Hiii this is sanskriti back with the next part after 2 weeks.?? actually I had exams so sorry for that… by the way did you missed my ff or not..
Okk let’s start…..

Next day
Ragini was sleeping and she was disturbed by a burning smell….
She woke up with a jerk…
Little dark steam was coming from kitchen….
She been to the kitchen there she sees laksh in the kitchen preparing breakfast …. and the omlet was burning…
Laksh: actually ragini is was thinking to surprise you but …
Ragini: LIER.. .
And goes from there…
Laksh also goes behind her..
Ragini sits on bed..
Laksh: why I am the LIER ragini…
Ragini : sanskaar told me that
Sanskaar: bhabhi .. you are little lucky…
Ragini: how??
Sanskaar: Bhaiya is the Masterchef of our family…
Ragini: literally??? But it don’t seems so…. you are lying..
Sanskar come with …sanskaar goes towards storeroom…ragini follows…..
Sanskaar opens the box…
There were certificates….
Ragini: to whom it belongs.. .
Sanskaar: its bhai’s…
Ragini: wow…. but in which field he achieved it..
Sanskaar: cooking competition…
Ragini: Will he took passion ahead..
Sanskaar: never…
Ragini: but why
Sanskaar: dont know…
Flash back ends

Ragini: can I ask you something..
Laksh: what…
Ragini : why you left your passion
Laksh stuns
Laksh: its a long story …leave it na
Ragini : I love long story … pls tell mee…
Laksh: From childhood only my mom was teaching uttra how to prepare food… when I asked to teach me also … she denied by saying.. boys don’t cook food its girl’s job…
Then I been to cooking classes … I paid my fees by my self from the money I collected and pocket money’s from father n Dadi.. ..i wanted to be Masterchef but one day my father got to know about it …. he said … laksh better not do this cooking n all … I am giving you last chance…
But I wanted to achieve my dreams…so I helped in kitchen of gurudwara and after that the thing happened I can’t even name as a bad dream….
My father took me to room and beated me with belt…and splashed hot tea on my back ….
After that I never went to the kitchen again..
Story ends..
Laksh was teary eyed…
Ragini was about to say something but there was a knock on door …
Ragini opened the door and there was dp with a advocate …
Laksh also came … and asked dp to come inside…
Dp came inside…ragini served Sharbat…
Dp denied to have…followed by advocate…
Ragini got sad…seeing her sad… laksh took a glass from tray….
Dp: laksh … you have two options…you need you family n property..or this cheap Ragini.. .
Laksh: papa I will not leave Ragini for just property..
Dp : okk then… mishra ji.. papers…
Mishra gives the paper to dp…
Dp: laksh if you have decided to not to leave Ragini.. then sign it…
Laksh: but what is written on it..
Dp: From today you are not part of Maheshwari family and not of the property too….
Laksh shocks but asks for own
Laksh signs it..
Dp: from now onwards don’t come to office too…
Ragini listens this and angrily moves towards dp
Ragini: what is this….
Laksh holds her hand and nods in no..
Laksh: Mr Maheshwari you came get out of here..namste…

How was the epi guys…

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