hold his hand tightly ????

This makes kavya bp level above …..

Then they left that place before that kavya giving killing look to her garden

Precap : ragini continuously crying – laksh runs out hurry – someone destroy ragu happiness

So guys guess what happend

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